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Tuesday, November 20, 2007



Why Are Democrats So Hateful?

When I was a very young man, as I remember at the early an age of 10 years, I was very interested in analyzing and comparing what people said with what they did. As I carefully observed people I constantly asked myself the question why individuals did the things they did. I became interested in politics as I saw people blindly follow politicians because they liked the way they looked and/or agreed with the things they said. As I watched these people blindly believe, I began to ask the question whether the politicians themselves believed what they were saying.

Both my parents came from “the old Country” – Italy specifically. They both worked – my mother in a leather factory doing a man’s job and my father for Eastman Gelatin, a company which extracted gelatin from animal bones for their parent company, Eastman Kodak, for use in the manufacture of film. Both parents belonged to unions and they believed the garbage the unions were promulgating – and still do – that the democrats were for the poor, minorities, and downtrodden and that the republicans were for the rich. As a result both my parents voted solidly democratic. That was until I, their first born son, educated them about the lies they were being told by the democrats. The democrats, especially in the greater Boston area – Salem Massachusetts, specifically – where I lived as a child, were into class warfare as they still are today.

I remember democratic politicians would come into the Italian areas preaching they would protect them from their bosses and the Irish. These same politicians would enter the Irish areas preaching similar garbage with only one change, that they would protect the Irish from the Italians. They would enter the Jewish and Polish areas telling them they would protect them from both the Irish and the Italians. When I was ten, I concluded that, if the democrats were the party of the minorities, it would behoove them to keep the minorities alive and well. This was exactly what they were doing. This was class warfare in its essence. In order to keep the minorities alive the democrats would pit one minority against another and keep each group fearful of each other. We can readily observe this still going on today, especially with the leaders of the Black community who desire to keep the Blacks hating the whites so they, the Black leaders would continue to have a forum with which to demagogue. The Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the world would be out of a job were it not for their keeping Blacks fearful and hating at one time the whites but now including the Latin-Americans migrating into the US. And the uninformed general public continues to fall for this class warfare.

The republicans, on the other hand, who were lucky if they were able to muster only a few votes in these heavily democratic areas spoke in generalities and tried to tell the people to all work together. They lost heavily until a generation later when the children of the immigrants grew up and began to realize the negative propaganda of the democrats. Massachusetts began to elect republican Mayors and eventually governors. The senate was a difficult nut to crack, although there were a small handful of republican senators over the years, but not recently. I believe the Catholics and the African Americans have multiplied more rapidly to keep the democratic base larger than the republican base.

It has continued to happen over the years that democrats, by and large, preach hate and keep the minorities believing that they must be protected from those amorphous devils, the republicans. The democrats are masters in the Ad Hominem argument – when you do not have a substantive approach to counteracting an adversary, attack the man. With the man destroyed, his argument fails. This continues today as we encounter daily the politics of personal destruction. The democrats have been behaving in this manner that they even feed upon each other. As we observe the presidential debates, the democrats are, by and large, more personally destructive to each other than are the republicans.

An issue at point is the hatred many in the population have against President Bush. If we can remember, and we all should, that the hatred of Bush began very soon after he was elected President, if not before during the campaign.

How Bush got elected was legal, even though the democrats still refuse to accept the results. I remember very well when President Kennedy won over Nixon. Just to clarify, Kennedy won the popular and electoral vote, in the sense that he got more electoral and popular votes than Nixon. However, the election was so close that Kennedy did NOT win a MAJORITY vote. Kennedy won 49.72% of the vote to Nixon's 49.55%. Nixon could have well contested the results but HE DID NOT for the sake of not disrupting the Nation. Nixon demonstrated real genuine class as opposed to the-cry-baby Gore who still is having childlike tantrums over his loss. The law is the law. As a side issue, if dead people did not vote in Chicago Nixon would have won!

But the hatred of Bush continues. It is the rallying cry of the democrats and their hateful followers.

I had been a loyal Republican since I was ten although I was not able to vote in elections until I got older. But recently, I have changed my philosophy and became more of a Libertarian. I often like to quip about the differences among the Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians.

The Democrats want the government out of the bedroom but they want the government in all other rooms of the house peering into all aspects of our private lives taking more of our hard earned money as taxes to redistribute to others who for whatever reason have less – another aspect of class warfare. Robin hood was an outlaw when he was alive and the US government who is acting similarly is an outlaw today.

The Republicans, on the other hand, want the government in the bedroom trying to legislate morality, but want the government out of all other rooms in the house.

Finally, the a Libertarians want the government out of all the rooms of our houses allowing us the freedom to live our lives without government intervention. Can you now see why I have gravitated towards the Libertarian Party?

I acknowledge the need for government only as it relates to its responsibility to keep the populace safe from predators. Unfortunately, the government has become the greatest predator in our society, legislating issues which should be in the personal domain. We pay considerable amounts of money for representatives and senators, and they are, especially the senators, who have become a very dysfunctional group of people. They cannot seem to agree on anything.

Another reason why I bolted from the Republican party is because of President Bush, not because of the Irak war for I believed he was led to believe that Irak had weapons of mass destruction by his incompetent Chief of the CIA. Saddam Hussein did have these weapons, but was smart to have gotten rid of them by the time Bush made his decision to go to war. This was in part also due to Saddam’s actions as he led the world to believe he had the weapons.

No, my quarrel with the Bush administration is what they have done, or rather have not done, for two border control agents who are imprisoned because they shot a criminal fleeing their pursuit. This Mexican, a known and convicted criminal, was returned from Mexico and given immunity in the US courts to testify against the two agents. The courts in the US would usually disregard the testimony of known convicted criminals, but in this case, the US government used the testimony to convict. Can you understand why some consider the US government the enemy? It appears that President Bush is reluctant to pardon these two agents. It is believed that the prosecutor in this case is a personal friend of Bush and herein might lie his reluctance to pardon them. But I hold Bush responsible. He should step up to the plate and do what is right.

Unfortunately, the Libertarian Party will probably never win an election, but I am a Libertarian, nevertheless.

Recently, Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News wrote a book “We Are a Nation of Sheep.” We are. I have observed two different reactions on polls. Given the same information, one scenario is that 45% are for, 45% are against, and 10% have no clue. A second scenario is that 33% are for, 33 are against, and 33% have no clue. Given the same information, how can people conclude such different conclusions? This defies Jesuitical/Scholastic logic. We were taught in logic that if A = B and C = B, then A = C. The Jesuits did not teach me about people’s emotions or, if they did, I slept through that class!

Let us look at the logistic syllogism again. If A = B, and C = B, but A hates C, how can A = C? See what I mean? With humans, syllogistic logic does not apply because in matters which are not black and white, but instead are shades of grey, accurate conclusions cannot be drawn.

If it is true that the CIA director got it wrong but was nevertheless believed by Bush, the conclusion that Bush was not at fault could not be concluded if one does not believe that Bush knew before hand that the CIA director got it wrong. In the syllogism that A = B and C = B, the first and second statements MUST be true before one can conclude that A = C. This logic business can be tricky, don’t you think?

Emotions are like “The Shadow.” He was the legendary crime fighter who could “cloud men’s minds” so they could not see him. Emotions cloud our ability to interpret truth and facts. An important corollary to the rules of logic is: “ We believe what we want to believe, and we do not believe what we do not want to believe.”

One of the first things I remember my Jesuit logics professor saying is that he was going to teach us logic, but not to think he was doing us any great favor, because most individuals do not think logically and with these people truthful communication will not occur. Is this not true? And is it not true that “We are a nation of sheep?”

To return to the topic of this Blog which was the question “Why are democrats so hateful?, it is because they have an agenda which is to get as many people believing what they tell them so they, the democrats can get their vote. You see, it is quite simple. I am afraid that what I liked about the republican party over the years is that they promulgated unpopular ideas because they believed that they were honorable, correct, and right, at least to my way of thinking. But many republicans have abandoned their long standing principles and are now “going for the masses.” And we now see two major political parties which are difficult to tell part. We have conservatives and liberals in both parties difficult to distinguish from each other. We also have the fringe leftists and those on the right. And we have the middle grounders. It would be simple, if there were two parties, one expounding conservative and the other liberal philosophies so people can really make up their minds on where we should go.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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