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Thursday, April 26, 2007



The beauty of Blogs is that one can write whatever is on his mind without editorial comments by editors who are quite frequently less educated on a particular topic. This does not mean that a Blog writer has not critics. I get individuals who write to me on subjects I have published in this Blog, and, thus far, I have re published all except one on the Blog. Sometimes I make additional comments on their comments, sometimes I do not.

Today, I would like to comment on two situations: Snapple and NBC, two quite unrelated issues, but lest the reader think I am schizophrenic, I will try to mention the common thread at the end.

Years ago there was a Long Island company, Snapple, which made a soft drink which became very popular. In 1994 Quaker Oats bought Snapple for a whopping 1.7 billion dollars, about one billion more than what the market believed the company was worth. Three years later Quaker Oats sold the Snapple division for 300 million. They lost about 1.6 million for each day they owned Snapple. The Wall Street so-called experts gave many reasons why Quaker Oats was unsuccessful, but this is now history. What we know is that Snapple never recovered even years later.

During the tenure of Quaker Oats I wrote them a letter essentially stating that I had the idea which could return Snapple to profitability. I did receive a return letter from Quaker Oats telling me that their lawyers advised that the company not engage in discussions with me because it was possible that what I might propose might already be in their own mill of ideas.

These people had no clue whatsoever what my idea was, and how could the same people who caused the downfall of Snapple come up with the solution? Needless to say they lost the opportunity both to discuss with me a solution which I knew would work and to make money again with Snapple.

The solution still stays within my mind where it will remain.

Concerning NBC I chose NBC because of the three major non cable networks it is doing the worst. If they continue with their downward spiral, they will be history. I could have chosen any one of the two other major networks, but I like to think in terms of the greatest problem. It just is more challenging to me.

Well NBC you are hearing it here for the first time that there IS a solution to your dilemma, and I have it. Want to listen? Ask your lawyers. I hope you did not hire the lawyers of Quaker Oats! You just need to decide whether you want to make money for your shareholders or not.

That is the way I see it today from Panama City.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.

Ps. I promised to tie together Snapple and NBC. The common thread is that both companies can be turned around with some creative thinking which does not presently exist within either company.


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