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Friday, September 26, 2008



It has been very discouraging watching our government operate – or not operate as it might be – over the past 8 years. Almost as soon as Bush became President, the hate Bush rhetoric began. I remember talking with my Democratic friends (whom I still have!!) And they would tell me how much they hated Bush. In all my years following politics I never encountered the hate rhetoric, even when Nixon was President.

With all this hate rhetoric, it is little wonder that polarization resulted. Bush was hated by the opposition almost from the first day of office. I believe I know why this happened. Bush had a reputation back in Texas to get along with many others on both sides of the aisle. He was an amiable man whom many in Texas liked. He was also a devoted Christian man who almost never would say negative things about others. The opposition was afraid that he would become too popular.

I was taught by the Jesuits years ago that when one does not have substantive issues with which to argue, then one has to attack the man (the so-called ad hominem argument). And so this is what, especially the Democrats did – long before the issue of the Irak war began. Finally with all the issues surrounding the Irak war, there was a perceived real issue to bring into the hate mix.

There is little doubt that the Republicans blew it. Here they were in power at the Executive, House, and Senate levels and they could have done wonders in transforming this country to understand the conservative principles. But with power came corruption. Another issue is that most Republicans are rather independent individuals and with such character traits would easily break ranks with the leadership. So they became ineffectual in legislating. As I have observed my fellow Republicans, they are masters in “shooting themselves in the foot!”

With all the corruption it is easily understood why they lost their majority in the previous election. The Democrats, on the other hand, promised great reforms and a more honest and responsive government. But as we have experienced their performance became worse than the crowd they replaced resulting in a congress with the LOWEST approval rating in history.

There is one major problem with our two party system. It is that the major motivation of the party not in power at the Executive Branch is to thwart the party which is in power so as to discredit them. After all that is said and done the MOST important thing to achieve is not meaningful legislation. It is to get in power again.

I blame the Congress in the conflict between the Executive and Legislative Branches of government. The two leaders we presently have, that is, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority Leader, Harry Reid, are by for the worst leaders we have ever had. In addition, Reid is the biggest liar there ever has been in that position.

I can see the good and bad qualities in people. As I watch my friends, both Democrats and Republicans, many appear only to extol the virtues of those in their own party, and cannot see the virtues of others not in their party. Vice versa is true when discussing the negative characteristics which are possessed only by those in the opposition party. I sometimes wish it were that simple.

By and large Congress is dysfunctional and has been for years – the reason why their approval ratings is so low. I do not have much hope that things will change in the near future. What will spur the change will be the election of a President with such popularity above 60-70 percent, a good man, who will be able to lead the Country into a moral revival. It is the President who can lead the Congress, not the reverse.

nicola michael ©. Tauraso, M.D.)
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic
Web site: www.drtauraso.com
Blog site: http://www.drtauraso.com/blog/index.htm
Email: drtauraso@drtauraso.com

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