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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



And they never will as long as they have leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, two of the worst kind of demagogues leading their people into the cesspool of nowhere. What have these charlatans done for their Black constituents and where do they hope to lead them? Let us first look at the past.

The Tiwana Brawley Affair:

We can examine what these leaders have done is by examining a typical case in point. The first case is that of Al Sharpton’s defense in the Tiwana Brawley case. In this case a young Black girl falsely accused two white policemen of raping her. Immediately Jackson and Sharpton led a massive protest against the police. After it was discovered that Tiwana Brawley made up the whole story because she feared retribution from her father for coming home late, Jackson and Sharpton continued leading a significant portion of the community against the white policemen costing these unfortunate policemen considerable amounts of money in their legal defense. In this situation the immoral tactics of both Jackson and Sharpton were revealed. These two so-called leaders seized and used the initial event to their own political ends. They lead their people into the quagmire of the sewer and further destroy any credibility for their causes. In light with what happened and the eventual outcome and exoneration of the policemen, Sharpton still maintains the morality of what he had done. If this is morality, let us inform Merrium-Webster to change their definition of the word.

The Duke-La Cross Case

A second case in point is again the same two charlatans leading the community against the Duke University La Cross players who were accused of raping a black stripper invited to dance at one of their frat houses, admittedly a bad decision by them in the first place. After the smoke cleared, and it was determined that the stripper lied and the players exonerated, these same two leaders not only have not apologized but also have refused to do so for their incitement of the community.

The OJ Simpson Murder Case:

Can anyone ever forget the OJ Simpson case when a mostly Black jury could not bring themselves to convict a man who was so obviously guilty of the crime of having brutally murdered two individuals. The entire world community was convinced of OJ’ guilt, except for the Black community who are blind to sins of their own.

Unless and until the Black community sees justice as most Americans do they will never truly arrive.

The average Black Leader of which both Jackson and Sharpton are only two seem to desire to defend every crime committed by anyone in the Black community. These same two are so eager to jump on any bandwagon ready to cast aspersions on whites thought of committing similar crimes or even minor infractions.

Unless the Black community rises up and casts away those charlatan leaders they will never be accepted by the rest in America. The Blacks originally came from Africa where there exist more crimes against humanity than most other places in the world. The present two leaders are catapulting their own people back to the depths of the worst of African behavior. These two individuals especially should be shunned by the Black community for they really are promoting their own selfish agenda under the guise of being virtuous.

This reminds me of what the Jesuits once taught me in college: “Beware of the sins committed under the guise of virtue.” My retort one day to my professor was: “You guys ought to know. You ran the Spanish Inquisition!” His response to me was: “Yes, Nick, we know, but we are trying to forget that.” He was an honest Jesuit. In fact as a side note I admired the Jesuits for they taught me the disciplines of thinking and logic and they were always willing to take on everyone, especially young arrogant students like myself. And they did this without rancor but in the “spirit of The Argument.”

To return to the issue at hand, the average Black has followed almost blindly the tenets of the Democratic Party who have taken them for granted and have used them like pawns. My advice to the Black community is to try the Republican Party for 20 years and see where this takes them. But will they? They probably will not, because habits are difficult to change, unfortunately. There are a few Black Leaders who can take them there but, as yet, they are considered like St. John the Baptist – you know that guy in the New Testament who was described as “a voice crying in the wilderness.”

The likes of the Jacksons and the Sharptons should be sent to the outhouse and flushed down to the depths from which they came spewing forth hatred, divisiveness, and fear of their neighbor, pitting one against the other. These men call themselves “Reverends,” but are they really? They do not preach love of fellow man. They are more like the radical Imams who preach their own brand of religion of hate and revenge. These things do not bode well for their parishioners.

As I see it today, “Soon the chupacabras!”

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.


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