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Monday, November 21, 2011



The so-called Super Committee was doomed to fail. Why? Because Congress wanted it to fail!

On the one hand the Senate Majority leader selects his six individuals – all very liberal persons who have been known not to compromise.

On the other hand, the Republicans also select six very conservative individuals who could be counted on not to compromise.

And there you have it. So why would anyone think the 12 could ever get together to come to any agreement?

I tend to sympathize with the conservatives because there is no doubt in my mind that we do not have a revenue problem in Congress. WE HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM. The Democrats must spend for that is the way they buy the votes of those in our society who want to receive a government payout. Look at history. One does not have to be a student in Logic to see the obvious.

In every nation and for time immemorial we have had a disparity between the rich and the poor. And we will continue to do so. People who work hard tend to have more than those who are lazy who tend to have less. I realize this may be an oversimplification. But the poor masses will always be with us. Income redistribution will never work. No socialistic approach has ever worked and will never.

Nicola Michael Tauraso, M.D.
21 November 2011

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Saturday, November 12, 2011



Most economists believe that the Greek economy can only be solved if the Greek were to devalue their economy by at least 40%. Can this be done? I believe it can but it will take enormous sacrifice. But do the Greeks have a choice?

The Greeks have enjoyed the unwarranted largess of feeding at the trough of government too long. It is estimated that 20% of the Greek population work in one way or another for the government. I have seen many estimates. I believe the 20% figure may be a reasonable one.

When one considers that governments are not structured like businesses to make money and that they must obtain their income from taxes that do not come from a profit-making venture, it is difficult to see how they can sustain feeding such a large percentage of the population. And as we can see eventually the economy will collapse. This is what is happening now in Greece, and it looks like Italy may be on a similar track.

To really solve the problem, it is suggested as mentioned above that a solution can be found if the Greeks were able to reduce the totality of their economy by 40%. Apparently they have instituted austerity programs by about 5% and reduced their economy by that amount. But this apparently has and is not enough.

I am suggesting that in order to achieve a 40% reduction that the Greeks reduce their overall economy by 10% every year for four times. Everyone would necessarily have to take a pay reduction of 10%. All businesses would be required to lower the prices for good by 10% every year until the goal is reached. The only ones who would really suffer are businesses because the goods they are selling today cost them 10% higher. I will explain how this might be accomplished later.

The problems facing Greece, Italy, and some other nations are coming from the fact that they are going against the Laws Governing the Equilibrium of Energy in the Universe. I have somewhat alluded to this in a previous not-very-much-read book entitled “God, Man, and the Universe – An Holistic Perspective” in which is described the Laws of the Universe in the three Realms of Reality: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

The Laws Governing the Equilibrium of Energy would be as it relates to the Physical Realm. I shall explain.

We who study Medicine know that, if we consume too much saturated fats and bad cholesterol, these substances promote the deposition of cholesterol/calcium plaques in the inner walls of arteries essentially hardening and clogging them. These damaged arteries within the heart leads to heart attacks. If the cholesterol-laden arteries are in the legs insufficiency of blood flow ensues and in a severe form, seen frequently in diabetics, tissues may actually die as a result leading to the need for amputation.

But Nathan Pritikin has shown that this deposition of cholesterol is a two way street. If one begins to consume a diet extremely low in cholesterol and saturated fats, these substances begin to leave the plaques returning the arteries to a more normal condition. This is because the Law of Energy Equilibrium governs the flow of these substances both ways.

Another medical analogy is the calcium going into and out of bones. There is a constant flow of calcium in and out of bones so that the calcium that exists within our bones today was not there 6 months ago. There is a constant flow into the bones when the bones need to be strengthened and calcium flows out from the bone repository when needed in its ionic form to control muscle tension and other functions.

Also in the Physical Realm, we observe the daily ebb and flow of the oceans because of the gravitational forces exerted by the moon. With this ebb and flow the waters of the ocean move affecting how marine creatures live.

Returning to the Greek debt problem, most economists believe that the problems arose because the Greeks were spending capital they did not have to sustain social issues. Eventually, there was not enough money flowing in to sustain the outflow and the economy collapsed. Relating this to the Law Governing Energy Equilibrium, if not enough money flowing in caused the debt problem, increasing the input can solve the problem. Or since increasing the input cannot be accomplished, as in the Greek case, decreasing the output or spending can accomplish the same thing.

We understand that the Greek debt problem did not develop overnight. It took years of intake/output imbalance to create the problem. It will take years of a potential solution to reverse the process. Pritikin realized that it took years of dietary indiscretion to cause hardening of the arteries, and is might take a similar number of years of dietary discretion to solve the problem. This is exactly what he observed in his clinic in Santa Barbara, California. Although it took years to develop arteriosclerosis, within months of a strict diet, he began to observe a reversal. In time the arteries of individuals in his study returned to a more healthy condition. Heart disease was reversed and individuals were able to walk greater distances without experiencing arterial insufficiency.

The diet we are suggesting to solve the Greek debt problem is to reduce all expenditures by 10% annually but in increments of 1%/month for the first 10 months of the year with a 2 months rest period each year. In 4 years the reduction will reach about 40%, that is what many economists believe is the imbalance in the Greek economy.

We realize this is an extremely rigid monetary diet, but we also believe there is no other choice. We believe that 1% haircut is drastic but it can be done. The Greek population will not like it. It will take will power in those responsible for correcting the problem. The politicians created the problem in the first place, and they will have to develop the fortitude to correct their past mistakes. One cannot continue to ignore a Law of the Universe and get away with it, at least not for very long.

Although Italy’s disease has not yet progressed to the severity of Greece, Italy should begin doing the same. A country just cannot sustain an imbalance of intake and output to the degree practiced by some countries.

Those in the economic community who have championed free and universal trade are beginning to realize that with a so-called free universal trade we are all tied together like dominos on a game table. Be careful when one domino begins to fall. The entire table can eventually be affected. Remember the Law of Energy Equilibrium. Everything is in equilibrium. It is prudent to appreciate what might occur at both ends of the equilibrium span.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.
12 November 2011
email: drtauraso@drtauraso.com

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