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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Several weeks ago I wrote a Blog on HUGO CHAVEZ IS A MONKEY. I apologize for having written that because I had no intention to have insulted the monkey. Chavez, on the other hand, can best be described as a megalomaniacal buffoon. His main reason for existence is to spew hatred for the US. In order to explain to his people why there is so much poverty in his country, poverty which he himself created, he, as most other dictators have done before him, must blame someone else. In this case, as is the pattern with others of his ilk, he chooses to blame the big guy on the hill, that is the US. With all his wealth in oil, his people are living in poverty. Chavez will go to the US and give oil to the poor in Harlem and in the process woo individuals like the young Kennedy and completely ignore his own people.

Some have said that Chavez likes the poor so much that he is creating many every day in his own country.

But what is so disturbing is the fact that there are so many misguided people in the US who cannot wait to embrace Chavez, one of the worst and evil leaders in the world today. My father who never went to school used to say to me tell me who you go out with and I will tell you who you are. Look at Chavezs role model. Castro, the economic basket case of the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, we have individuals like ex President Carter, the young Kennedy whom I already mentioned, and the Hollywood types like Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, etc. There are many many more. I just picked the few who hit the news this week. Carter is such a pitiful man who has not found a country he prefers over his own. He was not very bright as a president, probably the worst in our history, and he has not gained in knowledge nor wisdom since. He should have stayed a peanut farmer, but then why should I insult peanut farmers who are very good people providing peanuts, peanut butter for the children, and no cholesterol peanut oil for cooking. But Carter visits and hugs the leaders of North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and you can name all the other countries who hate the US.

But, my Blog today is to question the motives of all those in Hollywood who embrace individuals like Chavez. They turn their backs on their own country which has provided them their livelihood, fame, money, and fancy life style. They would never have achieved such benefits if they lived in Chavez country, but yet they embrace this charlatan. It was even mentioned that Leonardo Di Caprio was planning to visit Chavez. Has our world turned upside down? Why do individuals like them adopt to live in the US? If these other countries, such as Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba are so wonderful why do they not move there?

Just look at what is happening this week in Chavez country. Since he closed a very popular TV station, people began to riot. Several days ago the army employed water canons to quell the angry mobs. Yesterday the army began with tear gas and firing rubber bullets. And Chavez just does not get it for yesterday he closed the second most popular TV station. Two weeks ago he informed the banks that if they do not toe the line as he saw it, he would nationalize them as he did the oil industry. Now Chavez is a banker. If he were not so pathetic for his people, he would be truly ludicrous.

But this is not funny. It is very sad that the good people of Venezuela have to go through such misery. Evil megalomaniacs, such as Hugo Chavez, do a lot of destruction before they themselves are destroyed. It cannot come too soon for The Venezuelans.

That is all I have to say today.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.


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