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Wednesday, November 7, 2007



Today we embarked upon a new phase in developing our ONLINE BOOKSTORE at the www.drtauraso.com web site. To the books already in the store we have added several EBOOKS which can be downloaded directly from the store. These new books are:

1. “God, Man, and the Universe – An Holistic Perspective” – a philosophy book 25 years in preparation describing how the Universe operates applying the Principles of Holism. It answers the most important question: Do we have a choice?;

2. “How I lost Three Million Dollars in the Stock Market” – a primer on what not to do and a guide for recovering from disaster. This book describes how one who has experienced a devastating blow can actually recover from the experience;

3. “Russia Is a Cursed Nation – the reason why I would never return” -- About the pitfalls involved in adopting a Russian Baby; the story of a nation really screwed up, and the reason why they are;

4. “Milk Allergy, Sensitivity, and Intolerance” – The Concept of the Shock Organ Revealed - a brief monograph packed with information about the food which is responsible for more allergic problems probably more than any other food, and the reasons why. This book is a MUST for anyone who has children, but adults are not immune!

The ease with which one can order Ebooks and their low cost should encourage individuals to get a copy of these books. Easy secure PayPal payment methods are on the site also.

Soon we hope to add to our Book Store our very useful Relaxation CD’s.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic


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