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Monday, April 16, 2007



Yesterday and this morning I saw on Fox News a brief story of a man who dressed up like an animal and who was face to face with a wild wolf. What I was watching was a promotional of a program to be aired on the National Geographic channel this evening. But since we do not get that channel here in Panama City and I am not able to view this documentary, I must rely upon what I viewed on Fox.

What I saw was very visual and appeared real of a man dressed up almost like a wolf working with a wild wolf in the woods. On one part of the program he was dragging a dead animal with the wild wolf pulling at the carcass at the other end. It all looked so real. It appeared that the wolf was interacting with the wolf in the wild and that the wolf apparently accepted the man as one of his own.

I have a serious problem. Who is videotaping this situation and how come the apparently wild wolf does not seem to be aware of the camera crew. Could it be that the entire thing is being staged? Oh, come on, not National Geographic!

This remind me of another question I have been posing for years. I used to enjoy watching, and by the way STILL do, Westerns. I am a succor for Westerns and I never saw one I did not like. This is the scene. A group of good cowboys are chasing a group of bad guys. Both groups are wildly shooting at each other and riders on both sides are being shot and fall from their horses. Now, the cowboys are much smaller in mass than their horses. My question is HOW COME THE HORSES NEVER GET SHOT?

Even though no one has ever given me a satisfactory answer to my question, I still enjoy Westerns!

Philosophically, what does all of this mean? We humans are visual creatures. Of all of the 5 major senses, sight is the most important. We process more efficiently what we see than what we smell, taste, hear, or feel. We should be careful about interpreting everything we see, especially as it relates to the movies and television. We know, or we should, that when we watch a movie, what we are seeing is a creation of Hollywood writers and producers. Most of the time we know what is real and what is fantasy.

However with television the situation may be quite different. Some programs are definitely real and others are fantasy. A problem with most news programs we do not know what is real and what is fantasy. Just this morning of Fox there was a man talking about Brazil making ethanol and he liked eating his corn the regular way. Maybe in the Unites States ethanol is made from corn, but in Brazil ethanol is made from sugar cane. There are so many BLOWHARDS on television that frequently I turn programs off rather than subject my senses to the dribble I am watching.

So I will end this Blog by reminding you about why horses do not get shot and remember when you watch a television or movie production always wonder where the camera man is!

And this is my humorous comment for today!

nicola m. Tauraso, M.D.


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