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Friday, May 25, 2007



Being a political buff from afar, I watched the Fox News sponsored debates held in South Carolina last week. Although I usually watch Fox News because of its fair and balanced approach (ha ha!), I am beginning to worry about them, however. Although, as far as I am concerned, Fox News is the only game in town, at least when contrasted to the other networks who are so far out beyond the left that they have lost credibility long ago in my eyes.

When Texas Representative Ron Paul made his famous statement about the possible reasons why Moslem terrorists perpetrated the 911 disaster, Giulianis subsequent retort questioning Ron Pauls statement elicited a large positive response from the audience. What was surprising was what happened AFTER the debate ended. Viewers were asked to vote on who they thought won the debate. When I turned the TV off Ron Paul was ahead of all the others by a large margin. Romney and Giuliani were trailing significantly. Even CNBCs poll showed Ron Paul with a vote of 38%, with Romney at 30%, and Giuliani at 23%. Apparently, even though the audience with their overwhelming applause appeared to support Giuliani, the general public watching the debate supported Ron Paul.

What was even more surprising was the fact that Fox News never mentioned the results of the poll the following day, nor the day after, nor subsequently. The news media kept showing the tape of Ron Paul which initially showed him to be out of touch with his party. But, this is not what really happened. The viewers actually believed Ron Paul to be more correct and more on target than the other debaters. I believe we can correctly assume that more Republicans were watching the debates than Democrats, and the subsequent voting represented the conclusions of more Republicans than Democrats. I may be wrong but I draw this conclusion from past experience. My Democrat friends rarely watch the Republican convention speeches and vice versa.

When I was first listening to Ron Paul, I thought his views were so out of touch with what others believed. I reacted very much in agreement with the comments of Giuliani. But, I consider myself an open minded individual so as such why not examine what Ron Paul said.

We have such a short memory. Individuals who produce TV shows know this, and their programs indicate this. The music videos are even more in tune with the population short memory span with each music video segment lasting usually less than two or three seconds.

Can anyone remember just a few years ago why Bin Laden was so disturbed at the US? His very early complaint was the fact that US troops were stationed in his home country, Saudi Arabia. This was in part due to the fact that Bin Laden really wanted to overthrow the ruling party of Saudi Arabia and regain the country for true believers, his form of believer, and the presence of US troops interfered with his plans. He blamed the United States and it was an easy transition to adjust his target country because it is easier to gain allies when the target country is the most successful country in the world. Dictators for centuries have selected larger world countries upon which to blame the problems they are unable to cure within their own country, problems usually caused by the policies of the so called persecuted country. Hitler selected the Jews as the cause of Germanys problem. The Moslems blamed the Christians in Bosnia. The Near Eastern Countries are now blaming the US and Israel for their problems. Of course, they will never admit the obvious that their problems are caused by themselves. It would take a great leap of intellect for them to realize that when they kill themselves over who should really should carry the mantel of Muhammad, the Sunni or the Shiites.

This blaming other countries will continue as long as there are dictators who create problems they are unable to cure within their own countries. Hang on, folks, it is going to be a recurring bumpy ride!

To return to Ron Paul, his observations on the original source of the terrorist problem have much validity. This does not condone the 911 event by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a value to attempt to wear the moccasins of your enemy. It, at least, might give some insight into their thinking as bizarre and evil as it may be. Ron Paul is a Libertarian, one of the few in Congress. After having been a loyal Republican all my life, I recently started to embrace the principles of Libertarianism which seems to be the most sensible political philosophy in the US today. Unfortunately, the two party system is so entrenched that it will take an individual like a Lincoln or a Teddy Roosevelt to create another viable alternative to what we now have. Maybe Ronald Reagan could have pulled it off!

We need to get rid of the idea of policing the world. The United Nations is supposed to do that, and look at the mess they are making, a more dishonest, corrupt, and self serving group of people who appear to be able only to dance the Political Side Step Dance for their own advantage. John Bolton was doing a good job at the UN, but again the politics of the Left got rid of him. The UN was a good idea but it is not working. What do they say: the proof is in the pudding.

From where I stand, kudos for Ron Paul.

nicola michael c. Tauraso. M.D.


Blogger JMC said...

I agree. I like Ron Paul. And I am/was/can't-decide-now a republican.

May 25, 2007 at 2:48 PM  

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