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Saturday, April 14, 2007



It is believed that the US has the largest gold reserves in the world. But is this really the case. US gold is stored in three to four places: Ft. Knox (Kentucky) 4570 tons, the Denver 43.8 million ounces and Philadelphia Mints, the US San Francisco Assay Office, West Point (New York), and in the Federal Reserve of New York underground vault (Manhattan) where gold is kept in trust for many foreign nations and central banks.

But, exactly how much gold reserves do we have? According to John Embry, there has not been a public audit of the US gold reserves since Eisenhower was president in 1950.

Most interesting is the fact that in 2001 the nomenclature of the gold reserves was changed from Gold Bullion Reserves to Custodial Gold Bullion. Later that same year the name was again changed to Deep Gold Reserves. What does all this mean?

Knowing that the US government is controlled by a bunch of lawyers who have the greatest ability of parsing words, we must suspect all ambiguous language. Now all reasonable individuals, perhaps myself included, who are not lawyers know what the meaning of IS is or for that matter what sex is. But we must suspect when a lawyer-type asks the same question. Do you know what I mean?

I know what Gold Bullion Reserves are. It is something which is stored at a location. I am not quite sure what Custodial Gold Reserves might be. Is it the same thing? If it is why change the name? Does it mean that someone has a piece of paper stating that that person or entity has custodial rights to the gold? This is entirely a different matter.

What in the devil’s name does Deep Gold Reserves mean? To me and my suspicious mind it might mean gold which is deep within the earth, perhaps not yet mined! It would not be outside the realm of possibility of government to resort to this type of manipulation. Now I am not and never have been one who ascribes to conspiracy theories. To me John F Kennedy was killed by Harvey Lee Oswald and that Moslem terrorists took down the Twin Tower Buildings in New York. In addition I have believed in the now famous pronunciation of William of Occam (Ockham) known as Occams Razor, which states that, all things being equal, (mutatis mutandis) the simplest explanation to an event or phenomenon is usually the correct one. I am sorry, the addition of the Latin is mine and not attributable to Occam.

Think about it. Why change a description which is clear and obvious to one which is obfuscatory? Just beware. Why has there not been a public accounting of the US gold reserves? We take inventories of everything else and project into the future with such evidence. Here I specifically refer to our ever abounding projections of the Federal Surpluses and Deficits. Is this not a lark?

It has been reported that President Truman asked to have a one arm economist, because the economist-types constantly referred to on the one hand and on the other hand scenarios. Truman, to me, was not a very bright man, but this time he tuned into the Universal Genius. I am going to bring this up-to-date and ask for a one mouthed lawyer-type.

And that is all I have to say about gold, today!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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