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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On 21 November 2010, I posted a blog on: WHAT WAS THE LARGEST OIL SPILL IN THE UNITED STATES? I believe it has gone essentially unnoticed. It is disturbing to see the trend changing in Panama where I sometimes live. When I first moved to Panama about 5 years ago, most of the roads were paved in concrete. But lately I have notice more and more roads paved in asphalt. This is disturbing because I truly believe that many do not know the serious health challenge cause by asphalt paving.

Asphalt is an oil derivative. When all the more volatile hydrocarbons are extracted from crude oil, what is left is essentially tar. This tar is mixed with gravel and smaller stones to make asphalt that is used to pave roads. The volatile fumes continue to spew forth from the asphalt, especially on hotter days, when sometimes one can actually see the asphalt bubble. I remember when I was a child some kids chewing the asphalt tar. I never did because it did not look as savory as the Italian food my mother was cooking for me!

As the asphalt cures there is less volatile fumes emanating from asphalt roads. But consider in any hot day tens of thousand of cars on the road and the friction of the tires just scraping along the asphalt and the hydrocarbon fumes released into the air. Consider the hundred of thousand individuals breathing those fumes. It cannot be healthy. The government has instituted practices to lessen a person’s breathing fumes at the gas station, but what can be done to prevent the inhalation of fumes emanating from asphalt-paved roads? Almost nothing can be done. Wear a gas mask? Impractical.

What can be done? The only solution is to cease the asphalt paving of roads and use cement.

Let us consider the increased incidence of most disease that could have a link to poisons and toxins in the air we breathe. I will not list them all, but consider almost any condition related to improper brain function: Alzheimer’s, ADHD and related conditions, schizophrenia and autism, and all conditions I discuss on my web site related to cerebral allergies and vitamin deficiencies. Hydrocarbons are toxins and have ready access to the nervous system by inhalation.

I am sorry to say I do not yet have the solution, but we need to be aware of the amount of hydrocarbon fumes entering our environment from asphalt-paved roads. This cannot be a good thing.

nicola michael Tauraso, MD

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Monday, May 30, 2011



I suffered from bleeding gums for most of my adult life. But not anymore since I discovered my deficiency.

Many people suffer from bleeding gums. And I have not yet found a dentist who can tell you how to prevent it. I recently saw a dentist here in Ecuador. Not having been to a dentist for 20 years, I obviously needed some work done on my teeth! I asked him if he had many patients suffering from bleeding gums. He said he had but had no real suggestions on its prevention. I shared with him my experience.

Many individuals are deficient in a particular supplement. Deficiency of this supplement can result in bleeding gums. People taking anti cholesterol drugs are especially deficient in this supplement because anti cholesterol drugs interfere with the body’s own production of this natural metabolite. If you are taking anti cholesterol drugs and experiencing muscle pain or cramps in the legs or elsewhere, be careful because this is an indication that you are deficient in this supplement. If you are experiencing muscle pain, eventually the heart muscle might be affected. The end result might be cardiac failure. There has been a markedly increased incidence of heart failure with the increased use of anti cholesterol drugs. This supplement will prevent this.

What is this supplement? CoQ10. Rather than me saying more, Google CoQ10 and read more about it. Just remember the doses usually recommended, I believe are too low. If you desire to know more and have specific questions, email me. I will try to answer your questions.

nicola michael Tauraso, MD

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Of all the commentators on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera can be given the title “The Great Phony.” You can count on him to wait for an event and then he spends a few days in the midst of a conflict just to obtain exciting videos for his portfolio collection. Most recently he appeared in Libya in the midst of cross fire that gave him the videos he craved. He is such a phony. His performance history reflects his craving for the bizarre. He is no different than Maury Povich and others of that ilk. The only difference is that the other bizarre behavior specialists are honest and make no bones about what they do. Geraldo masks himself in legitimacy. It was most interesting to have watched Rivera dodging the bullets in the apparent cross fire occurring at the time in. Do we not wonder about the problems his cameraman was experiencing!

If there is a hurricane you can expect Geraldo to be there waste deep in water and almost being swept away by flooding waters. He is so predicable. If he is being swept away by the currents, his cameraman appears to have a steady hold on things. Rivera is very adept in creating the illusion of danger with himself in the midst of it all.

Every time he takes a point of view different than some of his Fox piers, he reminds everyone that he is a Republican. I am willing to bet that he voted for Obama and Mayor Bloomburg and that he has not voted for a Republican in years. That is OK but tell the truth and not lie about your philosophy. Geraldo recently showed a video montage of his television career and a most remarkable career it has been. Only a man with Geraldo’s fortitude and perseverance could have accomplished what he has considering the prejudice he experienced in his early day.

The most recent Libyan experience is typical of Geraldo for seeking out exciting video footage. I give him credit for being a great showman. P. T. Barnum would have been proud of him!

And just yesterday (5/29/11) as he is accounting the trial of Casey Anthony in Florida, he is showing video of testimony given at her trial. But as the video is being shown there is mood music in the background to set the melodramatic stage. There was no mood music in the courtroom, but there was in Geraldo’s presentation. He is not a serious commentator. He is a Hollywood producer. He likes to show the bizarre, very similar to one of his previous TV shows. He is such a phony! Can you not see through it all?

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.

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Today is Memorial Day 2011. It is fitting, especially today, to discuss the topic of this blog.

Having been a loyal Republican for most of my life, but becoming a Libertarian a few years ago, I must speak out against both Republicans and Democrats who spew forth the propaganda and outright lies that soldiers who die in war do so to preserve our liberty. Nothing could be further from the truth. The lives of our good soldiers are lost to the desire of politicians to preserve their own power or cater to whom they believe are their constituents.

As far as I am concerned the last just war was WWII. Our battle to defend Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq were nothing more than a misguided attempt to divert the public from the real truth. What freedom was at stake in these wars? I know that it is easy to fool young men who are loaded with testosterone into believing that fighting is a worthy adventure to preserve the peace. They are being lied to and many give up their lives towards this end. So what if South and North Korea were one Korea under Communist rule? It would just be another country with an opposing point of view – a country that might have collapsed, as did some other Communist countries had done.

Look at Vietnam. We fought there to prevent Communists from taking over which they eventually did. We now trade with them as a friendly nation. All our young men died in Vietnam to establish a Communist country with which we are now friendly. Does that make any sense?

Look at Iraq and all our soldiers who died there for freedom. -- freedom for whom? Consider all the Iraqis who died, tens of thousand, most of them killed by other Iraqis, yet the liberal media blame all the deaths upon the Americans. Arabs have been killing themselves for centuries and will continue to do so for centuries to come because of problems in the line of succession that led to the Sunni and Shi’a factions. Why should we save them from their ridiculous religious beliefs? Let them kill themselves. We are or should be free. They are free people. Let them practice population control in the ways they know how!

Look at Afghanistan. Perhaps the first Afghanistan war was just to teach them a lesson not to attack us, but then we should have finished that war at that time. Now, what are we doing there? We are losing American men to somehow establish freedom there. That is not our responsibility. Let us get out and let them fend for them selves. They will never appreciate our efforts to establish freedom for them. They believe in a flawed religion. Rather, it would be more correct to say that the leaders of their religion are teaching flawed concepts and therefore are flawed them selves. As long as there are Mullahs who teach Jihad – and there are many all over the world including the United States -- the populations of Muslims will want to kill anyone including them selves.

I am sorry I voted for McCain. He is such a hawk. He wants to enter every country and correct their faults. He advocates that we should have never let up in Libya. If we stayed there all along it would have been all over by now. That may well be true, but why are we there? My take on Libya is that, if we wanted to justify our actions there, we should have gone in directly and arrested Muamar Gadafi and try him for the murder of all the Americans in Pan Am flight 103 that went down in Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. But to fight in Libya to free the citizens is flawed in its concept.

As I reflect on this Memorial Day, I am so sorry for all the Americans who have lost their lives and to the families who have lost loved ones in unjust and unnecessary wars, but please do not spew the propaganda that they died to preserve our liberty. This is just not true.

nicola michael Tauraso, MD