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Sunday, July 3, 2011



No wonder Greece is in trouble. I thought we had a large bureaucracy. Greece has a population of about 10.7 million with a parliament of 300, that is, there is one representative for every 35,600 people.

In the US we have a population of about 307.2 million with a congress (representatives, 435 + senate, 100 = 535), that is one member of congress for every 574.2 thousand people. One representative in the US represents 16 times more individuals than in Greece.

Another very interesting fact is that 25% of the Greek population is employed by the government. How can an entity that does not produce any product to sell or make an income sustain a population? Really, it cannot. It must tax the other 75% to pay for the 25% it employs. This situation is unsustainable. It is no wonder that the Greek government is bankrupt.

Look at all the mouths the Greek population must feed to be represented! In the US we have too many representatives who fall over each other trying to make too many laws. I will admit the less does not seem to be any better. Look at our senate with only 100 senators. As long as I can remember our senate has been dysfunctional. They seem to not be able to make up their minds about anything. I believe that the number may not be as important as the number of years they can serve. Being able to stay in the senate for 6 years gives senators a feeling of vulnerability. They seem to act as if they are insulated from their voters and think they can think for themselves.

Representatives, whether they are representatives or senators, should not think for themselves. They should think for the people they represent. But the electorate is basically stupid. Over the years I have watched representatives and senators get reelected even though they vote against their electorate. I have known individuals who have voted for people just because they admitted knowing them and not knowing their opponent – what they call “name recognition.” How uninformed!
I have known individuals who have voted democratic or republican just because their parents were democrats or republicans.

My parents came to the US and were hard working individuals. They were in the Boston area and voted democratic because they believed the hype that democrats were for the “working people” and republicans were for the rich. Buy did I teach my parents a thing about life.

In the greater Boston area the democrats were telling the Italians that they represented the minorities and that they would protect them from the Irish. The same democrats would tell the Irish they represented the minorities and they would protect them from the Italians. They would go into the polish districts and tell them the same but that they would protect them from both the Italians and the Irish. All of a sudden it dawned on me. If the democrats were the party of the minorities, then it would be prudent for them to insure the minorities were alive and well. It was a con shell game. The republicans who could get votes to save their souls spoke in generalities and rarely got elected.

The poor always want to blame others for their poverty. So why not blame the rich. Were it not for the rich who were stealing their money they too would be rich. Isn’t that the logic? Who would think that the rich were rick because they worked harder, had more of an entrepreneurial spirit. Or they inherited their money from their parents who had similar traits.

I was a republican almost my entire life, since I was about 11 years old and began to think about these things. But several years ago I realized that it took both the democrats and republicans to get our country in the mess were are in. I now believe we need less government, and government should protect the population from our enemies, then to get off our backs so that we can be free to prosper. So I became a Libertarian. But it will take years before the general population become educated enough to think beyond the democratic and republican propaganda.

So how did we get from Greece to Libertarianism? Basically too many politicians tend to feed themselves more than the people they serve. Greece is a typical example of what we eventually will become if we do not see the light.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.
Costa Rica
3 July 2011




I have written on this subject many times before. But today, on Fox News a pundit was asked about the relationship between the prices of crude oil and gas at the pump. He stated that when crude prices increase it takes about 10 days before gas prices increase. This in an absolutely false statement! I have been watching crude oil and gas prices for well over 55 years. It takes about 1-2 days for gas prices to increase after crude prices increase, but I will grant the pundit the when crude prices decline it then takes 7- 10 days for gas prices to decline. It is a skewed relationship.

There is little doubt that gas suppliers benefit from crude price increases almost immediately by increasing gas prices, and when crude prices decline they also benefit by delaying the decrease in gas prices.

This is my comment for the day.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.
Costa Rica
2 July 2011




I am informing my readers the rules I follow when comments are made on the articles I publish in my Blog. If an anonymous comment is made I may not publish it if the comment is negative or ridiculous. I may or not publish it if it is a reasonable one. If a comment is made and the commentator identifies himself by adding an email address, if the comment is negative I may publish it. If it is ridiculous to the trash can it will go. If positive, it will be published.

I do not see why we should give our good space to individuals who desire to be frivolous, nasty or uncivilized. They can dump their garbage elsewhere. Our Blog attempts to discuss issues in a serious way. This does not mean that we write only on serious issues however.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.
Costa Rica
2 July 2011