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Wednesday, September 19, 2007



As many of my readers know I am primarily a physician. Although I was trained in what most would call “conventional” medicine at the Harvard Medical School, and after doing research in virology as a Branch Chief at the National Institutes of Health for 9 years, followed by a conventional pediatric practice in Frederick Maryland for 7 years, I turned my interests to the more Holistic Natural Therapies during the time that I founded and Directed The GoTaCh Center for Health, a not-for-profit center devoted to treating children with behavioral problems without drugs in Frederick, Maryland.

After a sojourn of almost 20 years running a Four-Star Italian Restaurant in the same city, I returned to medicine, this time devoting my efforts in the fields on Allergy, Nutrition, and Environmental Medicine which are the bases of many dis-eases plaguing our modern society. Any one perusing my www.drtauraso.com web site will soon appreciate what I am now doing.

Since I deal with vitamins and supplements in my practice, I have for many years been searching for a company who is devoted to the same things and who provides supplements to treat diseases. I do not make vitamins and would not know where to begin in extracting and manufacturing them. This is not my expertise. In my studies I have come to the conclusion, as many others have also done, that the foods we eat are seriously devoid of both macro and micro nutrients our bodies require for healthy bodies and minds. Additionally, the practice of so many people and establishments to prepare foods in very unnatural ways, such as microwave ovens, will further destroy the micro nutrients the body needs.

I have not wanted to come to this conclusion, but I now do that there is little
doubt in my mind that food alone is not enough to maintain a state of optimum well-ness especially considering the way food is grown and processed in the US. Additionally, many foods not previously associated with bacterial contamination, such as the recent problem with spinach, increase our concern about the food supply. Additionally, the junk food industry is pervasive throughout the world.

In an earlier Blog I talked about going to a Panaderia (a place where bread is made) here in the boondocks of Panama and I was told they did not sell bread. While I was there a small truck stopped outside and I watched a delivery man bring in trays and trays of the same junk foods we see in the 7-11's in the US. But they had no fresh bread!

We need supplements, not only to maintain a healthy state but also and especially to treat someone who already has an illness.

I will admit here something about which I have not written elsewhere that I have diabetes as did my mother who died as a result of complications to an anti diabetic drug. I vowed never to take such drugs for myself. But unfortunately, several years ago I developed diabetic poly neuropathy, a degeneration of the peripheral nerves going to my legs. Soon, I was unable to walk without the assistance of a cane. I went to my medical neurologist friends who told me that what I had was incurable but that I would be helped by physiotherapy. I refused. Instead, I studied, did research, and finally put together a program of supplements known positively to impact the nerves. And I took high doses of these supplements. Within a month I started to see positive changes. Within 6 weeks I was able to shed the cane. Now, although I still have difficulty doing the Salsa, I can get around so no one can recognize that I once was a veritable cripple. My neurologist who recommended the physiotherapist told me to take the supplements, that perhaps they would do no harm. Had I gone to the physiotherapist, my doctor would have concluded that I had a remarkable response to physiotherapy, because he had already concluded the supplements would do no good.

If one wants to evaluate a form of therapy, keep it simple and evaluate one form at a time. This is what I did in determining the effects of the supplemental therapy and not confusing the situation with trying to evaluate both physiotherapy and the supplements.

I have been searching for many years for a company whose approach to treating disease was both logical and natural. FINALLY I FOUND ONE: IDEAL HEALTH.

Let me give tell you something about this remarkable company:

- IDEAL HEALTH is the first company in the Nutrition Industry to offer Customized Nutrition to the public.
- IDEAL HEALTH is the only company that has exclusive alliances with Metametrix Labs, the top Testing Lab in the US, and HVL Douglass Labs, the top Nutritional Formulary in the US.
- IDEAL HEALTH is the only company that supplements you based on a Scientific Test.
- Quite simply, they sell a very easy to take, Urine Collection Kit called the “PrivaTest”, which was designed by Metametrix Labs. The consumer takes the kit home and gathers a first morning urine collection after following some simple dietary instructions the day before. The kit also contains a Prepaid Fed-X Envelope from which to package the Urine Sample, and send it off to Metametrix Labs for Analysis.
- Metametrix Labs will then analyze the urine sample to see where the individual is Nutritionally Deficient. They look at 3 Key Bio-Markers, that being Urinary Sulfates, Urinary Nitrates, and Urinary Lipid Peroxides.
- HVL Douglas Labs provides this individual with a Customized Blend of U.S.P.(Doctor Grade) Nutrients, we call “Custom Essentials”, based on their deficiency. The goal is to put the individual back in Metabolic Balance, given the proper amount of Nutrients.
- In Conclusion, people are getting the daily amounts of Nutrients that they personally need, through Supplementing with U.S.P.(Doctor Grade) Nutrients and seeing Phenomenal Results.

The Results that have been seen thus far are:
- Improved Energy
- Improved Skin, Hair, and Nails
- Improved Mental Clarity
- Bolstered Immune System
- Sleeping Better
- Vitality
- People are coming off of their Medications for the following issues, because now their Organs are getting the Proper Amounts of Nutrients on a Daily basis to operate Optimally: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Migraines, Allergies, Asthma, Lyme, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, the list goes on.

For the first time I have decided to endorse this group and have included them as sponsors to my www.drtauraso.com site. Soon you will see more about this company on my site.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic


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