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Saturday, August 11, 2007



It is not very often these days that we hear of the good some people do. I want to share with my readers such a story told to me by a an American now Panamanian friend.

About a year ago there was this young 8 year old girl living in the countryside here in Panama. She broke her arm just above the left elbow. Although the bone did not pierce the skin, one could feel the pieces of bone beneath the skin. This occurred late in the evening. My friend who was their neighbor living some distance away was called because he had a car. He took the child to the most local countryside clinic. The child was examined, the arm was heavily bandaged, given pain medication, and sent home. Several days later, the child was still in considerable pain so my friend brought her back to the clinic. It was discovered that the first doctor who saw the child several nights before really did nothing. Since he did not know how, he did not set the arm, just bandaged it up and sent the child home without setting the arm and casting it properly. Need I say that the child was in a lot of pain.

This time the physician set the arm and cast it properly. To make a long story short, the child’s arm healed with a minor deformity. My friend spent hours at the clinic both times he brought the child there.

Here we are now months later and my friend wanted to install cabinets in his kitchen. He was referred to a cabinet maker who measured for the cabinets which were to go along a long wall and a shorter wall with some additional requirements. Special coated hinges from Italy – coated to prevent rusting in this humid climate – were purchased.

The cabinet maker charged $500.00 for the entire job, only for the cost of the hardwood used to make the cabinets. Who was this cabinet maker who was making the cabinets only charging for the wood material and hinges and not for his labor?

The cabinet maker was the child’s father!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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