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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



As many who have read my Blogs know that I used to write a lot about politics and economics, but several Blogs ago I made a decision not to write more on these subject and to devote more time writing about health and medicine. Since I have been a scientist my entire life, albeit now in the health sciences, I do know much about mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

I feel obliged to comment on a health- and politics-related topic – that of the so-called global warming debate and how much ignorance abounds both in the US and the entire world for that matter. How can so many people in the world be so stupid? I will give you the simple answer here and explain. The simple answer is that science has been usurped by the politicos and the media know-it-alls. Have you ever noticed that almost every television commentator is an expert on almost every topic imaginable. I have studied science my entire life and these immediate experts believe their knowledge on a subject is limitless. The television commentators have one big weapon – the airways and their ability to project pictures which are designed to make one believe – a very effective technique by the way.

Although I am not a conspiracy-type guy, I do believe that there is one great conspiracy group in the US – that of the political left and the media, make no bones about it. It does not take a rocket scientist to observe the behavior of the main stream media with respect to how they favor the political left. A popular-to-some-men like Al Gore goes on a binge to create a theory about global warming and sells it to the world as a good thing to be concerned about a dying polar bear (which by the way in Gore’s famous movie was artificially animated because they could not find a dying polar bear) and the whole world led by the all knowing Hollywood types begins to believe a most preposterous myth. Knowledgeable, honorable, and competent scientists who take an opposing view are forced into silence for fear that their grant money will dry up.

I have written on this subject before that the entire world is being made to believe the Gore Principle of “let me tell you what you should know and believe.” The fact that Venus, Mars, and Saturn are also warming to me would beg several questions.

One would be, “Are the inhabitants of these other planets eating too much beans resulting in gas emissions resulting in their global warming or are they using hydrocarbon gasses to cool their homes in the case of Venus or heat their homes in the case of Mars and Saturn?” Or, two, can we be more rational and try to relate these events to what we, that is Planet Earth, and they have in common – our Sun and the fact that IT is getting hotter? As William of Occum clearly stated in his first rule, called the Principle of Parsimony, which says that scientists should make no more assumptions or assume no more causes than are absolutely necessary to explain their observations. Frustra fit perplura, quod fieri per pauciora. (It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.) [Occum's Razor] .
The Principle of Parsimony is also known as Occum's Razor, after William of Occum (1285?-?1349), who stated his principle of economy of thought in the phrase, "a plurality must not be asserted without necessity.": “Let us not multiply the potential causes of an event.

The entire world has acknowledged that what Al Gore is proposing is the truth – truth in the philosophical sense, that is fact. What gives legitimacy to this is the fact that Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. I will admit that it is every scientist’s dream to win the most prestigious prize which can be given to anyone – The Nobel prize. Personally, I coveted that prize until the Nobel Committee awarded the prize to Arafat, a man who was one of the greatest terrorists of our times. His own people probably assassinated him because they could not stomach him, probably unrelated to his being a terrorist. The fact that they also gave the prize to one of the dumbest men on this planet, and how he ever became president of the US is still beyond me. But remember the topic of this Blog is: “IGNORANCE IS ALIVE AND WELL – IN THE US – IN THE WORLD.”

This bit about global warming is the most stupid debate which is nurtured and promulgated by individuals who know nothing about science. Those scientists who have gone on board to support this thesis are usually politically motivated, and this political motivation clouds their scientific judgement. It almost makes me want to vomit and return my medical degree to Harvard Medical School! But, I am not.

I am asking, however, those who desire to be knowledgeable about the debate and take another look at the situation and not just listen to individuals who are seeking their fame, and in the case of Al Gore also his fortune, on the perpetuation of what I would call “the greatest myth of recent times.” Read my previous Blog on this subject to see how Gore is profiting enormously from this: Blogs posted on 3/27/07 and 4/2/07.

I do not believe I will convince the world, but I can try. The media are much more powerful than I in this matter, and most people allow their emotions to sway their powers of reasoning.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic



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