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Wednesday, February 6, 2008



I wrote this Blog last week but sat on it wondering whether I should publish it. But after waiting I finally made the decision to publish:

So John Edwards has just suspended his candidacy for the presidency. Why did he use the maneuver of “suspending” rather than just quitting? Because, folks, it has to do with money. Surprised? Don’t be. John Edwards is a lawyer – and a good one at that. Whether he is an honest or dishonest lawyer, I will leave it up to you.

You see he borrowed money to support his candidacy. By suspending his campaign instead of quitting, he is able still to raise money and, most importantly, to receive federal matching funds – funds from the public treasury. He will continue to receive these matching federal funds even though he has essentially left the campaign. Go ahead, Mr. Edwards, keep on taking from the public treasury – something Democrats, especially ones like you, usually do quite well. Sorry about my discernable bias. I just cannot help it. But usually Democrats like to take from the rich and ostensibly give it to the poor – for potential votes, of course.! But to take from the US Treasury, money donated by both the poor and rich, and give it to the very rich, that is, John Edwards, bespeaks to the phoney charlatanistic character of the man. He talks about the two Americas. Yes, there are two Americas: The America of hard working individuals like us and the rich who-give-nothing-back-to America like John Edwards.

John Edwards speaks in contempt about “Corporate America.” Corporate America is not our enemy for they provide the jobs whereby people make the money to support their families. Would anyone in their right mind want to replace a group like Corporate America who give much back to the community in the form of jobs and donating taxes to the public treasury to the likes of the John Edwards-types who do nothing but talk, talk, and talk and give nothing back? Look at some of the socialistic countries of Europe and around the world. These countries have many more poor people percentage wise than the US even after the government give-away programs which is what socialism is all about.

Shortly after President Bush was elected, it is claimed that the numbers living under the poverty level rose and the President was blamed for it. But the rise could be explained by the rise in population and the change in definition of what constitutes poverty. One needs to be very careful because the politicians will use smoke and mirrors in making political advantage of the figures.

We do have poor people in the US, and, although we are not the worst country in the world, our percentage of poor people is much higher than some other nations. But, remember the poverty level is determined by a definition!

The causes of poverty are multiple:

1. Unfavorable economic conditions;
2. Mental illness and disability;
3. Lack of educational attainment and skill;
4. Substance abuse;
5. Birth of a child;
6. Domestic abuse;
7. Natural or other disasters;
8. Tax levels;
9. Crime.

So let us be careful when listening to the likes of the John Edwards in the US. They are more like some preachers who promise they can get you into the Kingdom of Heaven if you contribute enough in the poor box. John Edwards is the greatest charlatan who was running for political office. Thank God he is out of the race. But it is unfortunate he continues to steal money from the public treasury.


Another aspect of the game of politicians running for office. Where in our society can a person continue to get paid for a job s/he does not do to seek out another job and to have the government contribute to the expense of your endeavors? Why should people get paid for running for office? I and you, my readers, do not get paid when we go out into the marketplace to find another job. So, why should politicians get paid? What makes them so different? It is because they, the politicians, pass the laws enabling themselves to get paid while seeking another political job. None of us can do this. I have come to the conclusion that the people in Congress do not represent “The People.” They represent themselves.

The political system is so corrupt that I do not believe any politician any more. I have been around for a long time now. For more times than I want to remember I have heard politicians promise one thing during their campaigning and delivering another after they get elected. The public seems to want always to reject the individual who tells them the tough truths. They usually elect the individual who says what they wish to believe or what they want. Sad, but it is true. The average public is so dumb. Can you imagine people on the day of the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire being undecided – not knowing who they will vote for after months of listening to the political talking heads. If these so-called “undecided” individuals cannot make up their minds by primary day, how in God’s name can they make up their minds on primary day? When they do it is usually based upon emotion and not upon a critical review of the candidate.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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