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Thursday, June 7, 2007



The TV media have a hard on about public figures who are not good role models for either adults or children. Being a Pediatrician, I am more concerned about the children. Those of us who have children have a very difficult time raising them for I have believed for some time now that society is not conducive or supportive of raising healthy children.

Who are these people anyway? They are supposedly celebrities. But who makes them celebrities? It is Hollywood and, especially, the TV media. Observe that while TV is in the process of showing these individuals, they are also questioning why they are so popular. I find myself talking to the TV saying it is because you are making them celebrities by your constant bombarding us with their antics and at the same time questioning why the public adore them. It is the TV media that must fill in their time spaces with something.

There is a flood, several times per hour, of the same video shot as small as it may seem being played over and over again. If I see Tara Connor come down that stage again in her bikini I think I am going to vomit. Enough is enough. Even Bill O’Reilly who claims to hold the high moral ground keeps showing these clips over and over as all his other cohorts do. Do not get me wrong. I like Bill but, Bill, enough is enough.

Who cares about Paris Hilton? Is she a good role model: a person whose only attribute is her beauty (and sorry to say, she is not my type and I do not consider her beautiful). Her face and body appears to reflect someone suffering from phthisis, the White Plague? She thinks she can break the law. Why? Because her father is Rick Hilton, son of Barron, son of Conrad? She is not even endowed with a degree of female pulchritude women usually go to their plastic surgeons to achieve.

I use Paris here as an example, but the same can be said of Lindsay Lohan. But what about Rosie? Rosie also reflects what is quite dangerous in our society. She acts like a sick woman. Although our noble Constitution gives her the freedom to spew the hatred and especially the falsehoods, it is the media once again who empower her because they make money from her ratings. She should be barred from the public airways. Just because the public wants it does not make it right. I know people who like to watch cock fights, but our government bars us from promoting cock fights. Do roosters have more rights than our children?

Here in Panama they have it right. Cock fights are allowed. TV programs are somewhat monitored and controlled. We in the US have it backwards. It appears that sometimes I act schizophrenically. I live in Panama and consider it my new home, but at the same time I talk about we in the US. Do not tell me I am bad; I already know it. But my delusions hurt no one! I think.

Lindsay Lohan is another example of a girl gone wild. The danger of her situation is similar to that of Paris. The media make them celebrities. We and our children are exposed to consider them role models. Unfortunately, they represent the worst in our society, hardly individuals who should be considered role models.

Although I started writing this Blog several days ago, I am finishing it today, the day Paris was discharged from jail after spending 5 days of a 23 day sentence which had already been reduced from the court ordered 45 days. But the jail authorities say she was not discharged from jail. Instead she was reassigned to spend some 40 day at her plush West Los Angeles home, but with an ankle bracelet. Oh, give me a break.

Our society appears to hold the Hollywood types as very special people who are not bound by the laws to which the rest of us must abide. We cannot convict murderers such as OJ, and I do not know about Baretta! When are going to become realistic about our values? If we want our children to grow up with healthy values, we must support such values for everyone in our society. Additionally, we as parents should be aware of the values of their teachers. We must insist, if we can, that their values reflect parental values.

As a Pediatrician who is concerned about our promoting healthy children and young adults, I am recommending, and perhaps warning, parents to be concerned about what their children are exposed. Put controls on their computers, monitor and select the TV programs they watch, and make sure they keep away from dangerous internet places such as My Space, which can be more a source of danger than you realize. Remember that all that is out there is not good. What is out there is what someone wants to sell you. Most in the marketplace do not care what they sell you provided they are making money.

Listening to me might make you conclude that I am cynical. Folks, it has nothing to do with being cynical; it has to do with REALITY.

Years ago I wrote a book: Awaken the Genius in Your Child (soon to be available on my web site). In that book I try to instruct parents how to raise children so they grow up not only with healthy bodies, but also with healthy minds and spirit. Although the book was written 30 years ago the principles and human nature have not changed, only some circumstances have changed. The problems we face today are quite similar to those of 30 years ago, but more importantly, how the human responds to adversity and the joys in life have not changed.

I have often criticized and described myself as Saint John the Baptist, the biblical man who was described as a voice crying in the wilderness! I hope someone out there IS listening.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.


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