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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



I written about this subject before but I wish to emphasize it again. Do you ever believe a politician to do what he promises? If you do, then you are a fool. I have been listening to politicians all my life and I have yet to find a truly honest one, except George W. Bush, of course. Usually during the primaries they promise one thing. After they get elected, they do another.

There is usually something that happens to me which prompts me to write a Blog. I recently bought a Maryland lottery ticket. On the front of the ticket there is printed: “Benefits MD Stadium Authority.” Now I remember well what was promised when the whole lottery was proposed in the state of Maryland. Maryland in the so-called “old days” was very much against gambling. But the powers to be sold the idea by promising that the lottery proceeds were to go to further and support education in the Free State. If you mention education of the children you can almost sell anything to anybody. And so, the people voted the lottery in. I do not know when the change to support the stadium authority came in, but it was sneaked in somewhere along the way. You see what I mean. Government, or better yet, the politicians who make up government can NEVER be trusted.

I remember when I was a child and both my mother and father were working in factories: my mother doing a man’s job in a leather factory in Peabody MA, and my father worked at Eastman Gelatin, a factory where gelatin for the Eastman Kodak company was extracted from animal bones. They both were hard working immigrants trying to provide for their family.

In these factories there were people who were selling tickets to what was called “the nickle pool.” My mother used to buy a ticket now and then. But the politicians and churches would castigate those who sold and those who bought the tickets. The churches especially would preach that this type of gambling was taking money away from the mouths of children. They and the politicians would say this was immoral and illegal. Illegal it was, but immoral?

Years later when the lottery became common practice in most states, it was now moral and legal. Legality has to do with law. If the state passes a law and permits you to play the lottery it is legal. But morality is yet another issue. Morality has to do with the laws governing our relationship with God and with out fellow human beings. Morality doesn’t change. If it were immoral to kill a man in the 1940's, it is similarly immoral today.

The state of MD goes one step further. They advertize: “You must play to win.” Now that it is legal, it becomes a good thing to gamble because you are supporting EDUCATION. This is nothing more than pure unadulterated BULL.

Over the years I have come to realize that most politicians during the time they are trying to get elected preach what they think the people want to hear. Just look at how they change their views depending on how they think the electorate is changing along the way. Now I recognize that sometimes their changing views reflect the changing needs in the community, such as when gas prices go too high, then some politicians begin to realize that drilling offshore would be a way to solve this problem. They change their views to accommodate the change in needs of the community.

Since I live most of the time in Panama, I like to quip that the best thing about Panamanian politics is: “that I know nothing about it!” Sometimes I wish it were so here in the United States.

nicola michael ©. Tauraso, M.D.)
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic
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