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Thursday, August 30, 2007



The US Constitution supposes to afford us many freedoms, many of which we take for granted. Recently, I have been concerned about the freedoms we do NOT have:

1. The freedom to live anywhere in the world without some government telling us they own us or, at least, our income for 10 years after we leave; Even, if an individual gives up this citizenship, the government dictates that they have control over his income for 10 years. Many other countries who supposedly do not have the so-called freedoms we have do not have such restrictions. I know this to be true for, at least, Great Britain and Canada.

1.a A corollary to this is a concept which may establish one’s freedom to be a Citizen Of the World. Why can a person not be beholding to a particular country. In the US we recognize the freedom of a person from another country we do not like to request and be granted Political Asylum in the US. But, if you feel oppressed in and by the US, is there any country in the world which will grant you political asylum? Most other countries would not even think of it lest they be negatively affected by the Long Arm of Uncle Sam.

2. The freedom to conduct legitimate and legal commerce without government intervention.
a. Today there was published the story of a gas station owner in New Jersey who was giving discounts on gas sales to senior citizens. The State of new Jersey told the owner that he had to stop the practice because there was a state law requiring that gas must be sold, at least, 40% above cost. In this instance the State is preventing competition and interfering with commerce.
b. Also Marathon Oil announced that they were being indited by the US government because they were selling oil below market prices, which we know are established by market speculators and have nothing to do with the cost of getting oil out of the ground and refining it. Again, here the government is interfering with commerce. We talk about leaving so-called Market Forces rule the day. But, we know that under certain circumstance this is not true because the Government does and will not allow it. The government might establish its right to license you to start a business, but why do they not leave afterwards and allow you the freedom to run it yourself? The government of the US is run by a lot of career politician lawyers who never had the experience of running a business. When the government does get into a business-like venture they dismally fail at it.

3. True freedom of speech is not allowed. Understandably, it is reasonable to understand why certain hate speech is banned. But try to say anything negative against certain protected groups and the long arm of the law comes down against you. It is OK in the US to speak negatively against Catholics and other Christian groups, but say something negative about African Americans, Moslems, and Gays and law suits and persecution result.

3.a. A corollary to this is the unequal application to some of our freedoms, such as the one I just described where Christians, Moslem, and Gays are treated differently under the Freedom of Speech freedom. Nativity scenes are forbidden, but foot baths are allowed, both expressions of one’s religion.

4. If you live in most any municipal Historic District, you do not have the freedom to remodel your home such as changing the outer siding of your home. I have heard ad nauseam the arguments of those self appointed members of Historic Commissions. These individuals care less about the financial plights of the owner. These individuals try to preserve the historical nature of a home, but not making any attempt to preserve the freedoms enjoyed by those who may have built the house 200 years before. I have attended many of these meetings in my day in my hometown and I found it sometimes disgusting to see poor home owners badgered by those self appointed commission members.
It is so well recognized that people have dubbed these groups the “Hysterical Commission!” But laugh we may but it is NOT a laughing matter to those immediately affected by the antics of these goons. One thing our local commission cannot do is dictate colors of signs. But, if one member of the Hysterical Commission doesn’t like a particular color you selected, they will remind you that they cannot dictate color as they find another insignificant rule which apparently has been broached as they continue to say that it is not the color. Change the color and the insignificant rule disappears. But reasonable people can assume reasonable conclusions as I did on many occasions when I sat in on these ridiculous people making ridiculous rules...

People telling others what to do is not my idea of freedom.

5. Another pet peeve of mine is sort of a reverse freedom: the freedom of a person not to be insulted and verbally attacked by a person from the news media who insists that he has the freedom of the press to do so. These press people even come onto your property still insisting they have the right to do so. Fox News is particularly offensive when O’REILLY sics one of his goons upon you under the guise of protecting the public’s right to know. Oh, give me a break, Bill.

A corollary to this is the freedom the paparazzi claim they have to shove a camera in your face. Where are the rights of an individual to walk down a street and enjoy the freedom of assembly without being attacked. It seems to me that when someone is enjoying a freedom the other side of the coin is that someone else loses theirs. How should these freedoms be balanced?

My answer is quite simple: if in the process of enjoying your freedom, you encroach the freedom of another, then you abrogate your freedom. But what appears simple to me is not simple to someone who graduated from law school. The ACLU champions the freedom of others. But should the freedom of the Neo Nazis in Skokie, IL, overrule the freedom of the neighborhood Jews not to be subject to such abuse? The ACLU believes the Neo Nazis enjoy the freedom, the Jews do not.

Well, these are only a few freedoms we do not have. If you know of others, please write me. I will publish them.

I remain, FREE in Panama, at least for now!!!

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.

Saturday, August 18, 2007



Please be careful of what you read, see, or hear on the internet. There is so much outright incorrect information there, even I, an somewhat intelligent individual, has a most difficult time separating the wheat from the chafe.

This is particularly true about information on financial matters which I follow quite closely. I wrote over a week ago about John Browne who is quoted frequently in News Max. The day the Feds met and decided to leave interest rates unchanged, Browne castigated the Feds saying they should have increased the rates for that is what the financial markets expected. I wrote in my Blog that Browne was incorrect, that the Feds should have decreased rates. I also wrote that Donald Trump thought the same and suggested that the rates be decreased by a whopping one percent.

I wrote several Blogs stating that from a purely philosophical point-of-view decreasing rates was the correct thing to do. Why? The answer is very simple. If the housing market collapse with the ensuing collapse of the so-called sum-prime lending market were due to the Feds having increased rates so rapidly for about one year ending about one year ago, then it would seem LOGICAL and appropriate to reverse the damage by decreasing rates. The only problem is that it usually takes a year before the correction will occur. But, at least, the market will be told that hope for a correction is on the way.

I am not sorry to say because I have never been known to be an humble man that I was correct all along and many of the great financial prognosticators were incorrect.

As it happened yesterday the Fed decreased rates by half a percent. I wish they were bold and decreased it one full percent, but then again we have a Fed that is always behind the curve as long as I have been following them. Several days ago, one of the Fed members came out publically to say rates should be increased. It was the next two days that the markets collapsed throughout the world. Are these guys stupid? They surely seem stupid to me. They all should go to Jesuit college – I mean a Jesuit college of the old days – where they can brush up on their Logic and Epistemology. I mean a Jesuit college of the old days because I know that in my Alma Mater, Boston College, they have abandoned the teaching of Scholastics as they did in the Good Ole Days when I attended.

These Fed members really are out of touch with what is going on in the market. They have been so concerned about warding off the flea of inflation that the miss entirely the dog of impending financial disaster.

Although I get New Max emailed to me several times each day, I am beginning to wonder that, if the other information they promulgate is as reliable as what John Browne is writing, can I believe anything else. What is bringing this on is that today on MoneyNews.com, a related site to News Max, John Browne is being credited for great financial foresight. This is what was printed today:

“But the track record of John Browne and Financial Intelligence Report, which we at NewsMax and MoneyNews have been publishing since 2003, has been uncanny in its assessment of the U.S. economic scene.”

Who are they kidding? These are the same people who suggested about one week ago to increase interest rates. Yes, it is true that they were forecasting impending disaster, but every one knew that. Please tell me something I do not already know.

Do not get me wrong. The Internet is a great place to obtain information. But one must beware that not all which is on the Internet can be believed, especially in politics and finance.

You can believe me, folks, because I try to tell it like it is. And although these are my opinions, such opinions can be judged only by the quality of the mind giving the opinion.

Move over, Benvenuto Cellini, make way for me!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007



We all know that Nero was playing his fiddle while Rome was burning, but here we have the Feds sleeping while the US stock market with the housing market disintegrates. Every morning I get up expecting the Feds to step up to the plate and correct the problem by decreasing interest rates. But they are not because they cannot because they know no other way than to worry about inflation which is not the thing killing the markets.

The trouble with the Feds is the same trouble there exists in other areas of government. Who is running the show? It is a bunch of career politicians who have never run a successful business or any other entity for that matter. We have had in our country titan families in business where several generations within a family made contributions in the economic arena. Now we have political families who think just because they had one successful member of their family in politics, they too can make a career of it: the Clinton’s, especially the Kennedy’s, perhaps even the Bush families. At least the Bush’s were successful in other areas of their lives, such as business.

It is so unfortunate that we in the US have career politicians whose only success is that they can talk the language of gobble de gook and they have mastered that great dance step – the bureaucratic side step.

To get back to the Nero analogy, both the situation with Nero and Rome and with the Feds and the meltdown of the housing sector in the US were caused by Nero and the Feds respectively. Nero supposedly set Rome on fire to blame the Christians, and we know that the Feds caused the meltdown of the lending market and the subsequent collapse of the housing sector because they know no better. It is true that history repeats itself. Man, we are a part of history!

With my almost daily comment on the Feds, I remain,

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

p.s. Read my Blog of yesterday and help us out.

Monday, August 13, 2007



We have been checking the hits on our web site and Blog. We discover that many people around the world have been visiting us: United States, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, etc. Within the US we have visitors from California on the West Coast to Maryland on the East Coast.

We appreciate all our readers, and we are asking our friends to help spread the word about our site. Try to make it a goal to tell ten friends or associates today. We will track the hits on our site and we will tell you how well we are doing. We are excited that soon our online bookstore will be activated where our books, especially our newly published Ebooks, will be available.

FREE on our web site is the considerable amount of information on health matters describing natural therapies for some major illness conditions. Take advantage of it.
In our Bookstore, we are selling our books and eventually CD’s in order to help defray the costs of maintaining the site. We appreciate your help.

Concerning our Blog, if you wish to submit your comments or an opposing viewpoint to my postings, write to me and I will do my best to publish your thoughts for others to read.

So please tell your friends about us. We thank you for your efforts.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic

Saturday, August 11, 2007



It is not very often these days that we hear of the good some people do. I want to share with my readers such a story told to me by a an American now Panamanian friend.

About a year ago there was this young 8 year old girl living in the countryside here in Panama. She broke her arm just above the left elbow. Although the bone did not pierce the skin, one could feel the pieces of bone beneath the skin. This occurred late in the evening. My friend who was their neighbor living some distance away was called because he had a car. He took the child to the most local countryside clinic. The child was examined, the arm was heavily bandaged, given pain medication, and sent home. Several days later, the child was still in considerable pain so my friend brought her back to the clinic. It was discovered that the first doctor who saw the child several nights before really did nothing. Since he did not know how, he did not set the arm, just bandaged it up and sent the child home without setting the arm and casting it properly. Need I say that the child was in a lot of pain.

This time the physician set the arm and cast it properly. To make a long story short, the child’s arm healed with a minor deformity. My friend spent hours at the clinic both times he brought the child there.

Here we are now months later and my friend wanted to install cabinets in his kitchen. He was referred to a cabinet maker who measured for the cabinets which were to go along a long wall and a shorter wall with some additional requirements. Special coated hinges from Italy – coated to prevent rusting in this humid climate – were purchased.

The cabinet maker charged $500.00 for the entire job, only for the cost of the hardwood used to make the cabinets. Who was this cabinet maker who was making the cabinets only charging for the wood material and hinges and not for his labor?

The cabinet maker was the child’s father!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.



It was reported yesterday that the Feds poured 40+ billion – you heard it correctly, 40 billion – of so-called liquidity in the market to avert a collapse of the sub-prime market. Other central banks throughout the world did similarly. But we are told that this money, if taken by financial institutions, is only a loan and not a grant. Granted.

But, my question is: “if a bank or financial institution, if that be the case, which takes the loan goes bankrupt, does it mean that the loan is lost?” An interesting question which deserves to be answered.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Friday, August 10, 2007



I was listening to comments made by Donald Trump today and I feel vindicated. Although most of the so-called financial experts, including and especially those on News Max, are suggesting that the Feds made a mistake several days ago by not increasing interest rates, Donald Trump is recommending that the Feds decrease rates starting with a bold one percent. I feel vindicated when a man of Trump’s stature is recommending the same thing I am.

Although Trump did not say so, as I have said before, a decrease in interest rates makes since because it was the many rapid increase in interest rates which brought on the collapse of the housing market in the first place. It makes sense to assume that a reversal of the process might result in correcting the situation. But as I said yesterday, do not expect an immediate correction of the problem because it takes 9 to 12 months after something is done before one can expect the change reflected in the market. If we are lucky, a shock to the entire system might result in a correction sooner. At least, we hope so.

Trump said, and I agree and again as I said yesterday, why should all those individuals who made the mistake of getting involved in a sub prime scam suffer. Most of these unsuspecting persons put up a major portion of their assets in purchasing a home. The Feds are a government agency and should be in the business of protecting the public. We pay them to do so. I do not care a diddly whit for the speculators such as the major financial firms as Bear Stearns. Why should the public pay for their visit to Las Vegas? If they wish to speculate, let them suffer if they lose. I care for the individuals who bought homes.

Today the Federal Reserve poured billions into the financial markets which appeared to head off a crisis. Many other Central banks throughout the world did the same. How they do this I really do not know. I suspect the Feds went next door to where they print money and printed more worthless paper money. I am ignorant on how the Feds pour money into the system. Where do they deposit this money? Who did they call? Was it Chase Manhattan or Bear Stearns? Did they electronically transfer the money or did they deliver it by wheel barrow? Or did they just transfer the money from one vault to another in the Federal Reserve vaults deep somewhere beneath the streets of Manhattan? Someday Perhaps someone will be able to teach me and make me understand how this is done. I am being facetious here I know. But I really would like to know how they do this.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.



I have been saying it for months and I know it is counter to what every one else is saying that the Feds should not even consider raising interest rates: they should DECREASE rates.

Let us examine what has transpired over the past 18 months. The Feds systematically decreased rates every month from the lowest point rates had seen in many years to the 5.25 % rate we now have. These rate increases occurred too rapidly and the rate increases continued before any one had a chance to examine how the market would eventually respond. The first sector to be affected was the housing market which was one of the largest markets in the US. So here we are in the middle of a meltdown and the Feds are worrying about inflation. To me it is like an individual who is worrying about a pimple on the skin when he is dying of cancer.

If increasing interest rates too rapidly is causing the meltdown, decreasing the rates may well correct the situation. It may be too late, however, because the world is expecting a rate hike and if a rate decrease is to occur, the world market may be spooked. But the bold thing to do is to decrease rates immediately.

The Feds know only one way to increase liquidity in the market and this is to print more worthless paper money. This is our Country’s major problem. We need to stop printing more money and begin slowly to back up our currency with gold. I am sorry, if there is any more gold in our depositories! Ron Paul, if you know that guy – the man who probably should be president but never will – has it correct when he suggests this very thing.

If I had $100.00 in my bank account and were able to print money which the government will not let me do, then I will have $200.00, twice what I had before I printed the additional $100.00. But, I did nothing to earn the additional money and the additional money has no value. I think I have $200.00 but the rest of the world recognizes only the original $100.00 because it represents the assets from a real earning. After all, what is money? Money represents energy and that is all it represents. I work for someone who pays me for my work (i.e. energy) by giving me money, which represents the energy (my work) for the performance of a service. The someone could have given me something else to pay for my services, perhaps a widget which he had. But I did not want his widget. I wanted money instead. By the way the widget is not really a widget. It looks like a widget, but it is the physical manifestation of the energy of its creator.

In the old days of the barter system, individuals got paid for their services by trading objects. But money has replaced the objects. But all the objects really represent energy. The formula goes like this: E(money) = SERVICES (objects or M). Both are transferable under the conditions agreed upon by the transferees. But to make this work we need to catapult the Fed people out to space, perhaps at the speed of light squared – you know the C2 in Einstein’s formula.

Money which is not backed up by services rendered or an object of value is worthless – like the US paper money. And, by the way, as the US goes, there goes the rest of the world. Other Central Bankers are also printing money – more money not backed up by anything. Well, if McDonald’s – a true American entity -- can go all over the world, why not other aspects of our culture, like printing worthless money?

If the Feds were to decrease interest rates, individuals can get back into the game, and all those people who hold all that worthless debt will not lose it all. They may take a hit but, perhaps, to a degree from which they can recover. Presently, the world does not think highly of the dollar because it is inflated because we have printed too much. Hear me here: worthless paper money is the culprit of inflation. Things are costing more because the dollar cannot buy what it could a year ago. To reverse inflation, we need to pay less for an object, whether this be a washer, dryer or some factory machine. We can only pay less if our money was worth more.

I am recommending that the Feds decrease interest rates, not increase them. They will not listen to me. After all, who am I? I am like St. John the Baptist – you know that “voice crying in the wilderness.”

Did you like the Dow’s 383 drop in the market yesterday?

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Thursday, August 9, 2007



I have been saying it over and over again: “If the Feds do not lower interest rates, the problem with the sub prime market will not be corrected.” This is my reasoning.

The so-called sub-prime market along with the housing market deteriorated because of the many and rapid interest rate hikes of the Feds during 2005/6. The Feds as usual increased interest rates so fast that they did not wait for the market to react. They have done this in the past with the person-noone-could-understand Greenspan and they have done it with Bernanke as head. Unfortunately these bankers just do not understand the kinetics.

According to the President, there will not be a government bail out of the institutions who are in trouble, and I do ot think there should be. Let them lose money. They gambled and are losing. But I am concerned about all those people losing their homes. Yes, they should have known better, but why should they suffer because the Feds do not know what they are doing. Or have I got it wrong?

I have said it before that every 15+ years we go through this again where the banks seize homes legitimately because people cannot pay the interest on their loans. The houses are seized, the banks get richer, the poor people suffer. Meanwhile the government does nothing. The government puts bankers in charge of the money and these individuals think about and for themselves. If this is not the case of the foxes guarding the hen house, then I have not seen it.

The Feds can correct this problem, but they will not because they cannot . They know no other way as I wrote in my Blog yesterday. Let’s hope too many more people do not get hurt, but I do not think so.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007



Although as a young child I suffered from bronchitis, I did not appreciate it until I was about 31 years of age when I developed asthma. At the time I still did not appreciate what was going on biologically within my body. You have heard of the doctors telling young children with asthma that they will grow out of it in time. But, I apparently grew into it. What a bummer!

I was working at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at the time when I developed a severe allergy to both cigarette smoke and almost every animal you can think of, especially laboratory animals with which I had to work. I was most sensitive to guinea pigs. I thought that very strange because I was Italian!

I remember one day lying on a reclining chair in the back yard when I awoke wheezing. As I looked around there was a cat perched besides me on the patio. So I knew my sensitivity was not psychological. At the allergy clinic when the allergist gave me a test dose of about 1:50,000 dilution of the allergen for guinea pig, I developed an asthma attack. That was sensitivity.

Intrigue at the NIH occurred when one day when I had to examine guinea pigs I was using for an experiment, I developed an asthma attack which required me going to the clinic for treatment. Upon investigation, someone who was upset at my advancing progress as a research scientist stuffed a wad of guinea pig in the front of the respirator which I had to use to protect me from the danders of the laboratory animals. Some day I hope to write about “the rest of the story,” and describe scientists in their habitat.

During my years as a practicing Pediatrician, I saw many children in Frederick, Maryland, a place I used to call being within “the bronchitis belt of Maryland.” They were a great source of income for with every change of weather – and there were many and constant – these children would get URI’s and persistent bronchitis which required them to visit me in the office. I, as others had before me, noticed that even though bronchitis was caused by viral and bacterial infections, milk seemed to exacerbate the situation. I know that there are many Pediatricians who still do not accept this association, I with others believe we are correct. So removing milk from the diet, although probably too late to affect a present infection, did decidedly prevent or lessen future bouts.

I had believed for some time, and have written about this in other areas of my web site, that the problem with milk and the reason why milk allergy is the most prevalent food allergy is because of the practice of feeding infants cow’s milk formula at so early a time in life that because the infant’s stomach is unable to completely digest the foreign protein of cow’s milk that the protein finds its way further down the gut where it crosses into the system undigested setting the body up to develop the bad type of antibodies causing allergy. This could be prevented if we delay feeding milk and milk products later when the stomach and intestines are sufficiently mature to be able to digest the cow’s protein. This may be related to a baby’s capacity to make stomach acid as I will discuss below.

This can also be said of the practice of feeding solid foods very early in life. Fortunately, most baby foods are vegetable in nature and vegetables are poor proteins for inciting allergy. But the practice of feeding meat containing baby foods is yet another problem. Have you ever wondered why so many individuals are allergic to foods now when in the past such allergy was not as common? I believe this is partly, but not fully, a cause. I will get to other causes later.

I saw a bulletin today on dysbiosis – that condition where the body has lost many of its good bacteria and replaced by bad bacteria. The article suggested that this was due to the overuse of antibiotics and I agree. The article also stated that “gas, belching, and bad breath due to dysbiosis may seem more socially-threatening than health-threatening...

“But what happens when those symptoms give way to autoimmune disease, inflammatory bowel disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, or even cancer of the colon or breast?...” – Russell Blalock, M.D.

A good question. But I would like to address another aspect of a related problem – lack of stomach acid and how this might relate to allergy.

It many individuals take and are addicted to antacids. This I believe is a very dangerous practice. It seems strange that as we get older almost all of our bodily functions begin to deteriorate slowly but for sure. But, why not the stomach and its ability to make acid? We are being led to believe that of all our organs as we get older the stomach begins to function better. One of the major functions of the stomach is to make acid and the Ph of the stomach is extremely low. When individuals experience regurgitation and belching I believe it is the alkaline contents of the duodenum which gets regurgitated. Alkaline fluids are much more caustic than acid. Taking antacids is the worst thing one can do. Many holistic physicians and nutritionists have believed this for many years but we are at a loss to convince our conventional medical cohorts. I have had many patients who have thrown away their antacids for “acid” (taken in the form of Betaine Hydrochloride) pills which correct the situation better.

Another aspect of this problem is the fact that many individuals harbor in the pyloric end of the stomach – that portion where the stomach ends and the duodenum of the small intestine begins – a bacterium called Helicobacter pyloris. The presence of this bacterium is associate with stomach ulcers and cancer. I believe this bacterium thrives in an alkaline environment because when I treat people in my practice with acid capsules, the bacterium disappears.

A corollary to this is related to what stomach acid does. It is required for the hydrolyzation of carbohydrates and proteins, the first stage in the digestion process. When the hydrolysis process is inefficient and not complete, complex carbohydrates and partially digested proteins advance further along in the gut to present problems there.

Beans and other complex carbohydrates: when beans are not completely digested, complex carbohydrates arrive in the lower area of the intestine where bacteria ferment these carbohydrates. A by product of fermentation is gas, and there you have the gas associated in some people with the ingestion of beans. Several months ago a friend of mine living in my hotel was complaining of gas when he ate a particular type of beans. With the ingestion of Betaine hydrochloride, the gas production stopped.

Proteins: The problem with partially undigested protein is allergy. Also in my experience, individual’s allergy to many foods are corrected with the addition of acid capsules. This is not the complete answer for there are other causes and ways to correct food allergies.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic



Although I am a loyal subscriber to News Max and agree with much of what they publish, this morning John Browne, in a piece on Financial Intelligence entitled Fed Cowardice Invites Catastrophe, HAS IT ALL WRONG. He is saying that the Feds yesterday should have increased the interest rate to 5.5% rather than leaving it the same at 5.25%.

Browne acknowledges that Bernanke is beginning to admit and consider in his calculations the true inflation rate, rather than the so-called core rate which is the actual real rate minus food and energy. So using that argument, we have been living with a relatively high inflation rate for a long time. In my opinion the real threat to the US economy at the present time is not inflation but the unwinding of the real estate loan market. If we have two impending serious problems, why not attempt to resolve the worst of the two first and resolve the lesser later? The economy will be more affected by a collapse of the so-called sub-prime market than it would be to a little bit of inflation. Of course, those not educated in philosophy would not recognize such logic – pardon my sarcastic pun, but my readers already know I just cannot resist myself.

As I have said before, inflation is really due to the Fed itself and its policy to continue to print worthless paper money to provide liquidity to pay its debt. But, this practice is resulting in the tanking of the dollar which in turn results in our money buying less which is real inflation. Don’t these guys with the highfalutin economic degrees get it? What we need are economists who also know the real world. Quite frequently, getting a degree in a particular discipline only means that one has graduated with the beliefs and prejudices of one’s professors, and it will take an individual with extraordinary intelligence and guts to break out from the pack.

I am reminder, as I often am, of what I was taught at Harvard Medical School: that formula milk was far superior to breast milk for feeding babies. And we were given the evidence to support this point of view. The fact that the evidence was collected by the formula manufactures seemed to elude every one. One cannot believe that even the medical professors who are receiving grants from the formula manufacturers might be unbiased.

At the time, I argued how some artificial formula could be better than what nature has provided over the vast millennium of time? But, I was considered the fool not to believe The Evidence. When I started practicing Pediatrics in Frederick, Maryland, I decided to go opposite the mainstream and promote breast feeding. One day a young lady representing the La Leche League, a group who supported mothers in their attempts to breast feed, stopped by my office saying that they just kicked her out from the larger Pediatric practice office adjacent to me. In my usual sarcastic manner, I told the young lady to come in and, if they kicked her out next door, she was probably a good person!

This was my reasoning at the time. Breast feeding mothers presented more problems than mothers who bottle fed. Rather than having to wake up in the middle of the night with a mother having problems, why not refer them to the good ladies at La Leche. Not only did these ladies know what they were doing, but they were better than me in doing it. I found them to be competent, some what militant, but effective. Soon, the word got around and I was getting most of the mothers who wanted to breast feed. My practice grew in leaps and bounds. Can you imagine what soon happened? You guessed it. The Pediatric practice next door started to support breast feeding. Boy, is not this the power of the market place?

Recently on Fox News there was a piece on the movement to feed dogs their natural diet of raw meat. In their manner of being “fair and balanced” the piece gave comments from Veterinary school nutritionist who stated that this was not a good practice and that prepared bagged dog food was far superior. Here we are now 50 year after I was fed such intellectual garbage at Medical School. Has nothing changed in the institutes of higher learning. I am willing to bet my last dollar that that particular Veterinary school gets research grants from dog food manufacturers.

Why have I digressed, for I always have a reason? Economists and others of their ilk graduate from their respective schools with the same prejudices their professors have. Occasionally, but rarely, one breaks from the pack to make a great contribution in the field. We are waiting because there are none presently at the Federal Reserve.

And has it ever occurred why when the Fed votes, it is usually unanimous? This is what I call a true and devoted “pack.” Do not expect any different behavior because bureaucrats rarely deviate from the pack for it will eventually hurt them in their pocket books. Besides they are still victims of their schooling. Need I say more?

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007



Sometimes funny things happen when you least expect them. I just returned from having lunch in the Dining Room of my hotel. During my entire time there today I was smiling. I was alone so others might have thought that there might be something wrong with a man sitting at a table eating and smiling. Well, there was nothing wrong with me of which I knew.

I was smiling because I was eating a perro caliente, which translates to dog hot. Since they did not have what I really wanted, that is sopa de mariscos, one of the best seafood soups in town. I have had sopa de mariscos in almost every restaurant in town. Every where it is made differently, every where good but in some places better than in others. I am fortunate that my restaurant has one of the best in town. It has all kinds of shellfish seafood and no fish: whole clams, octopus, calamari, and shrimp with small amounts of potato and yucca, and I guess what ever else they have in the kitchen. It is always fresh and I enjoy eating a small bowl now and then. But, today they had none so I sinned and had a perro caliente.

One of my first nights here I saw on the menu filete a cavallo translated to filet of horse, so I thought. I knew that in France they serve horsemeat and I had not tasted horse meat since I was 16 years of age so being the connoisseur that I think I am I decided to order it.

Now I tasted horse meat when I was about 16 years old. There was an abattoir in an adjacent town to where I lived and they slaughtered horses there. So one day I bought several pounds and took it home for my mother to cook for the family telling her it was meat which I bought. I did not tell them it was horse meat for I knew they probably would not eat it. They assumed it was beef. But horsemeat is very much darker that beef. I said nothing and my mother did not ask for to my mother I was her shining star who could do no wrong. During the meal my father remarked than the meat was exceptionally good but it seemed a bit different from he was usually served. I said it might be because it was horse meat. My father would not believe me at first, but after he realized I was telling the truth, I thought he would kill me. But I said that he said the meat was particularly good and thought it was probably the manner by which my mother prepared it. I argued with my father that if it tasted good several minutes ago and he liked it, why should he be upset at me. My father was an amazing man who recovered from apparently negative situations rapidly. Before dinner was over he asked me to buy some more the following week. The fact that it was half the price of beef helped.

So here I am in the restaurant of my hotel when they served me this what I thought to be horsemeat and before me was what looked to be regular steak with two fried eggs atop. I asked the waitress who informed me that the menu did not say de cavallo which means of the horse but rather a cavallo which is a term they use to describe something cooked with egg. Well, that explained that.

The very following day I was looking in the front part of the menu describing sandwiches where I saw perro caliente, and I remarked to my friend that the day before when I thought they were serving horse meat they were not and here they were serving dog meat. My friend said: “Nicola, read it again but backwards.” Well now it read “Hot dog!.” I felt so incredibly stupid, but laughed it off anyway.

While eating my hot dog today I was thinking back to my experiences almost one year before and it made me smile during my lunch. No one else knew. But, I did.

Cost of 2 hot dogs in Italian-like bread and a large amount of French Fries: $1.65. Eat your heart out.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Monday, August 6, 2007



I am prompted to write this Blog after watching a presentation by Fox News’ Laurie Dhue, who in my opinion is the most beautiful lady on TV broadcasting today – this, of course, having nothing to do with the case – on people eating a truly vegetarian diet – otherwise called “Vegans.” Laurie was interviewing a woman who would not go out with a non Vegan man because she would rather spend her time with another of the opposite sex with whom she had more in common – food and the way we eat being one of our major life styles – and because she said that meat eaters emit an odor which she did not find pleasing.

This reminds me of Rita, a woman of Chinese origin whose family was our closest friends at the time some 40 years ago. Rita ate very little meat as the typical Chinese diet consisted of rice with meat being a minor addition to the meal. In the US we would eat a large steak, a half of chicken, or two pork chops, but a Chinese or Japanese meal would use the meat chopped up in smaller pieces added to the larger amount of a grain such as rice. It seemed to me at the time to be a healthier way to prepare a meal using less of a more dense food item to perhaps flavor the dish.

Rita would insist that she could tell when a meat eater entered the room because of their smell. Years later after I became a somewhat of a vegetarian, not a true Vegan because I ate fish, I appreciated what she had been saying. In my book How to Benefit from Stress I state that everything in our infinite Universe can be explained, and because we do not have an explanation does not mean that there is none, only that we do not have nor know of it at the time. I will return to this point after explaining what a true Vegan is.

True Vegans eat only grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. They do not eat any animal meat or animal products such as milk, cheese, and eggs. There are those who call themselves “Ovo-lacto Vegetarians” because they also eat eggs (ovo), and milk and cheese (lacto). But they are not true Vegans. There are also some who claim to be vegetarians who say they also eat chicken. These individuals really cannot be considered vegetarians under any stretch of the imagination.

After all, eggs are a specialized animal cell and milk comes from the udder of a cow and is essentially juice from a meat bag! Eggs, milk, and cheese have almost everything in common with meat and nothing in common with vegetable matter. Their essential characteristics of carbohydrate, fat, and protein content are animal in nature and resemble the composition of meat, not vegetable.
Grains are special seeds by definition considered such because of the ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrate they contain. The usual grains are: wheat, oats, rye, rice, and corn. Wild rice and buckwheat, for instance, are not considered grains because they do not fulfill the proper criteria. These are considered “seeds” as are all the other seed items, such as pumpkin, sunflower, etc.

Nuts are also seeds but in a special category of themselves. We should discuss in a bit more detail the significance of legumes.

Legumes are a class of substances in the vegetable world which perform a very special function. They fix nitrogen. In the soil there are minerals, water, and other nutrients plants require to grow. Among the major nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A common agricultural practice is to add fertilizer to the soil to enhance plant growth. Fertilizers contain these nutrients and looking closely to a bottle or bag of fertilizer one can observe that the fertilizer is described with three numbers, 10-20-10, for instance.

1. The first number in a fertilizer formula is the nitrogen content:
Nitrogen is used by plants for producing leaf growth and greener, more lush leaves.
2. The second number in a fertilizer formula is the phosphorus content:
Phosphorus is used by plant to increase fruit development and to produce a strong root system.
3. The third number in a fertilizer formula is the potassium (potash) content:
Potassium is used by plants for flower color and size. It is also important to the strength of the plant.

Phosphorus and potassium normally exist within the soil but nitrogen does not. Nitrogen is a gas whish exists in the atmosphere in a concentration of 80%, the other 20% is oxygen which we need to breathe.

Legumes, such as the broccoli family of plants, alfalfa and clover, lentil, and beans have the ability of converting the nitrogen gas from air into nitrogen salts, a form of nitrogen which can be used by plants. In the early age of farming prior to the use of chemical fertilizers, farmers used to plant clover, alfalfa, or rape -- rapini in Italian –, in the broccoli family as co-called “cover crops” in the Fall which could be harvested in the Spring, clover and alfalfa to be fed to the cows. But during their growth these cover crops would add nitrogen into the soil so other plants, such as wheat and corn, could grow.


Something must be said of amino acids which are the major building block of protein. There are 20 amino acids required by the human body to manufacture proteins. Although we can make 10 on our own, we cannot make the other ten, the Essential Amino Acids which are: arginine (ARG), histidine (HIS), isoleucine (ILE), leucine (LEU), lysine (LYS), methionine (MET), phenylalanine (PHE), threonine (THR), tryptophane (TRP), and valine (VAL).These are usually identified by a three letter nemonic. Since the body cannot make these and they are important for human growth and development we must obtain them from our diet.

Most animal products contain all 20 amino acids, but vegetable matter does not. To be a true Vegan you have to know some very important principles of nutrition. Since no one vegetable food item, except soybeans, contains all the essential amino acids, how does a true Vegan survive? Well, it just so happens that although the grains have only some of the essential amino acids, the legumes have the others. When you combine grains and legumes, you consume all of the essential amino acids needed for proper growth and development.

Soybeans contain most, if not all, of the essential amino acids. Fermented soybean products definitely do because of the action of the yeast and bacterial which make most amino acids.

Some of the amino acids contain sulfur and sulfur is what I like to call “the smelly element in nature.” It is partly responsible for the odor of onions, garlic, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and turnips. To go one step further and to emphasize just how smelly sulfur is, consider the hydrogen sulfide of rotten eggs and the normal-butyl-mercaptan odor of skunk – mercaptans are organic compounds containing sulfur. It is said that the human nose is so sensitive to the smell of skunk that it can detect one part in 10 million of the substance in the air. That is one powerful an odor.

It is my opinion that animal products have considerably more of the sulfur-containing amino acids than do foods from the vegetable kingdom. This is the reason why meat eaters smell a bit differently to Vegans.

Certain sweat glands, especially those in the armpits and groin, are able to excrete substances other than water and salt, the main ingredients of sweat. Some of these other substances contain sulfur which when acted upon by the skin bacteria will result in an odor. Vegans require less or none at all of skin deodorants because they produce less of the sweat components which contribute to body odor.


To round off our discussion, we need to say that carbohydrates contain only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, as do fats. They do not contain nitrogen or sulfur. One knows from basic college nutrition that the human body can use ONLY carbohydrates as the source of energy. When not being used to build body components, excess fat and protein are converted into carbohydrate to be used by the body as fuel. Conversely, excess carbohydrates, fats, and proteins can be converted by the body and stored as future sources of energy. The storage form is fat.

Vegans who know what they eat are usually quite well informed and, by and large, tend to be healthier than most meat eaters who consume, usually too much, of highly dense food items. There are many in the medical profession who may disagree with me and believe that a true Vegan can be deficient in nutrients especially as it might relate to rapidly growing children who might require more of the essential nutrients.

In my opinion, and it is my opinion that the Oriental tends to be smaller because they have not usually eaten in the past nutrient dense foods. But this will change as they adopt more of the West’s way of eating. Consider the Western Europeans who were definitely of smaller stature than they are today. I do not believe this is due to a change in genetics, because such changes occur so slowly in the development of a species.

As a Pediatrician who used his practice growth charts developed years ago on a set of white-type Europeans, I used to wonder why so many of my pediatric patients were off-the-charts. This is not to speak of the Black children and those of South American origins who almost never fit the charts from the day of birth.

During my days of raising horses, we could definitely increase the stature of a horse by feeding him large quantities of grain during his early years. Genetics and genetic potential is one thing in the growth of any animal, including humans, and dietary practices to achieve a genetic potential is yet another. Both are important in the final development of the adult animal.

Thanks Laurie for the inspiration!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Saturday, August 4, 2007



The subconscious keeps its secrets pretty well hidden, not only to others but also to oneself. The average individual does not really know what he really believes. Many are able to peek into their own subconscious through meditation where one is taught how to touch base with his most inner thoughts and feelings. Others who study philosophy may be able to gain insight into their own thoughts and feelings as they study why other people do the things they do. Sometimes studying the way others think may open one’s mind to what he himself is thinking.

But the average Joe is quite dense as to his inner feelings. Evidence is the fact that many seek the help of psychiatrist whom they think might help them. Not to be cynical because a realist is who I am. Many in my Medical School Class went into psychiatry, and quite a few of these individuals were undergoing psychiatric analysis at the time. To me it was like the blind leading the blind. Perhaps they might someday help others for you know what they say about a stopped clock: it tells the correct time at least twice each day.

Is my cynicism on psychiatry coming through? The psychiatrist usually plays a rather passive role anyway. The patient is directed to verbalize his problem. The psychiatrist listens. During this process the patient listens to himself and in so doing may gain insight into himself. The patient can save himself a lot of money, if he were to speak into a recording device and afterwards listen to the tape. But the average Joe cannot do this on his own which is the reason why he is at the psychiatrist. The real problem I have with psychiatry is that once an individual begins a relationship with one, the relationship almost never ends. It becomes almost a life-long commitment. This is good for the psychiatrist who has a steady clientele. But for the patient, well you can answer that question.

I would think a better way to go is to teach an individual the art of peering into his own subconscious. Various so-called meditation courses teach one how to do this. But then, some meditation courses can be dangerous because of the cultism their promoters tend to engender. It seems sometimes one cannot win for losing. It reminds me of what I used to say during my days of touring teaching the principles of managing stress. I remember telling my students that “if as you were coming through the birth canal you heard someone say; ‘life would be easy,’ then you were hallucinating from day one!” It always got a laugh from the class. But isn’t it true?

Meditation taught me how to relax and open my mind to what was within me. When we do this properly, we can begin to ask ourselves some questions, and believe it or not, answers about ourselves surface. We begin to know more about ourselves and this knowing is the key. Venice Bloodworth once wrote a book Key to Yourself www.amazon.com/ Key-Yourself-Venice-J-Bloodworth/dp/0875162967. It is a small book but in few words Bloodworth eloquently discusses this topic. If we know where to go we might be able to discover how we might proceed to discover our inner thoughts and feelings.

But short of this we can discover other ways of discovering the mind within. It is the powerful conscious mind which interferes with the discovery of the more powerful subconscious mind. Here we truly have the blind leading the blind. Our conscious mind hides that part of us within. It is possible that we do or might not want to know for it can be scary.

I am reminded of the story of an old lady who lost a coin somewhere inside her home. While she was outside her house looking at the ground, an old sage asked her what she was doing. She said: “I am looking for a coin which I lost.” The sage asked: “Where did you lose it?” She responded: “Inside the house.” The sage then asked: “If you lost it inside the house, why are you looking for the coin here outside the house?” The old lady responded: “There is more light here.”

Most individuals do not want to look within themselves for fear they might encounter problems. You might say: “It is too dark there within.” So we do not look within. But, be that as it may, the problems are within and more importantly the answers are also there.


Several keys to knowing oneself and others are: meditation or hypnosis, alcohol, and sleep. How strange! As already mentioned, in my opinion meditation is the key technique we can use to discover about ourselves. It would not be a good technique for discovering about another unless we employ the related technique of hypnosis where the hypnotist enters the deep subconscious mind of another and asks questions. Of course, the one being hypnotized usually gives the hypnotist permission to enter. This is such a powerful tool that an individual must be extremely careful who he allows to enter his subconscious mind.

As an example of just how powerful the hypnotic entry is, I would like to relate the story of a World War II soldier who was blinded after a shell exploded in a trench. Although there appeared to be no direct injury to the eyes, the soldier was nevertheless blind after the incident. He could not see. The doctor thinking that this blindness was more psychological than physical decided to perform some hypnotic experiments. Let me at the outset say that psychological blindness is as real as blindness cause by physical injury to the optical system. In both cases the individual cannot see.

The doctor guided the soldier into the hypnotic state and asked the soldier to describe the accident. Under such a situation as the soldier relates the incident, he can and usually undergoes the same emotions as had occurred during the actual incident in the trench. At the exact time when the soldier was describing the explosion, the doctor took a small file – one used to open vials in the old days – and touched the soldiers arm telling him that a piece of hot shrapnel fell on his arm. Immediately the arm blanched as if it was actually touched with a hot object. Within an hour or two there was a burn blister on the arm where the doctor touched it with the cold file. Wow! How powerful is the subconscious mind to have created such a physical result.

After several more hypnotic episodes with a doctor who knew what he was doing, the soldier was cured of his blindness. When I read of this doctor’s experience published in a medical journal years ago, at a time when I was independently studying hypnosis, it was so revealing that I never forgot it. And neither should you for it reveals the power we have within if we only know how to tap into this power.


If you wish to get into the minds of friends and associates, buy them a drink at the local bar and get them drunk! We have all known how different individuals act when drunk. There is the sleepy individual who just as I say falls asleep. There is not much you can learn from this person except not to get him so drunk that he falls asleep. Just give enough booze to get him talking about himself. If he is the silent type, we will have to try another approach.

There is the talkative drunk whose mouth never stops. Just listen to what this individual says about his family, his friends at work, and people he does not particularly like. Is he loud, because as one becomes drunk he may begin to lose his hearing and respond by raising his voice. But the key here is to listen. If you also get drunk, how can you hope to analyze another drunk? Listen to what and how of what he is saying. Watch his emotions. Is he mad, annoying, or friendly and loving?

There is the obnoxious drunk who is the embarrassment of all those around him especially in a restaurant where everyone else is having a good time but the drunk got mad for no reason at all at the waitress. Having owned a restaurant, I have encountered many of these slobs. And the embarrassed friends go out of their way to apologize for their drunken friend as they leave the restaurant. “He always get this way when he drinks too much,” as they attempt to explain their friend’s behavior. My advice was always: “Leave him home next time so you all can have a better time.”

What is happening here? It is a simple explanation. Under normal circumstance of sobriety, a person’s conscious mind is in control. One usually knows some etiquette and behaves accordingly in public. Suppress the inhibiting control of the conscious mind and the subconscious – a person’s real being – comes through. If you wish to peer into your friends’ subconscious mind, try to remove the inhibiting influence of the conscious mind.

Another important aspect of this is that you might want to watch different behavior manifestations with different alcoholic beverages. I knew of individuals who when they drank beer, they were fine, when they drank vodka they were fine, but when they combined beer and vodka they responded violently. I knew several who, although seemed to appear just drunk, had no memory of what happened during the time they were under the influence. Perhaps this was some type of allergic reaction.

I like to tell the story of a lady I once knew who would tell me the most lurid details of her sex life when she drank port wine. The beauty of this was she was telling the truth and had no memory later of what she had told me. I should have listened more closely for I could have prevented much heartache in my life. Wine and beer was fine, but port wine revealed a personality I should have avoided. I will leave it at that.


Another technique of peering into a person’s inner personality is to share the same bed with them. This is done very frequently both inside and outside of marriage. But take the situation where you and another might be in love and you both share a rather intimate relationship which extends to sleeping together. You may or may not be married. I will set up the situation and guide you through the possible encounter.

Your partner is sleeping, but you are awake and perhaps desire sex. You reach over and touch your partner and he or she, usually she, reacts by jumping and rolling over on her other side. Believe me, my friend, you have just communicated with your paramour’s subconscious. All I can say is that even though your partner professes to love you and responds positively to engaging in sex when awake, the subconscious has just said something else. Your decision is whether you really want this. If you do, then accept the situation and live with it. I just warn you to be careful.

Observe your partner as s/he awakens in the morning, that time when s/he is drifting in and out of the twilight zone of the alpha state of sleep and the awake state. This is a time when inner feelings are revealed. If you are astute you might gain some insight into his or her feelings.

Off on a tangent as I frequently go, observe how plants behave in your friend’s presence. Do plants thrive or do they die? There have been many studies performed on plants which have revealed that plants sometimes are sensitive to their human surroundings. There are people who kill plants. Be careful that the person does not kill you.

I was traveling around the US giving lectures on stress based upon the principles in my book, How to Benefit from Stress, and I was describing studies done on the way plants respond to music. I finished my description of studies which showed that plants thrived when classical music was played and did not do very well with rock music. A mother in the class proceeded to tell me that her teenage son always played rock music in his room and the plants thrived there. I was attempting to come up with some kind of an answer when a young girl in the class blurted out: “They were probably pot plants!” This young girl saved the day. The entire class laughed and I was saved. My only response was to acknowledge her explanation and admit that in no way could I ever top that.

I have given several ways and techniques by which one can look into oneself and into the subconscious mind of another. Use them when they are appropriate to gain insight.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Friday, August 3, 2007



Perhaps, some people will consider me stupid for writing this blog but it is my opinion that TV thrives upon the existence of so many stupid people. Do I watch TV? Yes I do partly because it is one of the best ways to be kept informed with what is happening in the world. But we have to be selective in what we believe.

We must remember that when we listen to a commentator, we are getting his opinion. Do we trust this individual’s opinion? Some commentators believe in themselves so much that they say anything – some things which might be unbelievable and probably are.

Other items which are suspect are commercials. I admit that here in Panama I watch Fox News TV and CNN. I find that Fox News is becoming more and more irrelevant because they too frequently concentrate on almost every misadventure and go over and over it ad nauseam quite frequently several time during each program. Fox News seems to like to broadcast every action of Hollywood Twits who shake their bodies to and fro. They do this to the exclusion of real newsworthy events. I then have to switch to CNN which broadcasts real news. Although this stuff may be entertaining to many, it is not to me, a serious listener. But Fox News must know their audience and they cater to this audience, apparently to great success.

Here in Panama, Fox News does not have the type of commercials seen in the US. Here they usually show spots on health and medical matters. Back in the US most commercials come through the local or regional TV re-broadcasters. There is a commercial we see several times each day about a group which promotes Zuba Dancing, a dance form brought to the US by a Colombian dancer. The piece states that Zuba dancing uses 600 calories per second. How unbelievable is this? Six hundred calories per second is36,000 calories per minute, or 2,160,000calorins per hour. This amount of calories represents an amount of food we might consume over a period of 864 days considering a 2500 calories daily. This is gross misinformation. If one was to consume 600 calories per second one would literally burn up in flames while dancing. This is just one item on these health spots which puts out such misinformation. Many of the other health spots are almost as bad. I call this medical garbage.

Another spot promotes the eating of dark chocolate because of the presence of antioxidants. If one is to benefit from the antioxidants in dark chocolate one would weigh greater than 300 pounds and there are not many health benefits from this.

But TV continues to spew forth such misinformation because most listeners cannot separate the wheat from the chaff. Look at the popular TV shows. They include American Idol which is a program not directed to stimulate one’s intelligence. But, who am I to criticize? American Idol is probably the most popular program on TV. If money is what you want to make, American Idol is a success. But it is hardly a program I would have my children watch.

Another aspect of television which promotes danger is the fact that a negative news item is shown over and over to the degree that individuals watch and get emotionally disturbed every time it is shown. The human mind can accept only so many negative pictures before the imprint upon the mind/brain begins to influence the subconscious causing internal turmoil. I do not know how to overcome this situation except to watch TV to get the initial information, then turn away and not process any additional showings. Print media never caused such disturbances because once one reads a newspaper piece the newspaper is set aside and not usually re-read. Television must fill the time slots and there is just so much new news which means that a particular piece of news information must be shown over and over again.

My recommendation would be to select a particular program to inform you of the news. A program would probably last one hour. Once informed, turn the TV to another station. Turn to Animal Planet or some other educational program. You will get less agitated and you might learn something interesting.

Just be careful about TV. Although it can be a tool for information and good, it can also be detrimental.

Read my Blogs on the “Conscious and Subconscious Mind.” These Blogs will eventually be the basis of an upcoming book. Also look soon for the initiation of a bookstore which will exist on my regular web site: drtauraso.com.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.



As most of my readers know, I am not very fond of the Feds. Under Greenspan it made many errors. The market has always been willing to have given Greenspan credit for an upward economy even though no one ever understood what he was saying. He was so concerned about inflation that he forgot everything else. Eventually, he partially was responsible for the great dot com bubble burst.

Bernanke appears not to be much better. Last year he continued to increase interest rates so rapidly before waiting to see how the market would respond. As a result he brought on us the great collapse of the housing market. I do not understand why these people do not realize that what they do takes time to be reflected in the market. By the time the market responds it will be too late to reverse the process quickly. Here we are about one year after the tightening ended that we are beginning to see the market respond. The job report published today is a bad sign. It was not what the market expected. I know that many would want to blame President Bush for every disaster in the world from globing warming which does not exist to the earthquakes and volcano eruptions which occur around the world, but Bush has more economic sense than Bernanke. There is no doubt that the Bush tax cuts were the impetus for the growing economy and the stock market. I hope my readers do not think to give the credit to Bernanke and his friends. They may want to take the credit as Greenspan did during his tenure.

Many people got caught up in refinancing their homes in the so-called sum-prime market and they have lost their homes, and more will lose before this fiasco has ended. I truly believe this happens every 15-20 years because it is a way the banks seize one’s property legally. It occurred during the 1930's with many people losing their farms, and it has continued since then. Let us not forget that the Feds are bankers. They are the wolves protecting the hen house. Think about it. When the banks foreclose they lose nothing. They gain tremendously. Their loans are protected by the homes they finance. What this country needs is another Teddy Roosevelt to control the banking industry. But a guy like TR comes once in a century. We are about due for another, but as I look about the political landscape I do not yet see him or her, if you prefer.

What ill will a bit of inflation cause? For the Feds it will be a disaster not because of inflation itself but of their practice of printing worthless money which is the real culprit to the overall economy. It is the value of the dollar, stupid, not a bit of inflation. Additionally the published inflation numbers are minus food and energy. Now is that not ridiculous? The items which most influence what we spend are subtracted out.

Decreasing interest rates is the only thing which can correct the problem in the housing market. The world may not like it but many people will not lose their homes and people can have a chance to rearrange their debt to get out of the mess into which they entered when banks were unscrupulously selling the sub-prime mortgages. After all the feds should be working for the people instead of the big banks. The Feds and the government looked the other way when banks were selling these entities. They should now attempt to correct the problem. It should be illegal for banks to sell money below what it cost them to get it. We go after other nations who try to sell their goods in the US less than what it cost them to produce them. Is this not the same thing? Let us not forget that the Feds ARE bankers, and they do not work for the people.

Another thing economists worry about is the national debt. Since when has the national debt been related to anything going on in the economy? The national debt has been increasing steadily ever since I can remember. During this time the economy has flourished and sometimes it has not. Markets have gone up and they have gone down. People worry about the debt and others do not. During the past few years the debt has increased to the greatest amount ever, but the market has reached levels never known before. During the past few years, however, the dollar has decreased in value, but this is not due to the national debt. As I have said earlier, it is due to the Feds habit of printing money which is not backed up by anything but the GNP.

Ron Paul suggests that we slowly return to a gold standard. Now there is a guy who might be a modern TR, but the media are not going to promote him. He is too sensible.

Later, I will meet up with a friend at La Terrazza, a local bar, for a cerveza, that is beer to you, and I will then put Bernanke in perspective! How easy it is here in Panama!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.