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Monday, July 30, 2007



Ever since I could remember, even as young as five years, and I do remember things that occurred when I was five, I used to watch people and listen to what they said. I listened to my father as he extolled the virtues of his home country, Italy, and Mussolini, who by the way did a lot of good things in Italy before he teamed up with the madman in the North, and denounced the US when they went to war against Italy. It was years later when my mother, in front of my father, said: “Ask him why he left Italy?” My mother had that knack of cutting to the quick. The true story was that he left Italy because he did not want to be conscripted into Mussolini’s army. So my father had a dirty little secret. Don’t we all.

Observing people is what I have always done. So I was a natural when I was exposed to Philosophy at Boston College. I remember the first day of Logic class when the Jesuit informed us that the course intended to teach us logic, but not to be overjoyed because most people do not think logically and eventually we would have a difficult time communicating with all these illogical individuals. How correct he was. So Logic was the primer followed by Epistemology --that branch of philosophy that studies the nature, methods, limitations, and validity of knowledge and belief – otherwise the study of truth.

I have always loved the word “truth” and its meaning. As I see it, Truth is fact, knowledge, and what is. It represents the embodiment of what things mean. What has intrigued me is that presenting similar fact to individuals, many would eventually conclude many different conclusions. The same facts or bits of knowledge and observations but many quite different conclusions. In the US and around the world when an event occurs, conclusions are drawn. Eventually and in due time, there arise so many conspiracy theories, many of which are so bizarre that they defy reason.

William of Ockham, the noted English Philosopher and Logician born in Ockham England, propounded the great dictum now known as Ockham’s Razor: “When there are many versions of an explanation, the simplest is usually the correct one.” Conspiracy theories are noted for having convoluted explanations because such is necessary to overcome the simplest of explanations. The more convoluted the explanation, the more logical appears the conclusion. But we observe that those who propound conspiracy theories must also create information to support their theories. Unfortunately, the information is not fact or truth.

I am amazed at the conspiracy theorists concerning the collapse of the Twin Towers in NYC. The most logical conclusion of this most amazing collapse is totally explained by an analysis of how the buildings were constructed. It was a novel architectural concept. The Outer shell of the buildings was the major support structure. With the heat developing within the top floors the inside of each building collapsed into itself causing the outer support structure to fold into itself. Although this explanation has been given it has been downplayed, and I do not know w hy, except perhaps to prevent law suits, but let me not propose another conspiracy!

The conspiracy people are suggesting that the government conspired to bring the buildings down by controlled demolition. When a building is prepared for controlled demolition it takes a demolition company months to prepare a building after studying architectural plans to know where to place such charges. It is not an easy thing to do. It requires scientific study and execution. Just placing a bomb somewhere within a building would not bring it down. We can remember the tremendous bomb exploding in the basement garage of one of the Twin Towers several years ago. This massive explosion did not bring the building down. It would also require that the government knew before hand that planes would be flown into the Twin Towers so that they would know when the set off the demolition charges.

Some conspiracy theorists have suggested that what we all saw on television was contrived. They suggest the government somehow took over the television airways and substituted a tape showing planes flying into the buildings, but we are to believe that, although the planes flying into the buildings was contrived, the actual building collapsing was real. You now see what I mean when I say that much convoluted information must be created to support conspiracy theories.

If you observe individuals who propose conspiracy theories, they are really studies in bizarre behavior. The greatest of them all is Rosie O’Donnell. If there is a person more bizarre than she, I have yet to see her. Another is ex-professor Ward Churchill, a recently busted professor at the University of Colorado whose views on the 911 conspiracy makes one wonder about the University of Colorado credentials to be considered an institution of higher learning.

Recently, we heard of the Islamic father who executed his daughter in a so-called “Honor Killing” for leaving hey Islamic husband whom the father selected for her to marry when she was 18 and marrying another Islamic man of her choice. After overseeing his daughter being repeatedly raped by three other men while tied to a bed, he stomped on her head to force the devil out of her soul before finally garotting her to death. People believe in this crazy stuff. I never cease to be amazed at how bizarre, illogical, and just crazy information can be programmed into one’s mind.

Earlier today, police raided a home where a grandfather was torturing a young girl to get rid of the devil within her. In the same room was her naked mother chanting some bizarre chatter apparently to assist her father in what he was doing. When the police arrived, the man would not stop so that they had to apply a Tazer charge. As a result the man died. Good riddance. Send him off to the Soylent Green factory.

I saw on TV the other day where a man interviewed a group of Devil Worshipers. None of these individuals believed in God; they all believed in the Devil. Are these people real? I am afraid that they are!

How about the 70 virgins in heaven awaiting someone to kill others in the name of Allah; is this not bizarre? I can’t even take care of one virgin, if I can ever find one, never mind 70! Just a bit of politically incorrect humor. Sorry.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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