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Saturday, June 9, 2007



In previous Blogs I have been very critical of Paris Hilton, but it really not totally her fault. In my book Awaken the Genius in Your Child, I detail how parents can positively influence the total physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual well being of their children. What we have seen during the past several days with the behavior of Paris is something which could have been prevented by proper and adequate parenting

Here we have a 26 year old should-be adult acting more like an early teenager. The reason is very simple. Unfortunately she is exhibiting the behavior of an adolescent. Because of the way her parents have brought her up, her mental and psychological development has been arrested. I mention her parents, but who else can you blame? From what can be gathered from the media, we almost NEVER see the father who appears to be some aloof individual in the background. And as we observe the mother what do we see: an individual who when Paris was very young, I mean very very young, during the first several months of life would constantly talk to the infant repeating that she is a “STAR?” Over the years, the mother’s constant efforts were designed to make Paris what unfortunately she is today -- an adolescent spoiled brat. I know these are harsh words, but her behavior bears this out.

Paris has been taught well to make herself look pretty and to prance around in provocative poses to excite men and serve as a role model for other women, or should I say girls? Her fame started out when a video of her stripping somehow got on the net, and he career, because of her family’s influence and money just took off from there. If such behavior was exhibited from some girl “from the other side of the track,” she would have been labeled “a slut or a whore.” But, we do not refer to individuals of noble birth in such crude terms. And so the public, especially the media who created her, accepts this kind of behavior not realizing that it is very damaging to other impressionable young people.

I, for one, and I know I am in the minority, would not buy or be involved with any commercial venture Paris promotes or advertises, for to do so just empowers such behavior. If more people thought and acted similarly, the likes of individuals like Paris would have no power and would not become the idols which they are. The press and TV empower these people. We empower them.

But where does the problem really lie? We have been blaming Paris for her bizarre adolescent behavior, when in reality the problem was caused by her upbringing. Unfortunately, at this stage Paris is acting in the only way she knows how. She is so isolated in matters of maturity she is unable to keep track of the things in her life expected by society: whether her driver’s license is valid; whether she is so inebriated she is unable to drive her car; to show up in court on time. Perhaps a 13 year old might think that arriving in court late is par for the course. God, a 26 year old should know not to get the judge mad especially when they have your life completely in their hands, I mean completely.

As a side issue, is anyone really looking into why she is freaking out in jail and in court? Some have explained that withdrawing from some mental altering prescription drugs she is taking may be the cause of her wacky behavior. But has anyone tested her for hard drugs because withdrawal from cocaine and heroine can also explain it? Here we have a lady who is in Hollywood, going to parties, and abusing alcohol. These people are usually also on drugs. Why aren’t the authorities looking into this? Maybe they are, but I do not think so. Paris is a prime target for both alcohol and drug abuse. Paris is from a privilege class with fame and money and too frequently society protects them from us. As I see it we should be protected from them.

Paris’s mother is much the cause of what is happening to her unfortunate daughter. Because of the way she has raised her daughter, she, the mother, is the one who has set up the train wreck we are now observing today. As I already mentioned Paris has not mentally or emotionally developed beyond her adolescence. Jail will not solve her problem for it is too deeply ingrained. It is part of her sum and substance. It is truly unfortunate. I am not confident that anything will change as long as she has such a poor support group around her.

Let me not leave on such a negative note. Things could change, but only with the proper guidance.

That’s the way I see it today.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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