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Saturday, July 28, 2007



You heard it here, folks. Mohammed started a new religion and spread it throughout the Middle and Near East by using the sword. Boy, was he successful. Modern day Mohammeds are doing the same thing and they are also successful.

We are calling this modern day war “the war on terror.” And we are definitely losing this war because many do not recognize the problem exists even when and while the so-called Jihadists advertise that they wish to destroy us. Are we deaf? Are we stupid? Yes to both questions. In the US we have either two scenarios. First there are 50% who believe we have no problem; 50% who believe we do not. Or Second, there is 30% who believe we do, 30% who believe we do not, and 30% who do not have a clue. The first are awake, the second is sleeping, and the third, well, I do not know.

We have so many in the US who take the soft no problem position purely for political reasons. They hate the President. They see that the President is in a weak and embarrassing position because of the Iraq war and think by opposing the President they will eventually allow them to get to the top of the hill – that is the Presidency. I have discussed this problem before and this wanting to get to the top of the hill mentality is the reason why democracy will eventually fail, especially if we wish to win the war on terror.

Are we willing to do the necessary things to win this war? I am afraid not. But if we do, we will need to make the hard choices and to use the same weapons the Jihadists use on us and use these weapons on them – fear and annihilation.

I had been a conservative Republican all my life, but last year decided that neither US political party represented my views anymore. I became a Libertarian, not that they will ever win a major election in our country. The Media is so Democrat- and Republican-centric that they totally ignore all other parties. Even though the viewers who voted after the first Republican debate of Fox indicating that Ron Paul won the debate, Fox News kept saying that others had won. A similar voting at CNN indicated that Ron Paul won. This was subsequently ignored by the entire media. Do I make my point?

Well, here I am, now a Libertarian and I feel like St. John the Baptist who was described in the Bible as “a voice crying in the wilderness!” I admit that I was ignorant and did not know Ron Paul before the debate, but as I listened, I began to realize he was the only voice of reason. We have no business with our presence around the world. We should pack up our bags, come back home, and begin to take care of our own problems, and we have many.

On the other hand, if we wish to win the war on terror, I will give you the keys. First, how to stop the suicide bombers. I already told you that I had been a loyal conservative Republican my entire life since age 10. A friend of mine whom I would describe as a very liberal Democrat originally from Boston of all places gave me the key to eliminate suicide bombers. His suggestion was to completely annihilate the town from which the bomber came. Yes, you heard me: completely bomb and annihilate the home town of the bomber perhaps giving them 24 hours notice. In my opinion, we would have to do this only once.

Second, to stop the killing of Americans in Iraq, for each American killed completely destroy one mosque belonging to the perpetrators. Yes, you heard me again: “completely destroy, Imams and all who may be within, the mosques of the perpetrators.” Again for political correctness and in the spirit of American love and caring, give them 24 hours notice also. In this case we might have to destroy several mosques because our enemy here is so dumb, they might not get the message at first. But if they are dumb, we a dumber because we will not take the necessary measures. The bleeding heart liberals in the US are so dumb that they will sacrifice themselves and their neighbors for political correctness even in the ever present danger of our enemies. If these people were in power in the 1940's, we would still be fighting WWII.

Third, we should then get out of the Middle East and let the radical Moslems continue to kill each other as they have done for centuries. The Moslem world does not need Israel as an enemy, they do a good job killing themselves. If they want to kill themselves, why should we save them? We all know that salvation comes from within.

Many who read this Blog might consider what I say quite radical. But, believe me it is not. In some of the martial arts, one uses his enemy’s energy to defeat his enemy. Perhaps, we can learn from this discipline. We cannot save the rest of the world, especially when the rest of the world does not want to be saved.

This week in England, a father was convicted of brutally killing his own daughter in a so-called “honor killing,” because she left one Moslem husband selected by the father when she was 18 ears old to marry another Moslem man. The father oversaw his own daughter brutally raped repeatedly over a 2 hour period before garroting her to death with a boot strap. Before killing her, the father stomped on his daughter’s head to force her soul to exit. What can you do with ignorant people like this? They are beyond education and redemption. Might I remind you that England does not have a death penalty. And this together with their liberal attitudes are some of the reasons why they are also losing the war on terror.

Great Britain, the US, and the rest of the world should wake up to the threat of radical Jihadism and take real steps to stop them from achieving their intended goals and necessary for us to win.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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