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Tuesday, December 4, 2007



The Shaw of Iran and the Ayatollah Khomeini

Does anyone remember when because of turmoil in Iran with the Shaw of Iran we decided to back those forces wanting to return the Ayatollah Khomeini from France where he was in exile? And so in our attempt to solve another nation’s problem we supported the replacement of one dictator with a dictator who talked with God. The Grand Ayatollah eventually was to drive Iran into being one of the greatest enemies of the West if not the ENTIRE world.

We accomplished this because we are bleeding liberals who like to interfere with others because we know what is best for them. The Shaw of Iran might have been a dictator but he was trying to modernize his country, and, when someone is trying to change the habits of an entire country, there will be turmoil. Boy, did we create the mess now in Iran.

The Replacement of Saddam Hussein with What We Now Have

Does anyone remember when we interfered again with the replacement of Saddam Hussein who was keeping Iran busy defending itself to the point that Iran did not have the time or inclination to direct it negative energies against the West. In our attempt to change the world we interfere with the status quo, and create more problems. If we had left Saddam alone he would have continued to harass Iran and the little despotic tyrant presently leading Iran would barely have the time to trim his beard. Boy are we creating a mess again in Iran.

Why do we not just let the Arabs kill themselves. They have been doing it for years. They have become good at it, and let them continue to do what they do best. They are a violent people because their religion is violent and no matter what we do we will never change their status quo. I fully well realize this is not the politically correct thing to say, but the truth is the truth no matter how one slices the pie or parse the words.

Our Interference in Pakistan

Here we are doing it again in Pakistan. Because of perceived discontent in Pakistan and wanting to support Banizir Bhutto we have asked the present President Mushariff to step down as Chief of the Army. Our President is Commander-in-Chief of our armies. Why cannot Mushariff be the same? He has been a friend of the US and has successfully controlled the many terrorists in his country by having a strong army. Who thinks that Bhutto can do any better. She is now back in Pakistan. She is making no attempt to compromise with Mushariff. It is all a power struggle. Do we really believe that a woman would be a better leader or be any different than their male counterparts? Does anyone remember Golda Maier, Indira Ghandi, and the Iron Lady of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher? Were these women leaders any different from their male counterparts? Should I even attempt to mention Hillary Clinton? Women would like for us to believe that their nurturing qualities would make them leaders who would promote peace throughout the world. The women leaders I have already mentioned surely do not add credence to that belief. Please, don’t make me laugh!

My point is why do we want to disturb the status quo for an unknown entity which might result in potentially disastrous consequences? Have we not learned our lessons? We have interfered with South American politics so often over the years that many South American countries do not trust us anymore. In our belief that others might fare better we disturb the balance – the status quo – which already exists. Not everyone thinks as we do. Basically, we come from an Anglo Saxon political belief system. This may change in time and probably will as the ethnic balance in the US changes. We do not think like Latinos or even Arabians. It is this situation that has precluded our resolution of the problems with Cuba and with the monkey who leads Venezuela. If we understood Latinos we could have completely averted a dispute with Castro. When Castro came to the US to address the United Nations, he wanted so much to have an audience with President Eisenhower who rebuked him. Had we understood the Latino temperament we would have known that when we insult a Latino they usually make friends with our greatest enemy. And this is what subsequently happened. If Eisenhower was smart, he would have invited Castro for a glass of wine or Cuban rum. That, I believe would have been the beginning of an American/Cuban love fest which would have continued to this day.

Castro was in love with the US. This is evidenced by the recent discovery in the archives of President Roosevelt where there was found a letter from a young Castro asking for $10.00 which I do not think Roosevelt ever sent him.

We are a good people but we have, or the liberals have, the mistaken belief that we have the solution to the world’s problems. This, of course, is ludicrous, because we cannot even solve our own problems!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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