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Sunday, March 16, 2008



Having been associated with the Holistic movement in medicine and trying to explain some of the cures I have observed I try to apply many approaches when dealing with people who are experiencing ill-health conditions. Although much of my experience would appear anecdotal, some of my experiences where individuals cured themselves in what I would admit are unconventional reach out for an explanation. Because I cannot explain them by conventionally applied logic, these experiences, nevertheless, require explanation.

Basically after having been bitten within my own community of Frederick, Maryland, for running an Holistic Medical Clinic, I vowed never to use the term “holistic” again. But as James Bond has said “Never say never!” I am now prompted to use the term holistic again. After all, we used this term frequently in our book: “How to Benefit from Stress,” by Tauraso and Batzler. And as I reminisce back, there appeared to be some logic then, so why not now?

In a nutshell, the term holistic as it applies to matters of health requires that we look at the human as having a Body, Mind, and Spirit – what we call in our book “The Holy Trinity of Holistic Health.” Factors which would impact Body Health would take into consideration Nutrition, Exercise (which should be play) and Rest. Factors impacting the health of the Mind would include Imagination, Visualization, and one’s Belief System. And the third leg in the triangle, Factors influencing Spiritual Health would include Love (giving and receiving), Understanding and Tolerance, and again one’s own Belief System as it relates to spirituality.

Anecdotal Case Number 1

I am reminded of the lady who was in the last stages of Systemic Lupus Erethematosis. She had been studied at a Washington, DC, hospital and she had a chart which was literally 2 inches thick! All her laboratory tests conformed the fact that she was making antibodies against her own nuclear material, which is the basis of this disease. The conventional doctors had given up on her. She came to me because she heard that I was “doing some unconventional things.”

I took a detailed history to discover she was living under an extremely unhappy marriage situation and “she wanted out.” Now, I do not usually advise patients to give up their marriage. I try to see whether things can be worked out to satisfy the needs of both partners in a marriage relationship.

My recommendation to this lady was to walk away from the abusive relationship and not to look back. With some supportive encouragement from me she was able to do this. Additionally, we worked out a vitamin/supplement/mineral program to try to put her body in chemical balance. She started to improve. Within 6 weeks she was feeling better than she had ever felt. I did not believe the supplement program cured her.

I will tell you what I really think. This lady wanted out of an impossible marriage situation and her body was attempting to achieve this subconscious goal of hers. The body was making antibodies against her own cells, and let us think about this. The antibodies were against the nuclei of her cells – that part of the cell which controls replication of her own tissues. How better a way to kill oneself than to do it without the public condemnation of suicide?

A most interesting aspect was the reaction on the conventional doctors who had been taking care of her for years. Their response was that she really did not have Lupus because Lupus was an incurable disease. But, I now had a copy of THEIR charts which PROVED she had Lupus. How interesting how our limitations in thinking prevent us from SEEING and ACCEPTING something new!

I believe that in some cases, if an individual want subconsciously to die, the body will make the accommodation to cause death to happen. I believe this may be the basis for many of those diseases where the body makes antibodies against its own tissues: Lupus, MS, certain neuropathies, perhaps Parkinson’s, some allergic breathing conditions, etc.

If such a consideration might be possible, it would behoove both the therapist and patient to explore the possibility of getting one’s spiritual house in order. It really doesn’t cost anything and there would not appear to be any contraindication. So, why not try it? In due time, there should be consideration to removing all those harmful prescription drugs which may interfere with the body’s attempt to effect a cure. But, this should be done under the auspices of a nutritionally knowledgeable individual or physician.

There are additional cases which I have experienced and from time to time I will share them.

nicola michael (c. Tauraso, M.D.)
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic
Web site: www.drtauraso.com
Blog site: http://www.drtauraso.com/blog/index.htm
Email: drtauraso@drtauraso.com

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