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Sunday, August 31, 2008


JOHN EDWARDS REVISITED – THE STUPID PUBLIC On 2 June 08 I wrote a blog entitled: JOHN EDWARDS – THE TYPICAL CROOKED LAWYER! I have studied philosophy, psychology, science, and medicine and have been interested in human behavior my entire life. I do not want to sound elitist, but I am sure I am going to portray myself as such.

It is very difficult walking Planet Earth without getting upset at the stupidity of the masses and how they are easily swayed by individuals in which they want to believe. One does not want to condemn fellow human beings but we need sometimes to condemn the things people do.

The point today is the report yesterday that John Edwards who used to get $40 - 50,000 for speaking engagements. But now, after the sex scandal of cheating on his cancer-ridden wife, he is commanding $65-85,000 per speaking engagement. And who is paying this kind of money to a discredited, immoral, wife-cheating man? It is a university. I believe in this case it is The University of Illinois. Considering the yearly tuition at the University of Illinois of $9,242, with $85,000 this university could give 9 yearly scholarships to needy students. Why is the University of Illinois wasting their money making an already rich man richer?

If I were influential in the Federal or the Illinois State Government I would move to suspend all federal and state grants to the University of Illinois for squandering their money (or should I say our money) for such ventures. This is the type of wasteful spending which makes most reasonable people mad. Of what are the university officials thinking? Why are not the Alumnae speaking out? Have they all lost their minds and the ability to think logically? The government likes to give money away without demanding an accounting.

I was watching the news yesterday as Senator McCain announced the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VP choice. Now here is a lady who has the courage and B**** to tell the Federal Government to take back the money which was to be used to build that now famous “Bridge to nowhere.” This is the type of person we need to stop the wasteful spending in Washington. Perhaps after this wasteful spending is stopped the idea that this is not what is in the best interest of the American public will trickle down to even the Universities who accept federal grants. Senator McCain deplores so-called earmarks and apparently has never asked for such for his state. Together these two, if elected, may begin to send the message to the rest of congress that earmarks are wasteful.

nicola michael (c. Tauraso, M.D.)
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic
Web site: www.drtauraso.com
Blog site: http://www.drtauraso.com/blog/index.htm
Email: drtauraso@drtauraso.com

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