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Friday, August 3, 2007



Perhaps, some people will consider me stupid for writing this blog but it is my opinion that TV thrives upon the existence of so many stupid people. Do I watch TV? Yes I do partly because it is one of the best ways to be kept informed with what is happening in the world. But we have to be selective in what we believe.

We must remember that when we listen to a commentator, we are getting his opinion. Do we trust this individual’s opinion? Some commentators believe in themselves so much that they say anything – some things which might be unbelievable and probably are.

Other items which are suspect are commercials. I admit that here in Panama I watch Fox News TV and CNN. I find that Fox News is becoming more and more irrelevant because they too frequently concentrate on almost every misadventure and go over and over it ad nauseam quite frequently several time during each program. Fox News seems to like to broadcast every action of Hollywood Twits who shake their bodies to and fro. They do this to the exclusion of real newsworthy events. I then have to switch to CNN which broadcasts real news. Although this stuff may be entertaining to many, it is not to me, a serious listener. But Fox News must know their audience and they cater to this audience, apparently to great success.

Here in Panama, Fox News does not have the type of commercials seen in the US. Here they usually show spots on health and medical matters. Back in the US most commercials come through the local or regional TV re-broadcasters. There is a commercial we see several times each day about a group which promotes Zuba Dancing, a dance form brought to the US by a Colombian dancer. The piece states that Zuba dancing uses 600 calories per second. How unbelievable is this? Six hundred calories per second is36,000 calories per minute, or 2,160,000calorins per hour. This amount of calories represents an amount of food we might consume over a period of 864 days considering a 2500 calories daily. This is gross misinformation. If one was to consume 600 calories per second one would literally burn up in flames while dancing. This is just one item on these health spots which puts out such misinformation. Many of the other health spots are almost as bad. I call this medical garbage.

Another spot promotes the eating of dark chocolate because of the presence of antioxidants. If one is to benefit from the antioxidants in dark chocolate one would weigh greater than 300 pounds and there are not many health benefits from this.

But TV continues to spew forth such misinformation because most listeners cannot separate the wheat from the chaff. Look at the popular TV shows. They include American Idol which is a program not directed to stimulate one’s intelligence. But, who am I to criticize? American Idol is probably the most popular program on TV. If money is what you want to make, American Idol is a success. But it is hardly a program I would have my children watch.

Another aspect of television which promotes danger is the fact that a negative news item is shown over and over to the degree that individuals watch and get emotionally disturbed every time it is shown. The human mind can accept only so many negative pictures before the imprint upon the mind/brain begins to influence the subconscious causing internal turmoil. I do not know how to overcome this situation except to watch TV to get the initial information, then turn away and not process any additional showings. Print media never caused such disturbances because once one reads a newspaper piece the newspaper is set aside and not usually re-read. Television must fill the time slots and there is just so much new news which means that a particular piece of news information must be shown over and over again.

My recommendation would be to select a particular program to inform you of the news. A program would probably last one hour. Once informed, turn the TV to another station. Turn to Animal Planet or some other educational program. You will get less agitated and you might learn something interesting.

Just be careful about TV. Although it can be a tool for information and good, it can also be detrimental.

Read my Blogs on the “Conscious and Subconscious Mind.” These Blogs will eventually be the basis of an upcoming book. Also look soon for the initiation of a bookstore which will exist on my regular web site: drtauraso.com.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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