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Friday, September 21, 2007



PART II: Part I, published on 19 September 2007


I will digress a bit here to ask the question I posed earlier: “Why are so many people allergic?” We did not see this 50-100 years ago. Just look at the foods we buy at the stores. They almost all have additives in one form or another. Corn and wheat are grown in no till farms which require tons of herbicides, fertilizers, and chemical fertilizers. What happened to the farming principles when we rotated crops planting legumes such as clover, rape, and alfalfa every other year to fix nitrogen gas (80% of air) into the soil as soluble nitrogen salts for utilization by plants which are unable to fix nitrogen but still require it for growth?

Many of the chemical herbicides (to control weed growth) and pesticides (to control growth of noxious bugs) are absorbed by the plant and get into the grain, vegetable or fruit. But, fear not, our government determines what are safe amounts of these poisons in the final food product? But, the question to ask is: “Is there a safe level of a poison which nature never intended to get into the food chain?”

What about the animals we eat as food? They eat pesticide- and herbicide-contaminated grains. These chemicals get into the animal's system. We consume the meat. Another dangerous aspect of these chemicals is that the humans and animals have no way of ridding their bodies of these chemicals. They lack the detoxifying enzymes to destroy or eliminate these man made chemicals. I have often wondered whether the same thing akin to what happened to the eagle and osprey who ingested DDT. As a result of ingesting DDT, the egg shells were so soft that the babies never hatched. And these two species of birds were decimated because of the DDT spraying program. Thankfully, since we stopped using DDT as a mosquito pesticide these two species are recovering. But, it took years for recovery.

Are humans faring any better? Pesticides and herbicides accumulate within the human body. Mothers pass theses chemicals to their embryos, and children develop so many medical problems.

It is most difficult to grow up in a contaminated planet without getting contaminated. One does not need to attend a Jesuit school (as I did!) to understand the logic behind this statement.

On TV we view programs describing gross chemical contamination (e.g., the Love Canal Affair in Niagara Falls, NY in the late 1950's; Erin Brokovich's experience in Hinckley, in the Mojave area of California in the late 1980's: she wrote a book which was made into a popular movie; to name only two). What we are experiencing with food contamination is below the radar screen. It is still dangerous because it is insidious and slow, but it is still there. These aspects of insidiousness and slowness make it very difficult to establish cause and effect scientifically. Nevertheless we must try to explain why the response of the human body is changing.

Another aspect of prepared foods is that there are some foods found in many other prepared food products. Milk or a milk derivative (milk solids, whey protein, casein, etc.) can be found in many prepared foods. How about corn as corn sweetener, corn solids, etc? How about wheat? Did you know that there is wheat in Cherrios which is supposed to be made of oats? Begin to read labels and educate yourself.

When we eat any particular food (e.g., milk, corn, wheat, etc.) every day, we set ourselves up to develop a propensity for an allergy to the food. Believe me, my experience tells me it is so. Consuming prepared foods such as just described is not a good practice. Our protocol is designed to overcome this very bad eating practice.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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