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Thursday, April 19, 2007



We will NEVER see the end of the radical Moslem violence until the so-called moderate Mullahs, if there are any, get involved. I say if there are any because up until now the moderate voices are so silent that one wonders whether they exist. Currently the radical clerics appear to be in charge. The moderate clerics are either believing what their radical brothers are preaching or they are fearful of the consequences should they speak up.

I am afraid to say that in almost every country where there are Mosques, there is very little moderation believed and practiced. It always seems that with most groups a very vocal negative minority takes over and succeeds in influencing the majority who wish for peace so they do not get involved in the fray.

Why do young men and women blow themselves up to kill others? These, usually young boys, and now more women are getting involved in these suicide missions. They do this for naught. They do these dastardly things to achieve a greater good. They have been led to believe that great things will be bestowed upon them in the after life as a reward by Allah, their God.

Young men, hardly old enough to have achieved the so-called age of reason, are asked to believe that in heaven they will be given 70 or so virgins, virgins they are not allowed to have here on earth. A reasonable man, such as I, would ask from where are all these virgins coming? Can they not look around themselves to notice that in their hometown 70 out of 71 virgins born in their community are assumed into heaven prematurely to join the cadre of heavenly virgins, a pool of virgins from which God will select those to be given to them? Also the Koran promises to give them young boys also to attend to their sexual desires. They are not allowed these niceties on earth, but they will get them in heaven.

I do not know what the female suicide bombers are promised. If the rewards are so great, how come their teachers who strap their bodies with explosive devices not strap such devices upon themselves? I will tell you why. It is because the teachers do not believe their own myth. I once wrote a treatise on Fat Men Do Not Blow Up Planes. The usually obese Mullahs are not going to give up their earthly pleasures for heavenly promises of nothing.

It is the same reason why armies recruit young men barely old enough to wash behind their ears to fight in battle. You tell an 18 year old to storm the hill to almost certain death and he will go. You ask a mature 35 year old, and he might ask do you think I am crazy!

The Mullahs do not believe what they are preaching. They are politicians trying to achieve a goal, and they are using impressionable immature young boys to kill so they can achieve their goal for power and of domination.

Young men are taught and indoctrinated at a very early age to prepare for their destiny to achieve Gods desires. It is not until the Mullahs around the world rise up and teach the truth of Gods love. This is not happening in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Moslem countries, and I know that it is also not taught in the Mosques of Great Britain and the United States. From where I stand few Western leaders truly appreciate what is going on. George Bush, Tony Blair, and a few other leaders around the world get it; Nancy Pelosi, France, and others do not: Russia and Germany and a few others who are so busy making money selling to the terrorists cannot see beyond the money they are making.

The Jesuitical Inquisition lasted almost 600 years in Europe. The present Moslem inspired Inquisition may last a thousand years unless Iran develops nuclear weapons and ends it for the entire world.

Let us wait to see whether the moderate Mullahs step up to the plate and begin to reverse this trend of mayhem caused by suicide bombers. I really doubt that they will.

And thus is the grim prediction from where I stand today!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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