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Saturday, July 25, 2009



I know I have not written any Blogs for quite some time. I am sorry. I have undergone a dry period. But I am returning in full force. Be careful and watch out!

Although we claim to have the best form of government in the world and we run it with some of the smartest people in the world, basically we are so stupid. We could solve many, if not most, of our financial problems, we are unable to solve anything because of our form of government which give so many minority interest groups leverage over the needs of many.

If we just think about what happened to the Soviet Union not too long ago when president Reagan toppled them. He was able to accomplish it because essentially the Soviet Union went bankrupt and they were unable to pull themselves out of their financial rut. This would not happen today If the Soviet Union was able to sell their oil, it would not have happened then. Oil changed the entire landscape. Russia will again become a world power because of their oil which gives them financial power.

Contrast that situation with the United States which has so much oil, we could become a financial world power, if we were able to get the oil out from the ground and sell it. But no. The people in California, along the East Coast, Florida, and the Gulf States do not want to drill there. The people in Colorado still resist the harvesting of oil contained in their shale. And so on down the list of a minority of individuals who would rather develop alternative sources of renewable energy. I believe this is a noble venture, but we do not have time. Meanwhile, let us harvest the oil as Russia is doing and compete in the marketplace.

In Russia, if Putin says: “drill there,” they drill there. In the US we cannot do similarly. There are too many minority interest groups who must be satisfied. We could satisfy our financial needs and prevent the almost 10 trillion deficit expected over the next 10 years. So why not? Because WE ARE SO STUPID!

In my opinion, there is and will be enough oil to last hundreds of years because deep within the core of planet Earth, oil is continuing to be produced. The problem is using so much oil does result in abnormal effluents which contribute to so-called Global Warming. Although I believe in Global Warming, the majority of it is caused by natural phenomenon. A single eruption of one moderate sized volcano results in so much CO2, CO, sulfur-containing gasses – all those gasses which result in Global Warming – that it overwhelms what humans might be able to do burning hydrocarbon fuels. Global Warming is also caused by the sun getting warmer. Evidence of this are the facts that Mars and Venus are also getting warmer. This is cyclical and must be analyzed over a period of thousands of years. This being said we should do what we can to control human factors contributing to Global Warming.

If other Countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia are drilling for and selling their oil, why not us? Why do we not see this?

We have the technology to use oil and eliminate the outpouring of so much noxious gasses. Why not develop further such technology so we can continue to burn oil with the least amount of a negative impact upon the planet’s environment?

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