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Friday, November 30, 2007




This is a book that everyone intending to invest in the stock market ought to read. It is about potential and real problems existing in market investing. It is also a book for individuals who have lost significant amounts of capital, and how they might survive the experience

This book is available as an EBOOK in the ORDER ONLINE link on our web site: www.drtauraso.com.


It was one fantastic ride, and this is one hell of a story! Many have written of how they made millions in the stock market. We’ve spoken with friends who have told us how they bought a stock and, in a short period of time, sold it at a big profit – how they made “a killing” in the stock market. Everyone is so willing to tell friends and others how well s/he scored.

When was the last time and how often has someone told you of a stock market loss? Individuals do not usually share with others their failures. It is human nature and a very natural tendency to want to appear smart and intelligent and to brag about success. We all want to feel important and successful. Perhaps, our friends and acquaintances will like us more, if we were smart and intelligent. But, of course, we learn over time and with a certain degree of maturity that our true friends will love us even if we are dumb and stupid. I am reminded recently by my four year old daughter who frequently tells me: “It’s O.K. daddy. You don’t have to change. I love you just the way you are.” After all that is said and done, we learn that, even though we may be knowledgeable or have a keen aptitude in one particular area or subject, we cannot be expected to know everything about everything. As Reverend Dick Batzler, the co-author of two of our previous books, reminds me that no one person can know everything about any single thing.

The stock market is a prime example. How can we expect anyone to know everything about a particular company which issues shares? Consequently, how can we believe analysts? Even though they may speak authoritatively, do they really know everything about a company they study? Even though we tend to want to believe analysts, can they really know? How can they when, on occasion, the CEO of a company doesn’t know? Often CEO’S buy shares of their own company, and the shares subsequently plummet. Are we to assume that the CEO who should know more his company bought the shares because he expected the stock to tumble? I think not.

Besides, analysts have their own biases about companies they follow. Additionally, analysts work for brokerage firms which may have their own particular agenda and ulterior motives for influencing a stock. Don’t think for a moment that the fire wall which is supposed to exist between the analyst and traders within a brokerage firm actually exists. From direct personal experiences with analysts and traders, I can state that this supposed fire wall does not exist in most cases.. Can anyone expect an analyst not to share his thoughts with friends at the local pub after the end of a long day at the office? Let us not be naive. Several years ago I discussed with an analyst the basis of his positive prediction on CDT (Colonial Data), a company which made caller ID’s. This analyst didn’t have a clue. I wish I had called him before I lost so much money on my very bad investment in CDT. I will describe this in more detail later in the book.

My point: Recognize who knows and who does not know. When you personally lack critical knowledge about a particular company delay investing until you do.

I am writing this book to share with you my very personal experience with the hope that you might learn from my mistakes. In the upcoming chapters, I will attempt to

1. Tell you the story of my investment mistakes.

2. Identify the financial and personal implications of those mistakes.

3. Describe how I, with the help of my immediate family, coped with the loss.

4. Draw lessons learned from the experience on investing.

5. Provide a set of principles for coping with any kind of personal disaster.

My mistakes are not unique. What may be unique is my willingness to share them with others. And so, in this book I am going to describe a roller coaster ride, one like I have never experienced before and which I hope never to experience again, and one, I hope, you, the reader, will never encounter. For the devastation I experienced in my personal life I would wish on no one.

On the title page, I purposely listed my education degrees, but humbly add that my extensive education and my previous experiences did not help me one bit in dealing with what I was to experience in investing. Actually, my education probably contributed to my inflated ego which impacted negatively on my stock market performance.

In this book, I am sharing many things not yet shared with anyone, not even my most immediate family, probably due to my embarrassment for having been so incredibly dumb!”

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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The following is an excerpt from the FOREWORD of my book: “God, Man, And The Universe -An Holistic Perspective - A philosophy book describing how the Universe operates applying the Principles of Holism.”

This book has been in preparation for over 20 years. It is available as an EBOOK on our ORDER ONLINE link of our web site: www.drtauraso.com. In it we try to answer the questions of “What we must do and do we have a choice in the affairs of life.


The word holistic is being used today by many in the health field. There is much controversy over whether it should be spelled with an h as in holistic or with a wh as in wholistic. There is confusion as to whether holism embodies the body, mind, and spirit, and to whether it is reasonable also to include emotion.
It would appear at times that our Western separatist view of life and the world allows us to be great dissectors but interferes with our abilities to conceive of synthesizing and unifying concepts of health, man's nature, and our relationship with the rest of the world. We tend to emphasize the differences among people - a tendency which fosters a drawing apart and isolationism - rather than emphasizing the similarities which tend to bring individuals closer together working toward common goals for mankind.
There are those who believe that the holistic approach to health is something new and exciting; others view it as a revival of something very old to man's culture.
The derivation of the word and concept of holism was very well described by Dr. Richard H. Svihus in a paper entitled "The Dimensions of Wellness: The Holistic Viewpoint," delivered at the founding meeting of the American Holistic Medical Association, Denver, Colorado, May 1978 and published in American Holistic Medicine, volume 1, pages 19 to 25, February 1979. Quoting from Dr. Svihus.

The words "holistic" and "holism" first appear to have been used by Jan Smuts in his book,Holism and Evolution, published in 1926. Jan Smuts served as a general in the British army and as prime minister of South Africa. In his book, he describes an evolutionary concept in which Holism underlies the synthetic tendency in the universe." Entities growing, developing, and evolving become at some complete in their nature, so that their wholeness becomes greater than the mere sum of their parts. They then move to new levels of being -- new "wholes" -- brought about by the creative forces within, which he calls holism.
The whole-making tendency in evolution, according to Smuts, is nothing but the gradual development and stratification of a progressive series of wholes, stretching from the inorganic beginnings to the highest levels of spiritual creation.
Wholeness, healing, holiness--all expressions and ideas and ideas springing from the same root in language as in experience--lie on the rugged upward path of the universe.

If we were to apply this concept to matters pertaining to health, and if we acknowledged the fact that we have a triune nature of body, mind, and spirit, then we are total individuals only when our body-self, mind-self, and spirit-self are unified to work in harmony with each other.
All too often individuals are dis-coordinated. Their body, mind, and spirit aspects function as separate schizophrenic entities working against each other.
Holistic means to be holy, to function as a whole I. When this ideal state is reached, we experience a new energy which appears to be greater than what might be expected from a mere sum of the three parts.
The word holistic (this is, with an h) is derived from the Greek; wholistic (with an wh) is derived from the Anglo-Saxon. Yet holistic is usually used by physicians, nurses, and other health-care professionals; Wholistic is employed more by ministers, counsellors, and non-medical health care professionals. But, our aim here is to emphasize the similarities, not the differences. Both words mean the same thing, regardless of derivation and who uses the words.
There is a rather sad point to this commentary. There are developing segments of our population - sad to say that they exist mainly in some Christian communities - who are teaching that those who are associated with the holistic and/or New Age movements are demonic and represent anit-Christ philosophies. During the course of this book, I hope to present philosophical evidence that this prejudicial attitude is not only anti-Christian, it is against the teachings of all great religious teachers, and against basic, inherent, and immutable Laws of the Universe.
The purpose of this book is to go beyond looking at man alone. We will explore the greater spiritual nature of man, desiring to understand how we relate to God and the rest of the Universe. From an holistic perspective we will dissemble to assemble, analyze to synthesize, dissect to recreate, separate to unify. To view man holistically is to go beyond the confines of man's body, mind, and spirit to the larger cosmic view of man as part of an infinite whole Universe.
This book explores the laws which govern optimum physical, mental, and spiritual health and those that govern the realms of consciousness and reality. Scientists are accumulating much data to substantiate the theory of relativity. As one heavenly body exerts its influence upon another, how do the laws which govern the Universe influence man, the highest form of incarnate being on planet Earth? How does man influence other creatures, environmental situations, planet Earth, and other heavenly bodies? What is our responsibility to establish order within ourselves, and maintain the Order of the Universe?
We would like to consider ourselves free. But, are we really free? We will probe for the answer to this question as we explore the relationship of God, Man and the Universe -- An Holistic Perspective.”

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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The following is an excerpt from the Preface of my book: “RUSSIA IS A CURSED NATION: The Reason I Would Never Return – About the pitfalls involved in adopting a Russian Baby.” This book is available as an EBOOK on our Order Online link on our web site: www.drtauraso.com.


I have always wanted to visit Russia. For me it was a mysterious country with much heritage. The history of Czar Nicholas and Alexandra has been romanticized on both the large screen of film and the small screen of television. The ultimate fate of the Romanoff family did not turn out to be so romantic, however.

The subsequent rule of Communism was truly a new experimentally cultural revolution. Unfortunately, because of the system’s inherent flaws, Communism was only to last 70 years – the magic figure I will use to calculate how long the Russian Curse, PERHAPS, will take to begin to work its way out of their system.

This book is about my personal experiences in adopting Artur, a 20-month-old boy who became the fourth child in our family. My dear wife, Elisa Anna, at the time, and I renamed him Lorenzo Michael for two reasons. First, his original name, Artur, was given not by any family member, but rather by the caretakers at the Baby House, where orphans stay before entering an orphanage at age three. Second, because Lorenzo Michael was more of an Italian name and more melodic with our last name of Tauraso. We wanted to start a new family for the boy and remove him from Russia where, as it turned out, little seemed to be melodic.

At the beginning, I will make no pretense. Although my dear wife, Elisa Anna, at the time may share many of my views about Russia, I am writing this book using the “I” and not the “we,” because I wish to take full responsibility for what I write.

After all, I was Jesuit-trained, have studied Scholastic Philosophy, and acknowledging my keen intellect and powers of reasoning and observation, I am qualified to write what I will write. Additionally, I am not going to be fettered by any requirement to be “politically correct.” If it was good enough for Benvenuto Cellini, it will have to be good enough for me and for you, the reader. Benvenuto was a most interesting artist (medallist, painter, and sculptor) from medieval Florence, a contemporary of Da Vinci and Michelangelo. He claimed that his noble family heritage qualified him to write his autobiography and take liberties with it – and he did. He was somewhat of a braggart, was quite into himself, and made no apologies for what he did, even when it contradicted the Pope, for whom he personally fought bravely to secure the Vatican and by whom he was commissioned to strike numerous coins. I have always admired Benvenuto for his courage and swashbuckling approach to life.

I will definitely be correct in my observations, and I will try to be fair in my commentary and conclusions. This is a story of my two visits to Russia: the first, for one week when we went to “select” Artur; the second, for two weeks when we completed the necessary paper work to complete the adoption process – the second two week period was a living hell on earth!”

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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The following is an excerpt from the Introduction of my Monograph on “MILK ALLERGY, SENSITIVITY, AND INTOLERANCE – The Concept of the Shock Organ Revealed – a brief monograph packed with information.”

This book is available as an EBOOK on the ORDER ONLINE link on our web site: www.drtauraso.com.

This Monograph describes the body’s reaction to a food which can best be described as “the MOST allergenic food we consume.” Do not let the Milk industry and Dairy Council tell you any different. This book is a MUST READ for all individuals with children or hope to have children.


Years ago soon after I founded a not-for-profit holistic health center (i.e., The GoTaCh Center for Health) in Frederick, Maryland, at a meeting of the Board of Directors, I was castigated by one of the directors, a lawyer, as having done a very foolish thing, and that this stupid thing would eventually result in the downfall of our Center. In a way, he was correct for eventually what I had done resulted in untoward dire and negative consequences which led to our losing one of our best programs, the children’s camps designed to treat naturally children suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disease) and related disorders.

What did I do? I wrote a Letter-To-The-Editor of our local newspaper entitled: “Drinking Milk May Be Hazardous to Your Health.” What made writing this letter so stupid and irresponsible was the fact that Frederick, Maryland, was a dairy county, and, at that time, probably the third largest milk producing county in the entire United States, exceeded only by perhaps several counties in Wisconsin.

The local Board of Appeals with its three members directly involved in the dairy industry of our county eventually voted down our request to establish a camp for children wherein we were able to treat successfully children suffering from hyperactivity, attention deficit syndrome, and other quasi behavioral problems. We were able to take these children completely off their Ritalin and Dexedrine by, among other things, applying the principles of nutrition and diet, one of these being completely eliminating milk and milk products from their diets.

The purpose of this treatise is to revisit this entire question. Perhaps I can feel safer now because in our county, which is still very heavily involved in milk production, the major industry is now tourism followed by the soft computer related industries. And since I also owned a 4-Star Italian Restaurant for 20 years, I was able to give the milk industry their due by selling their products!”

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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Most everyone now recognizes that our age is “The Age of the Computer and the Internet.” Trying to live without them is almost inconceivable and impossible.

This is especially true with respect to publishing. Electronic Books, the EBOOK, is here and the entire world is ready to take advantage of it. The great advantage of EBOOKS include the following:

1. The ability of common individuals – people who may not be popular and do not have a platform from which they can become well known, but also individuals who have something important to say – to publish books without having the benefit of a well-known publisher;

2. To make these EBOOKS available to the world at low prices so that people of limited means can afford them; all one needs is an average $500.00 or less computer and perhaps a printer or a PDA;

3. EBOOKS are available online 24 hours a day, and the books can be available to you anywhere you take your computer and even PDA;

4. EBOOKS can be interactive including audio, video, and animation and allow you access to other web sites through links;

5. If you have limited storage space, EBOOKS can be stored in your computer, CD, or memory stick; portability allows you to take your library anywhere you go.

There are many more advantages of EBOOKS, but you will not realize these until you embark on obtaining them for yourself.

We now include EBOOKS in our ORDER ONLINE link on our web site: www.drtauraso.com.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic




MY Blog today is a question: If it is true that wages and employment are up, as is buying, if we are also to believe the sales figures on Black Friday and the projected figures for the upcoming holidays, why are people not buying houses? Home buying is at an all time low. If you have an answer, please email me.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic


Wednesday, November 21, 2007



I do not know how many of our readers have a child suffering from Autism or ADHD or even have ADHD themselves, for many adults also have various depictions of ADHD, but for these people I have a challenge. We believe we can cure these ailments, and we would like to propose a challenge.

Contact us and agree to follow our therapeutic regimen and ONLY IF AND WHEN we cure you, you pay us according to the schedule outlined on our web site link to “Office Practices.” You have absolutely NOTHING to lose for we will guarantee that our program works. It is not an easy program, but we know it will work. Just contact us by email (drtauraso@drtauraso.com) wherever you are in the world so we can get started.

Our program involves placing you on a special diet and within 30 days to eventually get rid of entirely DEPENDENCY upon prescription drugs which mask the real problem and, in fact, make it worse.

You have nothing to lose because we guarantee that the program works. We are no nonsense therapists.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007



Why Are Democrats So Hateful?

When I was a very young man, as I remember at the early an age of 10 years, I was very interested in analyzing and comparing what people said with what they did. As I carefully observed people I constantly asked myself the question why individuals did the things they did. I became interested in politics as I saw people blindly follow politicians because they liked the way they looked and/or agreed with the things they said. As I watched these people blindly believe, I began to ask the question whether the politicians themselves believed what they were saying.

Both my parents came from “the old Country” – Italy specifically. They both worked – my mother in a leather factory doing a man’s job and my father for Eastman Gelatin, a company which extracted gelatin from animal bones for their parent company, Eastman Kodak, for use in the manufacture of film. Both parents belonged to unions and they believed the garbage the unions were promulgating – and still do – that the democrats were for the poor, minorities, and downtrodden and that the republicans were for the rich. As a result both my parents voted solidly democratic. That was until I, their first born son, educated them about the lies they were being told by the democrats. The democrats, especially in the greater Boston area – Salem Massachusetts, specifically – where I lived as a child, were into class warfare as they still are today.

I remember democratic politicians would come into the Italian areas preaching they would protect them from their bosses and the Irish. These same politicians would enter the Irish areas preaching similar garbage with only one change, that they would protect the Irish from the Italians. They would enter the Jewish and Polish areas telling them they would protect them from both the Irish and the Italians. When I was ten, I concluded that, if the democrats were the party of the minorities, it would behoove them to keep the minorities alive and well. This was exactly what they were doing. This was class warfare in its essence. In order to keep the minorities alive the democrats would pit one minority against another and keep each group fearful of each other. We can readily observe this still going on today, especially with the leaders of the Black community who desire to keep the Blacks hating the whites so they, the Black leaders would continue to have a forum with which to demagogue. The Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the world would be out of a job were it not for their keeping Blacks fearful and hating at one time the whites but now including the Latin-Americans migrating into the US. And the uninformed general public continues to fall for this class warfare.

The republicans, on the other hand, who were lucky if they were able to muster only a few votes in these heavily democratic areas spoke in generalities and tried to tell the people to all work together. They lost heavily until a generation later when the children of the immigrants grew up and began to realize the negative propaganda of the democrats. Massachusetts began to elect republican Mayors and eventually governors. The senate was a difficult nut to crack, although there were a small handful of republican senators over the years, but not recently. I believe the Catholics and the African Americans have multiplied more rapidly to keep the democratic base larger than the republican base.

It has continued to happen over the years that democrats, by and large, preach hate and keep the minorities believing that they must be protected from those amorphous devils, the republicans. The democrats are masters in the Ad Hominem argument – when you do not have a substantive approach to counteracting an adversary, attack the man. With the man destroyed, his argument fails. This continues today as we encounter daily the politics of personal destruction. The democrats have been behaving in this manner that they even feed upon each other. As we observe the presidential debates, the democrats are, by and large, more personally destructive to each other than are the republicans.

An issue at point is the hatred many in the population have against President Bush. If we can remember, and we all should, that the hatred of Bush began very soon after he was elected President, if not before during the campaign.

How Bush got elected was legal, even though the democrats still refuse to accept the results. I remember very well when President Kennedy won over Nixon. Just to clarify, Kennedy won the popular and electoral vote, in the sense that he got more electoral and popular votes than Nixon. However, the election was so close that Kennedy did NOT win a MAJORITY vote. Kennedy won 49.72% of the vote to Nixon's 49.55%. Nixon could have well contested the results but HE DID NOT for the sake of not disrupting the Nation. Nixon demonstrated real genuine class as opposed to the-cry-baby Gore who still is having childlike tantrums over his loss. The law is the law. As a side issue, if dead people did not vote in Chicago Nixon would have won!

But the hatred of Bush continues. It is the rallying cry of the democrats and their hateful followers.

I had been a loyal Republican since I was ten although I was not able to vote in elections until I got older. But recently, I have changed my philosophy and became more of a Libertarian. I often like to quip about the differences among the Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians.

The Democrats want the government out of the bedroom but they want the government in all other rooms of the house peering into all aspects of our private lives taking more of our hard earned money as taxes to redistribute to others who for whatever reason have less – another aspect of class warfare. Robin hood was an outlaw when he was alive and the US government who is acting similarly is an outlaw today.

The Republicans, on the other hand, want the government in the bedroom trying to legislate morality, but want the government out of all other rooms in the house.

Finally, the a Libertarians want the government out of all the rooms of our houses allowing us the freedom to live our lives without government intervention. Can you now see why I have gravitated towards the Libertarian Party?

I acknowledge the need for government only as it relates to its responsibility to keep the populace safe from predators. Unfortunately, the government has become the greatest predator in our society, legislating issues which should be in the personal domain. We pay considerable amounts of money for representatives and senators, and they are, especially the senators, who have become a very dysfunctional group of people. They cannot seem to agree on anything.

Another reason why I bolted from the Republican party is because of President Bush, not because of the Irak war for I believed he was led to believe that Irak had weapons of mass destruction by his incompetent Chief of the CIA. Saddam Hussein did have these weapons, but was smart to have gotten rid of them by the time Bush made his decision to go to war. This was in part also due to Saddam’s actions as he led the world to believe he had the weapons.

No, my quarrel with the Bush administration is what they have done, or rather have not done, for two border control agents who are imprisoned because they shot a criminal fleeing their pursuit. This Mexican, a known and convicted criminal, was returned from Mexico and given immunity in the US courts to testify against the two agents. The courts in the US would usually disregard the testimony of known convicted criminals, but in this case, the US government used the testimony to convict. Can you understand why some consider the US government the enemy? It appears that President Bush is reluctant to pardon these two agents. It is believed that the prosecutor in this case is a personal friend of Bush and herein might lie his reluctance to pardon them. But I hold Bush responsible. He should step up to the plate and do what is right.

Unfortunately, the Libertarian Party will probably never win an election, but I am a Libertarian, nevertheless.

Recently, Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News wrote a book “We Are a Nation of Sheep.” We are. I have observed two different reactions on polls. Given the same information, one scenario is that 45% are for, 45% are against, and 10% have no clue. A second scenario is that 33% are for, 33 are against, and 33% have no clue. Given the same information, how can people conclude such different conclusions? This defies Jesuitical/Scholastic logic. We were taught in logic that if A = B and C = B, then A = C. The Jesuits did not teach me about people’s emotions or, if they did, I slept through that class!

Let us look at the logistic syllogism again. If A = B, and C = B, but A hates C, how can A = C? See what I mean? With humans, syllogistic logic does not apply because in matters which are not black and white, but instead are shades of grey, accurate conclusions cannot be drawn.

If it is true that the CIA director got it wrong but was nevertheless believed by Bush, the conclusion that Bush was not at fault could not be concluded if one does not believe that Bush knew before hand that the CIA director got it wrong. In the syllogism that A = B and C = B, the first and second statements MUST be true before one can conclude that A = C. This logic business can be tricky, don’t you think?

Emotions are like “The Shadow.” He was the legendary crime fighter who could “cloud men’s minds” so they could not see him. Emotions cloud our ability to interpret truth and facts. An important corollary to the rules of logic is: “ We believe what we want to believe, and we do not believe what we do not want to believe.”

One of the first things I remember my Jesuit logics professor saying is that he was going to teach us logic, but not to think he was doing us any great favor, because most individuals do not think logically and with these people truthful communication will not occur. Is this not true? And is it not true that “We are a nation of sheep?”

To return to the topic of this Blog which was the question “Why are democrats so hateful?, it is because they have an agenda which is to get as many people believing what they tell them so they, the democrats can get their vote. You see, it is quite simple. I am afraid that what I liked about the republican party over the years is that they promulgated unpopular ideas because they believed that they were honorable, correct, and right, at least to my way of thinking. But many republicans have abandoned their long standing principles and are now “going for the masses.” And we now see two major political parties which are difficult to tell part. We have conservatives and liberals in both parties difficult to distinguish from each other. We also have the fringe leftists and those on the right. And we have the middle grounders. It would be simple, if there were two parties, one expounding conservative and the other liberal philosophies so people can really make up their minds on where we should go.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

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Saturday, November 10, 2007



I never thought I would take issue with Ron Paul, but watching Bernanke’s testimony before a House committee and Ron Paul’s grilling of Bernanke forces me to conclude that both men are wrong but for different reasons. I was one of the first to suggest that the Fed should decrease interest rates to counteract the sub-prime meltdown. This was months ago when ALL the so-called experts were suggesting rate hikes. But, finally when Bernanke did that very thing the dollar started to take another plunge downward. This was expected.

Ron Paul is concerned about the sinking dollar and criticizes Bernanke when he decreased interest rates. Where are they both wrong?

Let me take Bernanke first. The problem with the sub-prime market meltdown was that it was created because Bernanke decreased interest rates so rapidly that the market did not have a chance to respond and adjust. It would have been better if he started to decrease rates and been patient to wait for a market adjustment. Even President Bush who is a better economist than Bernanke, I might add, knows that the market takes a period of 8-16 months to adjust to changes. The Feds over the years, even with the master-of-double-talk Greenspan, has always been behind the curve.

Relief for the sub-prime debacle is going slowly, if it is happening at all, because in my opinion the adjustment of the interest rates downward occurred too late in the cycle. It should have been done when the meltdown was first noticed to have had a salutary effect. But Bernanke is finally on the correct path.

Now Ron Paul is worried about the sinking dollar and is criticizing Bernanke for causing the dollar to go down further because of decreasing the interest rates which will cause such an effect. I am criticizing Paul for his stance on this. Why should the American public not benefit from low interest rates? Low interest rates spurs investments and allows common individuals to own homes. The banks generally do not like low interest rates. They like interest rates to be high and they like even better the spread to be great between the rates at which they borrow money from the Fed and the rates they pay their depositors or the rates they charge people who borrow money from them.

Banks are prime predators in our society. I am afraid they always have been and always will be. I believe we need another Teddy Roosevelt to check the banks.

Let me share with my readers about a bank here in Panama – Banco Uno, to be specific. When I arrived here I sought out Banco Uno because they were paying a whopping 8% interest in some CD’s held for a period of 8 years and they were paying 10% on CD’s destined to be used for children’s higher education. How could they do this? It was because they were mainly a credit card bank who charged high interest rates to their cardholders and they passed on to their depositors some of their gains in the credit card division.

In November, 2006, Banco Uno was bought out by Citigroup. I dreaded that move. By the end of December the highest interest rates on CD’s dropped to 7%, by the end of January down to 6.5%, and finally by the end of March down to 5.5%. They are making the same profit in their credit card division but passing less of it on to their customers. THIS IS THE WAY US BANKS OPERATE!

The reason why the dollar is dropping is not the interest rates. It is the habit of the Fed to print more worthless paper money, not backed by any substantial asset such as gold, to increase what they call “liquidity.” And what is “liquidity?” It literally means “liquid!” And you guessed it, it is the watering down of money!

Although Ron Paul is also concerned about the printing of worthless paper money, he should be more concerned about it relative to interest rates. Concerning the economy, Ron Paul would make a more ideal president because he understands the economic issues and is not beholding to any special interest groups especially banks. I just wish he would change his mind about interest rates.

I promised two months ago I would not write any more on politics and economics and concentrate my efforts on health matters. I am sorry, but I just cannot help myself.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic
“Remember to check in on our ORDER ONLINE store, especially for our new EBOOKS series”


Wednesday, November 7, 2007



Today we embarked upon a new phase in developing our ONLINE BOOKSTORE at the www.drtauraso.com web site. To the books already in the store we have added several EBOOKS which can be downloaded directly from the store. These new books are:

1. “God, Man, and the Universe – An Holistic Perspective” – a philosophy book 25 years in preparation describing how the Universe operates applying the Principles of Holism. It answers the most important question: Do we have a choice?;

2. “How I lost Three Million Dollars in the Stock Market” – a primer on what not to do and a guide for recovering from disaster. This book describes how one who has experienced a devastating blow can actually recover from the experience;

3. “Russia Is a Cursed Nation – the reason why I would never return” -- About the pitfalls involved in adopting a Russian Baby; the story of a nation really screwed up, and the reason why they are;

4. “Milk Allergy, Sensitivity, and Intolerance” – The Concept of the Shock Organ Revealed - a brief monograph packed with information about the food which is responsible for more allergic problems probably more than any other food, and the reasons why. This book is a MUST for anyone who has children, but adults are not immune!

The ease with which one can order Ebooks and their low cost should encourage individuals to get a copy of these books. Easy secure PayPal payment methods are on the site also.

Soon we hope to add to our Book Store our very useful Relaxation CD’s.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic