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Sunday, February 24, 2008




This is my first experience with the Cuna Indians of Panama. They are a civilization not well known and appreciated by the general Panamanian population. My understanding of the Cunas is not very much at this time as I begin my study of their culture. Most of what I know or do not know has been dependent upon my Panamanian friends who do not know much themselves of this indigenous population who lives among them.

The Cunas have carved out a narrow strip of land – San Blas – on the North of the Panamanian Isthmus extending from the Gulf of San Blas on the West to the Colombian border on the East. As a person from the US it was difficult for me, at first, to appreciate that most of Panama lies East/West and not North/South with the Atlantic Ocean on the North and the Pacific on the South. This area of San Blas is Cuna land that they have essentially stated is their Country.

Many of the Cunas live on the many offshore islands with some villages on the Panamanian mainland.

I have agreed to spend a significant amount of time with the Cunas who admit very few outsiders into their communities. Being a Pediatrician I was struck by the significant degree of mortality in children under 10 years of age, chiefly from infections. Although the Cunas enjoy longevity, they must get beyond age 10. Considering longevity, the percentage of older people within the Cuna civilization far exceeds the Panamanians living on the mainland.

I just returned from a 1 ½ day meeting with the Chief-of-the-Chiefs and other “regular” Chiefs high up in the mountains far away from what most of us might call “civilization.” We met with the leaders of the tribes during this visit. Their interests seemed more concerned about preserving their borders. But they listened to me as I proposed visiting their communities to see what I might be able to offer with regards to medical care for their children. I told them that I did not wish to interfere with their medicine men and that I appreciated their treatment with herbs is very important and probably related to their longevity. But that I believed that if a disease progresses very rapidly as it does with many childhood infections death can come more rapidly than it would take the herbal approach to take hold and cure.

The Chief-of-the-Chiefs, who I will call “El Jefe” understood. This man was most remarkable. He was 83 years old and has traveled world wide –to North America, Alaska, and I believe South East Asia. He knew about GPS technology which was going to be used to map out their borders. His eyes were wide open every time something was shown to him on the computer. The other Chiefs watched me as I was explaining email (correo electronica), and as I was using Skype to call my friends. There was no cell phone towers that I saw, and, hence, no cell phones could be used. But the place where I was staying as a guest had electricity, a satellite dish and a source of WiFi.

Their civilization is ruled by a Chief of each village with other representatives within each village. All are elected, some for 2, others for 5-6 years. Then there is the Chief-of-the-Chiefs, also elected. Although he has great power, he cannot make many decisions unilaterally. He must consult with the other Chiefs and lower representatives. It appeared much like our President and Congress. They picked a good and most intelligent “Jefe.”

Most of the communication went from Spanish to Cuna language and back. In my case, although my Spanish is pretty good, I trust more my English to communicate in depth on important issues. So for me it went from English to Spanish to Cuna with the return route in reverse. I promised that in due time as I live among them I would try to learn their language. In the group was a Cuna lady with her 13 year old daughter, already learning English.


I was invited by Nathan Gray, CEO, of the Earthtrain Group (www.earthtrain.org)to stay at their facility deep in the Panamanian Rainforest. A visit to their web site will describe what this phenomenal group does. The facility contained two very large somewhat open buildings with some smaller facilities. Power was created from a 4 inch plastic pipe which extended high up into the mountain, probable at least a mile or so to a source of water. The water traveled down the pipe so when it reached down to the where the buildings were the force of the water was greater that what I was used to at home with 40-60 pounds per square inches in my water tank. I would have liked more but the limits of the holding tank prevented it. This water powered a turbine generator. Most of the electricity was used continuously and some stored in a series of batteries. There was a converter to transform the electricity from DC into AC for usage by the equipment, lights, and computers and to transmit to other areas of the compound without a drop in voltage. It was unfortunate there was not a way to sell the excess electricity to the power companies for such a system does not exist in Panama, as it is in the States. The electricity was continuous as the water flowing down from higher elevations was natural and always there.


I would like to reach out to readers of my Blog all over the world and ask for some small donation ($10-15, not much), so we can purchase medicines for the Cuna Indian children. All I have is my time, medical knowledge, and expertise to treat these children but not the money to purchase needed medicines, especially antibiotics and anti-parasitic medications.

Please send to: nicola michael Tauraso, M.D., PTY 11125, STE 104, 11010 NW 30th Street, Doral, Florida 33172. Be sure to send your email along with your donations so I can send you an accounting of how the money is spent and updates on our progress. Thank you.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic


Thursday, February 14, 2008



I have warned you about this before and I will do it again here. Although the Internet is a source of much good information, it is also the source of great misinformation. This is becoming so true about medical misinformation which is so rampant on the Internet. This would ordinarily not be so dangerous except that medical misinformation can be deleterious to your health.

How can you tell whether the Medical information you read on the Internet is correct? It first starts with the credentials of the writer. Many times the information appears on some newsletter or Blog and you do not know who the writer is. You should carefully examine the credentials of the writer. In our web site we very clearly publish the credentials of the major writer, who is me, in the link to “Dr. Tauraso’s Curriculum Vitae.” You, at least, can see what my background is and determine whether my qualifications meet your expectations.

Usually I have a reason why I write a Blog. Today, I was inspired after reading a communication from “Bottom Line’s Daily Health News,” and the discussion on “Fixes for Flatulence.” Although I agree with most of what Andrew L Rubman, ND, had to say, he missed the most important cause of flatulence – the relative lack of stomach acid. I will not disparage the fact that Rubman is not a medical doctor because I know many MD’s who could not talk their way out of a “nutritional bag,” and I have known many ND’s who are more knowledgeable than most MD’s on nutrition. But it would be nice if I could examine Dr. Rubman’s credentials more closely.

As I said, most of what Dr. Rubman wrote about “fixes of flatulence” is on target, he failed to mention the most important cause of flatulence. I have written on this subject before, and I will delineate my theory here again. I use the word theory, and we should understand that “theory is only theory” until and unless it is backed up by actual experience. I have practiced for many years and what I am about to describe.

The bottom line and most important cause of intestinal gas from the beginning of the alimentary canal with burping to the end of the canal with flatulence begins in the stomach with a relative deficiency of stomach acid.

This may sound contra to the well accepted but erroneous assumption that many individuals suffer from gastric hyper-acidity. Folks, this is big business. So much money is made by drug companies selling antacids from the simple “bicarbonate-like” pills to the more up-to-date touted-as-more-scientific Nexium-like products. These are all supposed to neutralize excess stomach acid. But, what are you doing to your system if the problem is insufficient stomach acid? The problem will get worse.

Philosophically, is it not most interesting that as we get older many of our bodily functions deteriorate, but we are asked to believe that the stomach whose chief function is to make acid actually gets better at it? It makes little sense to me.

Stomach acid is needed to begin the process of hydrolyzing (breaking down) complex carbohydrates into more simple sugars and proteins into simple amino acids. When this process is not sufficiently completed in the stomach, the more complex carbohydrates and proteins travel further down in the gut. Beans, for instance, contain large chain complex carbohydrates. When these complex carbohydrates arrive in the lower intestines, they are acted upon by the intestinal bacteria which begins to ferment them. Fermentation is a completely different process than simple enzymatic breakdown. With fermentation, gas is produced which must be eliminated as flatulence. Many of these undigested substances contain sulfur which eventually results in odorous gasses making the flatulence somewhat smelly.

To return to the stomach, low stomach acid results in the stomach bacteria also fermenting both simple and complex carbohydrates. The resultant gas is expelled as burping.

There is a bacterium which resided in the pyloric end of the stomach, Heliobacter pyloris. This bacterium should not be there. It is associated with the development of stomach ulcers and cancer. A blood test can be performed to detect antibodies to this bacterium. Treatment with antibiotics AND restoring the stomach to normal stomach acid can eliminate this bacterium, thus preventing the complications of ulcers and cancer.

You really need to stop taking medicines to get rid of stomach acid, medicines which are deleterious to your health. The real treatment is to take stomach acid in the form of Betaine Hydrochloride. If you are interested in more detailed “how to do it,” write me at drtauraso@drtauraso.com.

What I write would be useless, if it were not backed up by practical experience.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic
web site: www.drtauraso.com
email: drtauraso@drtauraso.com

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Sunday, February 10, 2008



I just returned from the local supermercado. I tried to buy a bottle of soy sauce in a glass container, but it was only in plastic. Items I wanted to buy in a container other than plastic included: milk; juices; other sauces; diet and regular sodas; oat meal which I bought last week in a cardboard circular box with a plastic top now was totally in plastic; meat was wrapped in plastic before it was wrapped in paper; I had to put my fruit in a plastic bag; peanut butter in a plastic jar. The only items I found in glass containers were: beer; wine; and large bottles of tomato sauce.

What was I trying to do? I have been concerned recently by the chemical phthalates we consume daily to which we pay little attention.

WHAT ARE PHTHALATES? Phthalates are chemicals used in the manufacture of plastics to make them softer. Not to get chemically technical these phthalates include compounds like Di(2ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) and Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP).

Phthalates are everywhere: in ink used to write and print on plastic, board and foil-packed products; package adhesives; in addition to the plastic containers of the food items mentioned above, phthalates are also within the foods, such as baby milk formulas, cheese, margarine, and more; vinyl flooring, emulsion paint, and PVC baby toys.


Because phthalates are fat soluble, they tend to accumulate in milk, butter, margarine, and cheese as the animal consumes phthalates. They also accumulate within human body fat.

Several phthalates, particularly DEPH, are testicular toxins and may include the death and disintegration of testicular germ cells. Occupational exposure to high levels has resulted in miscarriages and other complications of pregnancy.

Numerous in vitro and in vivo experiments have confirmed the toxicity of phthalates.


As a nutritionist and a physician interested in allergy and environmental medicine, I have been interested in the potential causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) for a number of years. I used to watch young men in their 30's, 40's, and 50's asking me for prescriptions of Viagra which they required to sustain an erection. Why in my experience even up until the age of mid 50's I could brag to requiring something to keep me down. I wish I could brag so at 73! Why were all these young men requiring Viagra-like drugs? I did not know the answer, and I am not sure I have an answer now.

Recently I have studied the toxic effects of phthalates. I remember when milk was delivered at home in glass containers. I have not seen milk in glass for over 30 years. Everything is now packaged in a plastic of some sorts. This may be due to the fact that glass is much heavier than plastic and the cost of shopping is therefore less with plastic containers. Try going to the supermarket and see for yourself. Perhaps the exposure to each container might be small, but the enormity of the problem comes from the large volume of items packaged in plastic – EVERYTHING – so the exposure becomes great!

We must be concerned about the impact chemistry is having upon our health. Our bodies are magnificent living machines which can detoxify many natural poisons in our environment, but not many organic chemicals which Nature has never intended to get into our bodies. We have enzymes which perform the process of detoxification. But we have not evolved to the point where our bodies can detoxify some organic chemical poisons.

Try an experiment. Get a polystyrene cup, add hot water to it, then a tea bag. As the tea steeps, squeeze a lemon into the cup and wait a few minutes. Run your fingers along the inside of the cup, and you will feel the slime of the polystyrene melting. If you leave it long enough, the cup will disintegrate. As you drink the tea, you are also consuming melted polystyrene.

Recommendation: Try not to buy items packaged in plastic. Good luck! Try to buy foods packaged in paper. One Google search revealed that brown paper might also contain a small amount of phthalates. Paper, however, does contain a small amount of Dioxin which is a known poison.

I guess the best we might strive for is to decrease our exposure to these chemicals. Here in Panama I try to shop for vegetables at the many roadside shops where the local farmers sell their produce. Shopping at the supermercado is a wasteland similar to what it is in the US.

CDC Data Points to Phthalates in Cosmetics as Serious Concern
In September 2000, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported finding seven different phthalates in the bodies of 289 persons tested for these chemicals, and that every person tested had a particular phthalate called dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, in their body. The ubiquity of phthalates in the general population surprised the scientists: ?From a public health perspective, these data provide evidence that phthalate exposure is both higher and more common than previously suspected,? noted a CDC researcher involved in the study. But the biggest surprise came when the researchers broke the data down by age and gender for DBP. They discovered that women of childbearing age appear to receive the highest levels of exposures to this phthalate. . http://www.chemicalbodyburden.org/hb_cs_phthalates.htm (Good for phthalates in cosmetics)

Additionally, women of child bearing age probably have more fat wherein the phthalates can be stored.

For more detailed information(highlight, copy, and paste):
1. http://www.website.lineone.net/~mwarhurst/phthalates.html
2. www.gristmill.grist.org/story/2007/8/15/104934/059
3. http://www.chemicalbodyburden.org/hb_cs_phthalates.htm (Good for phthalates in cosmetics)
4. www.chemicalbodyburden.org/cs_phthalate.htm

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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Thursday, February 7, 2008



Having lived in the US all my life I have observed the drastic transition of American women from nurturing wives and mothers to beings whom are difficult to distinguish from their male counterparts. At one time women were satisfied in their what I will call more natural and traditional role in the family, as perhaps contrasted to what is becoming the 20th century female, a women who is being seen more as living the traditional role of the male.

I grew up in a different family situation: my father from the Puglia Region of Italy, my mother from Siracusa, Sicily. Although my mother worked later after the children grew up – and a hard worker she was doing a man’s job in a leather factory in Peabody Massachusetts -- our family was a rather traditional immigrant family in America.

However in the rest of the US, a transition was occurring, especially in the role of the American women. Families were disintegrating. The family was breaking up resulting in calamity in my opinion. Women were no longer tolerating infidelity in their husbands and divorce was becoming a consequence of such infidelity. It was not long before we began to see the so-called “liberated” women cheating on their husbands to the same magnitude that men were doing from time immemorial. Although recent studies have shown that, as many women have cheated on their husbands as husbands on their wives, more marriages break up because women want to end the marriage contract. Some believe that this may be stimulated by women wanting to get their half of the shared assets and custody of the children with the ensuing child support money. Being in the practice of Pediatrics, I counseled many people. I have known many women who want more out of life than just being housewives. They watch TV and think life should be like the soap operas.

I used to counsel many couples about to break up. I eventually gave it up because it was so frustrating. It was my custom of interviewing the wife and after hearing her story concluded that the husband was in the wrong. After hearing the husband for 20 minuted, I concluded the wife was to blame. Each was telling me a story of the relationship each truly believed to be correct. And these were honest individuals. They just saw the same situation differently.

I tell a story in my book How to Benefit from Stress about watching my three children playing at the other end of the room while I was sitting on the sofa reading. Over a period of about 5 minutes they were all fighting. I asked each to line up before me and tell me what had happened. Each told me a most convincing story and asked me to punish the others. Each had a completely different story which each sincerely believed to be true. But get this, what each child told me did not jive with what I thought I saw. I decided to put them all in the same room. I asked them to solve their problems amongst themselves and, if they had not after 20 minutes, I would return and punish them all.

Three quarters of an hour went by and I did not hear from them. I went to the room and peeked in. They were all playing appearing to be happy and having fun. I am telling this story to emphasize the fact that each of us comes away from a life event being confronted with the same situation but experiencing something quite differently. I gave up counseling leaving it to people better than I to do the job.

I know many will not agree with my analysis of the situation, probably, at least, 50% of my readers. As a Pediatrician for many years, it is the children of these broken homes about which I am concerned for it is the children who suffer. They are more frequently than not used as pawns in the battle between the sexes. We see in the news almost daily in the lives of some celebrities, because they are the ones being paraded before the TV, the situation between the antagonists of a broken marriage where the father has suffered from the antics of the mother. This is as I see it from where I stand today. The children suffer; only the lawyers benefit.

Here in Panama the women are different. Many do not like Panamanian men who like to give their women babies and they are never seen after that. This is a macho male driven society. The women like non-Panamanian men, especially those from the US who appear to them to be more caring. Besides they also have more money. Prostitution is rampant and many US, Canadian, and European men come here for the cheap sex. Prostitution is legal here; pimping is illegal. Perhaps much of what I write is skewed from what I learn from my friends. Being medical man trained in contagious and infectious diseases, I am always concerned about the potential hazards of such casual encounters and, unlike many of my friends and although very tempting, have steered away from this aspect of Panamanian life.

I do not judge the women who sell themselves. Promiscuity in the US is accepted in legal age individuals. It is occurring every day in high school although not as acceptable. Wives and husbands cheat on each other every day. I owned a Four-Star Italian restaurant for 20 years and saw it all happen. But in the US to get paid for sex is somehow considered horrible. You can get paid in kind like a dinner or a night out but let there not be a transfer of cold cash. This is a crime which will put both the prostitute and the John in jail. Oh, come on, give me a break.

Panama is a very poor country. Many women who have babies given to them by the long gone Panamanian men resort to selling some of their assets to feed the family. You have got to like “the selling of some of their assets.” If you wish to judge this, go ahead. I surely am not.

But let me tell you of many of the other Panamanian women whom I know from the experience of men who have married them. Panamanian women are very caring individuals. There is a Spanish word, carinosa, which translates to loving/caring. Panamanian women like to treat their men like kings. In return they expect their men not to share their affections with other women. To do so might result in tragedy. I guess there is that balance in life which must be maintained.

Many American women whom I know are not happy. I believe it is because they have abandoned their natural role of being true companions. I am not suggesting they give up their jobs because in the US in order to enjoy the life style most want, both adult members of a family need to work.

I truly believe that, if men become more like men and women more like women, they might like each other again. Relationships are secure when they are complementary and not supplementary. It has got to do with the attraction which comes when positive and negative charges come together. We know that with a magnet the similar charged ends repel each other. But when positive and negative meet, now there is the lightening spark from which true love can generate.

I realize I do not have all the answers, but I might have a few.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


All the politicians running for office are claiming that each will be able to decrease the US dependency upon foreign oil making oil cheaper for domestic consumption. In one way this might be true, but in many ways they cannot achieve what they promise – and they know it. The only thing that might be accomplished is that they might be able to decrease the flow of oil dollars out of the country. But the price of oil will not change.

The price of oil is NOT determined by what it costs to remove it from the ground. The true cost of obtaining a barrel of oil is not much greater now when oil reached $100/barrel than when it was only $50 just a few years ago. The oil companies were making money then when the price was $50. Think of the tremendous profits now when the price of oil is double that. It is no wonder why the oil companies are making historic profits. Why last year alone Exxon Mobil was the most profitable company in the world.

What determines the price of oil is the market trading of oil by individuals who neither take the oil out of the ground nor refine it. It is determined by those market makers on Wall Street and other financial centers around the world who trade this commodity up and down and in the ethereal futures market. The futures market consists of a bunch of people who want to buy or sell oil at some future date. The current market takes some of its ques from this and so the market goes.

I have tried to get the figures of how much it costs the oil companies to get a barrel of oil out of the groung. Good luck. What I can gather from inference is that it costs less than $50/barrel because when just a few years ago oil was selling for less than $50, the companies were making money.

If the US were to become oil self sufficient – something which I doubt will ever happen short a miracle -- the price of oil will remain the same because of the market pricing. Do you actually think that the oil companies will sell oil at a price sufficient to make a good decent profit if the world price structure were considerably higher? Do I need to answer that question?

To get to a point mentioned earlier about whether we can become self sufficient, within the entire US, considering all the free flowing oil we have under the ground both in the continental US and offshore and the oil shale deposits in Colorado, we have considerably more oil than Saudi Arabia. We could be self sufficient, but the “not-for-profit environmentalists and their powerful lobbyists prevent the government from moving in that direction. Unlike in Russia when Vladimir says drill there, they drill there and out comes the oil! Our government is powerless to do any such thing because it is impossible to satisfy many political faction at the same time. Additionally, we have more coal reserves within the US than Saudi Arabia has oil, but the use of coal faces a similar more devastating quagmire of the environmentalists.

But we will still hear those mouthy politicians promise what they fully well know they cannot deliver. Most Republicans would like to drill offshore and in the arctic region, convert the tremendous oils shale reserves, and to use coal, but the Democrats, beholding to the environmental “Kooks,” prevent progress in these areas. But these same Democrats continue to promise for lower oil prices. How are they going to fulfill their promises considering what I have already said?

It is all smoke and mirrors, folks.

From the oil patch here in Panama and paying $3.15 + per gallon for diesel fuel for my car,

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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I wrote this Blog last week but sat on it wondering whether I should publish it. But after waiting I finally made the decision to publish:

So John Edwards has just suspended his candidacy for the presidency. Why did he use the maneuver of “suspending” rather than just quitting? Because, folks, it has to do with money. Surprised? Don’t be. John Edwards is a lawyer – and a good one at that. Whether he is an honest or dishonest lawyer, I will leave it up to you.

You see he borrowed money to support his candidacy. By suspending his campaign instead of quitting, he is able still to raise money and, most importantly, to receive federal matching funds – funds from the public treasury. He will continue to receive these matching federal funds even though he has essentially left the campaign. Go ahead, Mr. Edwards, keep on taking from the public treasury – something Democrats, especially ones like you, usually do quite well. Sorry about my discernable bias. I just cannot help it. But usually Democrats like to take from the rich and ostensibly give it to the poor – for potential votes, of course.! But to take from the US Treasury, money donated by both the poor and rich, and give it to the very rich, that is, John Edwards, bespeaks to the phoney charlatanistic character of the man. He talks about the two Americas. Yes, there are two Americas: The America of hard working individuals like us and the rich who-give-nothing-back-to America like John Edwards.

John Edwards speaks in contempt about “Corporate America.” Corporate America is not our enemy for they provide the jobs whereby people make the money to support their families. Would anyone in their right mind want to replace a group like Corporate America who give much back to the community in the form of jobs and donating taxes to the public treasury to the likes of the John Edwards-types who do nothing but talk, talk, and talk and give nothing back? Look at some of the socialistic countries of Europe and around the world. These countries have many more poor people percentage wise than the US even after the government give-away programs which is what socialism is all about.

Shortly after President Bush was elected, it is claimed that the numbers living under the poverty level rose and the President was blamed for it. But the rise could be explained by the rise in population and the change in definition of what constitutes poverty. One needs to be very careful because the politicians will use smoke and mirrors in making political advantage of the figures.

We do have poor people in the US, and, although we are not the worst country in the world, our percentage of poor people is much higher than some other nations. But, remember the poverty level is determined by a definition!

The causes of poverty are multiple:

1. Unfavorable economic conditions;
2. Mental illness and disability;
3. Lack of educational attainment and skill;
4. Substance abuse;
5. Birth of a child;
6. Domestic abuse;
7. Natural or other disasters;
8. Tax levels;
9. Crime.

So let us be careful when listening to the likes of the John Edwards in the US. They are more like some preachers who promise they can get you into the Kingdom of Heaven if you contribute enough in the poor box. John Edwards is the greatest charlatan who was running for political office. Thank God he is out of the race. But it is unfortunate he continues to steal money from the public treasury.


Another aspect of the game of politicians running for office. Where in our society can a person continue to get paid for a job s/he does not do to seek out another job and to have the government contribute to the expense of your endeavors? Why should people get paid for running for office? I and you, my readers, do not get paid when we go out into the marketplace to find another job. So, why should politicians get paid? What makes them so different? It is because they, the politicians, pass the laws enabling themselves to get paid while seeking another political job. None of us can do this. I have come to the conclusion that the people in Congress do not represent “The People.” They represent themselves.

The political system is so corrupt that I do not believe any politician any more. I have been around for a long time now. For more times than I want to remember I have heard politicians promise one thing during their campaigning and delivering another after they get elected. The public seems to want always to reject the individual who tells them the tough truths. They usually elect the individual who says what they wish to believe or what they want. Sad, but it is true. The average public is so dumb. Can you imagine people on the day of the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire being undecided – not knowing who they will vote for after months of listening to the political talking heads. If these so-called “undecided” individuals cannot make up their minds by primary day, how in God’s name can they make up their minds on primary day? When they do it is usually based upon emotion and not upon a critical review of the candidate.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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