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Saturday, March 29, 2008



When is the public going to learn. Most chemically manufactured medicines are bad because these chemicals are foreign to the body and they are ALL toxins. Any person who goes to a conventional physician and believes all that they say is both foolish and will eventually do harm to his body. When physicians begin to incorporate more natural therapies in their armamentarium, then there might be hope. But the average conventional physician, at least most whom I know personally and at length, only know how to prescribe chemically manufactured medicines.

I told this story before and I will tell it again here to illustrate a point. I once went to a 4-day seminar in Dallas, Texas, where I was taught how to treat individuals with allergic conditions. One of the major topics was asthma. We learned how to determine the causes and treat using the approaches of food and substance elimination and vitamin/supplement therapy. All was natural. I went away eager to incorporate the things which I learned, many of which I was already doing in my practice.

Two months later I attended a one-day seminar on the treatment of allergy in Washington, DC, sponsored partly by a local university. I needed additional CME (continuing medical education) credits for re-licensing. This seminar was given by about 6-7 different physicians, all of whom were active in the field of allergy. Every one of these physicians had to give us their fact sheet informing us of their affiliations and who was sponsoring their research. The research of every one of these so-called teachers was sponsored by the drug company whose anti-allergic medical therapy they were touting that day. I was essentially attending a propaganda seminar of a drug company disguised as a professional/medical school sponsored educational venture. Every allergic condition discussed that day had a medicine which was recommended as the treatment modality.

I left that seminar trying to compare it with my experience at the Dallas seminar. In both seminars, educated MD’s were lecturing. However, in the Washington seminar the teachers had already sold their professional souls to the devil. MONEY RULES THE WORLD. Remember this and when listening to something about medicine from any body, always ask: “Who sponsored your research?” When you hear about some research group touting the benefits of coffee, most likely their research is funded by the coffee industry. The same for milk – the Dairy Council – , for chocolate – some chocolate group – and so on. I guess we have to follow the principles expounded from the Watergate scandal – “follow the money.”

Now during the past few years we are encountering the serious side effects of some medicines: suicides in teenagers taking certain psycho-tropic drugs, and now suicides in children taking “Singulair” a drug used in the treatment of asthma. Please do not begin to criticize what I am saying. I know that asthma can be a serious disease which can in itself result in death. But to die from the medication used to treat asthma, this should not happen.

The following is the chemical formulation of on preparation of Singulair:
“Blended granulation. Average Fill Weights: Target 0.500 g / sachet. The composition of Singulair ™ Oral Granule 4 mg is shown below:
Ingredient mg/pouch Source or vendor
Montelukast sodium 4.16* Merck & Co.
Mannitol (Pearlitol SD200) 484.19 Roquette Freres
Hydroxypropyl cellulose LF NF 10.4 Hercules Inc.
Purified water U.S.P. (374)** Merck & Co.
Magnesium stearate NF 1.25 Mallinckrodt
Total 500.0
Pouch foil Algroup Lawson Mardon
* equivalent to 4.0 mg montelukast free acid.
** removed during processing.
In addition to the active ingredient, Montelukast, there are other chemicals, so-called fillers and stabilizers. I looked up the chemical, Hydroxypropyl cellulose. Although it is considered safe by government standards, and in high doses it is toxic to rats, I have always maintained the principle: “Perhaps the true safety of a chemical which nature never intended to enter our food chan is zero rather than an arbitrary one or ten parts per million which some group may set as a safety standard.” It is difficult to argue against this principle.

This principle may be applied to such things as: the safety standard of residual herbicides and pesticides used in the growing of foods; the safety standard of chemicals which find their way into our water supply; I could name more.

The active ingredient is designed to alter the reaction of spasmodic muscles which is the cause of an asthmatic attack. Whether it accomplishes this directly upon the muscle or indirectly upon the nerves which control the muscles is really immaterial to me. It is a chemical which alters function. Many, if not most, of such chemicals affect the nervous system either directly or indirectly by causing something else to happen to affect the nervous system. THESE ARE POTENTIALLY MIND-ALTERING DRUGS.

It is not only drugs which may increase the potential of suicide in children. As a holistically oriented physician we must consider the other two aspects of our being if we are to solve this problem. In a Monogram which I published on “Teenage Suicide” several years ago I coved the contribution of one’s mind and spiritual being which may impact upon the problem. Soon it will be republished on my web site.

nicola michael (c. Tauraso, M.D.)
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic
Web site: www.drtauraso.com
Blog site: http://www.drtauraso.com/blog/index.htm
Email: drtauraso@drtauraso.com

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