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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I have been observing our government since I was ten years old now some 66 years ago. It was at that early age that I became a Republican. I was growing up in the greater Boston area, Salem, MA, at the time. I watched my Italian immigrant parents believing the myth that the Democrats were for the working people and minorities and the Republicans for the rich, the same class warfare being practiced today.

The Democrats would go into the Italian districts and tell them they would protect them from the Irish. Similarly they would enter the Irish areas and tell them they would protect them from the Italians. The street battles between Boston’s North End (Italian) and the South End (Irish) were legendary. They would go into the Polish area and tell them they would protect them from both the Italians and the Irish, and similarly in the Jewish sections.

As a young man in his early teens I saw what the Democrats were doing. If they were the party of the minority, it was important to keep the minorities alive and well and distrustful of other minorities. This is still going on today especially when the Democrats try to pit those who are wealthy against those less fortunate – what we still call “class warfare.”

So I became a Republican and was eventually able to convince my parents that believing in Republican ideas was better for their upward mobility in the United States. I was powerful in those days able to control 3 votes. I was the first in my family to go to college and my parents thought the world of their son, and rightfully so!

It was not until many years late, during the second Bush administration that I realized the both Democrats and Republicans “lie through their teeth” once they enter public office and rarely do they do what they promise during their campaigns. I became a Libertarian, but I might believe they, if they were able to get into office, might act the same. Thus far the few Libertarians who are in office appear to practice what they preach but I cannot imagine the day when they might be a majority party.

But, let us return to the subject of this article. As I have been saying I have been interested in politics since age ten and have observed many things. The first item I would like to discuss is our relationship with Fidel Castro.

Castro is a very intelligent man with a degree in Law. He admired the United States. Several years ago a letter he wrote to President Roosevelt was published. In his letter he stated how much he admired the US and asked Roosevelt to send him 10 dollars since Roosevelt has much money and he (Castro) had none. We do not know whether Roosevelt honored his request.

After Castro deposed the Dictator, Batista, he came to address the United Nation. He wanted so much to have an audience with President Eisenhower. He was refused. After all, he had deposed Batista, a friend of the US. Now President Eisenhower might have been a great General but he was stupid and did not understand the Latino temperament.

Being of Italian descent, I know something of the Latin temperament. Ever wonder what happens when you insult a Latino? I will tell you. The Latino will make friends with you worst enemy. And so Castro, probably with the influence of his right hand at the time, the bloody Che Guevara, began to court Russia as an allay. Initially Castro did not like the Russians, but I believe because he was insulted by Eisenhower, he began to see things differently.

Our government thinks Anglo Saxon. We never appreciated or understood the Latinos. This is why many peoples and governments South of the border do not like us. What would I have done?

I would have invited Castro into my office, offer him a cup of Cuban coffee or a glass of that good old Cuban rum, and say: “How can we work together to make both our countries a better place for our peoples?

But then the State Department did not ask my advice. Pity, for had we done this, we could have had a friend for life and might have opened the door for a better relationship with the Cuban people.

The second item I would like to discuss is the present problem we are facing in Libya. Again we exhibit our stupidity. We deal with Muslims but we do not fully appreciate their ways and beliefs. Some of the extreme elements are exerting a lot of power and influence.

The extreme influences will never be purged from the Islamic religion. This is my opinion. It stems from their beloved leader, Mohamed. Let us not forget history. When Mohamed was chased out of Medina, he vowed to return. After he amassed a large army he returned to Medina and forced the peoples to convert to his new religion, Islam. Those who did not were summarily killed and for years since then Mohamed was known to have spread his religion by the sword. I believe that after he finished his work at Medina he proceeded to do the same at Mecca. So the early roots of Islam were in violence and intolerance. Little has changed since then.

In Christianity, a martyr is promised a special place in heaven next to God. In Islam, a martyr is promised 70 virgins and a few young boys. Man, what a difference!

Believe me the usual young man will be moved more by the Islamic promise than that of Christianity.

But let me return to our problem in Libya and perhaps other Islamic countries. The next thing I am to say might be very controversial. We know, or we should know, how radical Islamists think of gays and homosexuals. And yet we install a gay man as ambassador of Libya. It is little wonder that he was the first ambassador assassinated in many years. And tragically
We now know that he was not just killed. He was also tortured by his killers. This is the sign of utter contempt. Again we, the State Department, should have known better or given him the protection he required.

nicola michael Tauraso, MD
29 Sept 2012


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