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Monday, May 21, 2012



There is little doubt that Face book is making money. The question to ask is whether the companies that advertize on Face book make money. It is my belief that they do not based upon my limited research.
I know many individuals who use Face book. Some of them are so addicted that they practically live on the site. I think that they are all fools sharing their personal information with so many others, most of whom are perfect strangers. I believe that the damage done to impressionable young individuals is inestimable. There are many cases of cyber bullying that I believe is not so much the fault of the so-called bully but rather the fault of the stupid individual who believes they are being bullied.
When I was growing up there was a saying: “Sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me.” This was so true then as it is today. When you see teenagers watching things said about them on the internet and they are getting so upset at what they read someone else posted about them, it is extremely upsetting especially when there have been cases of suicide by the person being bullied. I know of people who noticed something bad said about them on a posting and they are eager each day to read the next negative posting. How sad! How stupid. It is like someone who discovered that touching a hot stove hurts, and he or she repeatedly touches the stove to elicit more pain.
Physical pain is one thing. Psychological pain is another. Very few individuals would repeatedly subject themselves to sources of physical pain. But psychological pain is yet another thing. In my medical experience I have encountered many people who repeatedly subject themselves to psychological pain and repeatedly suffer the negative consequences.
Let me return to the subject of this Blog. General Motors, after studying their advertizing experience with Face book realized that their advertizing was not resulting in increased sales of cars. They subsequently ceased advertizing. As mentioned earlier of the many individuals I know who use Face book, none have ever bought anything from those who advertize there. Just this morning I asked a business associate who uses Face book daily. When asked he admitted to never having purchase anything from a Face book advertisement. Just because Face book can demonstrate that they reach millions and millions of people, how does this relate to whether any of these millions buy anything?
I am suggesting that companies who advertize on Face book examining whether their advertizing results in sales. GM did this and realized that it did not, and they are now saving millions of dollars in ineffective advertizing.
Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Face book, is a huckster, now a very rich huckster. He stole the idea of Face book from his Harvard co-students. He is youthful and one is enticed to believe him. But this does not change the fact that he is a huckster. And now he steals from people and companies who advertize in Face book because he somehow makes them believe that they must use his product to survive financially. Nothing could be further from the truth.
On the first day of trading this past Friday, Face book opened at $38, immediately went up a few points and finally closed a few cents above its opening price. This morning, the second day of trading it is now trading down 11%. I predict it will go down further. Just look at what happened this past week. Face book was initially priced at about $25. Then a few days before they decided to increase the opening price to 38. These people are huckster hogs!
How stupid the general public is.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.
19 May 2012



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