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Monday, April 2, 2007



The theme of this blog originates from my dear father who, although he never went to school, repeatedly told me: tell me who you go out with and I will tell you who you are. I will come back to this later.

Several days ago I wrote about ex-vice president Al Gore and his Carbon Credit scheme. Al Gore with his nefarious partner Maurice Strong, have concocted an elaborate scam upon the world, and I cannot how and why the public can be so gullible as to believe it.
This is how the scheme/scam works: If you are a company identified as a
polluter by utilizing fossil fuels and emitting so-called greenhouse gasses, such as CO2, into the atmosphere, you must purchase so-called Carbon Credits to offset this danger to the environment.
You buy these carbon credits from Company A started by Maurice Strong and Al Gore. This company, in turn, buys the carbon credits from Company B owned by Gore.. This latter company invests in so-called Green Companies which promotes clean energy forms, such as windmills, hydroelectric plants, etc. The profits of the investments of this Company B accrue to Gore.
It is important to note that carbon credits are paper entities, much like the paper money printed by the Feds and which is losing its value very rapidly because the government continues to print without anything to back it up. The paper carbon credits can be bought and sold among companies. If an end user company uses up the credits they have, they can purchase additional credits either from the Strong/Gore Company A or from another company which has not used up all of theirs.
It is important to note over and over again that carbon credits are nothing more than paper entities originating from Company B which is owned by Gore. Do you not see it folks? If you cannot see through this scheme/scam then you should be shipped off to Planet Pluto, who, so I have been told, did not sign the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Conference was the genius of Maurice Strong who apparently was one of the chief architects of the conference while he was an Under-Secretary General of the United Nations.

Maurice Strong has been involved in other crooked scheme/scams among which the Molten Metals scheme was one of the most celebrated. I described this in an earlier blog (27 March 2007).

You MUST read the following blogs:
http://adognamedkyoto.blogspot.com/search/label/Maurice%20Strong and
These blogs says it much better than I and gives evidence to what I am also saying.

To get back to my fathers words: tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are, Gore not only associates with Strong but he also is intimately involved in propping up the price of the scheme/scam company Molten Metals. Both were participants in this company which scammed the shareholders to their own profit.

These individuals are extremely dangerous because they are becoming worldwide crooks whose scheme will make Ponzi look like an amateur. They will get fat and rich off all of us who so desperately want to believe that we can save the world. Wake up, folks, we have arrived in the Land of Oz!

About the recent congressional hearings with Al Gore as the star, I know he won an Oscar and some fools have nominated him for a Nobel Prize, (might I remind the public a Nobel Prize was also given to Arafat one of the greatest terrorists of our tomes). But why was Gore not questioned about his nefarious association with Strong? It is because the Democrats have in Gore a shining star. It is because the weak Republicans either do not know or wished to let the Democrats have their one hour of fame and resisted from getting into the fray. I would have asked Gore questions about his associates. But, then I am not in Congress.

Parenthetically, astronomers are saying the planets Mars, Neptune, and others are also getting warmer. Should the inhabitants of these planets also be required to sign the Kyoto Protocol? Might I suggest we send Gore and Strong there to deliver the papers for them to sign?

From where I stand today,

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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