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Thursday, April 26, 2007



The beauty of Blogs is that one can write whatever is on his mind without editorial comments by editors who are quite frequently less educated on a particular topic. This does not mean that a Blog writer has not critics. I get individuals who write to me on subjects I have published in this Blog, and, thus far, I have re published all except one on the Blog. Sometimes I make additional comments on their comments, sometimes I do not.

Today, I would like to comment on two situations: Snapple and NBC, two quite unrelated issues, but lest the reader think I am schizophrenic, I will try to mention the common thread at the end.

Years ago there was a Long Island company, Snapple, which made a soft drink which became very popular. In 1994 Quaker Oats bought Snapple for a whopping 1.7 billion dollars, about one billion more than what the market believed the company was worth. Three years later Quaker Oats sold the Snapple division for 300 million. They lost about 1.6 million for each day they owned Snapple. The Wall Street so-called experts gave many reasons why Quaker Oats was unsuccessful, but this is now history. What we know is that Snapple never recovered even years later.

During the tenure of Quaker Oats I wrote them a letter essentially stating that I had the idea which could return Snapple to profitability. I did receive a return letter from Quaker Oats telling me that their lawyers advised that the company not engage in discussions with me because it was possible that what I might propose might already be in their own mill of ideas.

These people had no clue whatsoever what my idea was, and how could the same people who caused the downfall of Snapple come up with the solution? Needless to say they lost the opportunity both to discuss with me a solution which I knew would work and to make money again with Snapple.

The solution still stays within my mind where it will remain.

Concerning NBC I chose NBC because of the three major non cable networks it is doing the worst. If they continue with their downward spiral, they will be history. I could have chosen any one of the two other major networks, but I like to think in terms of the greatest problem. It just is more challenging to me.

Well NBC you are hearing it here for the first time that there IS a solution to your dilemma, and I have it. Want to listen? Ask your lawyers. I hope you did not hire the lawyers of Quaker Oats! You just need to decide whether you want to make money for your shareholders or not.

That is the way I see it today from Panama City.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.

Ps. I promised to tie together Snapple and NBC. The common thread is that both companies can be turned around with some creative thinking which does not presently exist within either company.

Monday, April 23, 2007



The Orientals believe that everything in life is balanced within a continuum of positive and negative influences. There is much truth in this philosophy. When we look at the qualities each individual might have we can observe that even within the good traits there are potential seeds of ones destruction.

An individual can be a great and powerful leader. With this energy used positively a person can achieve great things. Here I might mention individuals like Gandhi, Einstein, and Pasteur. Used negatively, great evil can be perpetrated, as in the case with Hitler, Idi Amin, and Stalin. The same can be said of our Constitution, a document of great aspirations.

I have said many times in my Blog that we in the US are a somewhat arrogant people. We think that our civilization will last forever because we are free. Some of the negative philosophies in our lifetime did not last very long. The Russian revolution lasted about 70 years; Hitler’s Third Reich which was to last 1,000 years lasted only 12 or so years. I believe we feel that Democracy may be the one which may never end. But, in Ancient Greece Democracy did not last. In the West today our Democracy is still very young. We are about 230 years old as a Nation and we are seeing our Democracy beginning to fall apart. Now I know this is my opinion and many will disagree with me, some, perhaps, vehemently.

What makes us believe that a document which was written by a bunch of renegades, radicals, and anarchists, albeit well intentioned, could last forever without significant change. Yes, we have made some changes along the way, but in my opinion not enough and not sufficient to handle the new dangers facing us today.

I am not criticizing our forefathers for they were responding to what they needed to do to survive and to the dangers facing them at the time. There is little doubt that they were also very wise men who created a magnificent document, our Constitution, which has served us well and can continue to serve us well if changes are made. Our forefathers could not have anticipated the infinite type of problems which would face our Nation in future years.

The real problems are the people. This may sound heretical to some who believe that the people can rule themselves. But, let us look at the facts. If at any day we conduct a poll on whatever subject you desire we can find the following results. With some subjects about 48% may be for, 49% against, and 3% with no opinion. Here we have potentially 51 % of the people disenfranchised if the 49% majority has their way. Too often a politician interprets a majority of 5% as having a mandate. What kind of mandate is that with so many essentially with so many individuals not represented?

Another scenario is that 33% are for, 33% against and 33% do not have a clue. What can one do with such results?

The people elect representatives who after a while forget whom they represent and begin to represent the powerful lobbies. There are individual representatives and Senators who become career politicians. And sometimes they think their families have been anointed to become politicians. Soon many of these people forget what the real world is all about. It is like the professor who teaches his students how to become business persons without the professor having owned or been successful at business himself. You know, it is the standing joke about the Ivory Tower vs. the Real World.

There are some aspects of our Constitution which are beginning to cause us problems, namely the freedoms of speech and of the press.

Concerning the freedom of speech, we have already acknowledged the need for limitations, for instance we cannot yell fire in a crowded theater or use so-called hate speech.

The problem is that some influential people are free to iterate outright falsehoods and this deceit is disseminated to the unwary public who believe it. Although no one can force another to tell the truth, there needs to be some accounting for what one says. We ask for an accounting to a person’s deeds, but not to what one says. One cannot rob a store or kill another, but what about words which on some occasions can be outright dangerous?

Concerning the freedom of the press, this aspect of our Constitution is really getting out of hand. A very negative event occurred this week. NBC followed by every other television network, including cable, aired the very disturbing so-called manifesto of the young man who killed 32 persons plus himself at Virginia Tech. All networks showed the tape over and over ad nauseam many times three to four times each hour on every hourly program during the day and night. Do we really need that kind of exposure?

With this intense exposure the stations are sure that as many people view the ravings of a mad man as is possible. After 24 hours noble Fox News decided to stop airing the disturbing tape and they took great credit in having initiated the ban. But later in the evening O Reilly and Greta Van Susteren continued to air snippets of the tape they promised earlier in the day not to show. What hypocrisy!

But, over and over and over and over again the tape aired. Among the large numbers of persons viewing the taped message of the killer are, no doubt, a few who wish to copycat the crime. We or better stated the networks enable these other potential crack pots to get the idea to copycat. Now, the networks say that it is their function, if not their DUTY, to inform the public. I have heard this before. The networks are never to blame because they are carrying out their constitutional duty to function as a free press and inform the public. But where does the duty to inform begin and the responsibility not to inflame end? The authorities investigating the Columbine disaster are still withholding evidence from the investigations of the two shooters because they believe the evidence is potentially too disturbing to potential would be copycat criminals. There is something to be said about this approach. The networks are just eager to get their hands on this information so that, following their duty to inform, they can show such evidence over and over again.

What about the comments this week of Alix Baldwin? He made some very nasty remarks to his daughter and I do not know what prompted his anger. One really does not appreciate the anger and hatred engendered between two people having undergone a divorce. Now I am not an admirer of Baldwin. In fact, I dislike his politics very much. But what he said between his daughter and him should have remained private. Is there no privacy anymore? But there are the networks again airing the audio of his conversation over and over. The gall is that the networks are blaming Baldwin for the embarrassment and damage to the psyche of the daughter for the public airing of the audio which they, the networks, are causing. It was not Baldwin causing the public airing. Boy, am I becoming a radical defending the likes of Baldwin! But then, what is right is right.

Concerning the subject of privacy, a noted television ex judge was commenting on a case where someone was suing another who photographed her while in a public toilet. This judge stated that the individual who was suing did not have a case because there is not an expectation of privacy with the use of a public toilet! Are we going nuts in the USA? A reasonable person, if there are any more left, could not make this crap up!

I believe the press should be free, but I also think there should be some accountability. If what they show on television can be shown to incite another to perform a criminal act, the networks should not be able to hide behind the constitution and say the constitution made me do it. This holds true for makers of games which program a susceptible individual to commit a crime or suicide. I know there is at least one person out there who disagrees with me! But, please remember, I said susceptible individual of which there are many out there. Do you think it is the food or perhaps Bill O Reillys Cool Aid?

How we correctly balance the forces within our Republic will be the true test of our survival. It does not look good at this time.

This is my opinion today, for whatever it is worth.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Thursday, April 19, 2007



We will NEVER see the end of the radical Moslem violence until the so-called moderate Mullahs, if there are any, get involved. I say if there are any because up until now the moderate voices are so silent that one wonders whether they exist. Currently the radical clerics appear to be in charge. The moderate clerics are either believing what their radical brothers are preaching or they are fearful of the consequences should they speak up.

I am afraid to say that in almost every country where there are Mosques, there is very little moderation believed and practiced. It always seems that with most groups a very vocal negative minority takes over and succeeds in influencing the majority who wish for peace so they do not get involved in the fray.

Why do young men and women blow themselves up to kill others? These, usually young boys, and now more women are getting involved in these suicide missions. They do this for naught. They do these dastardly things to achieve a greater good. They have been led to believe that great things will be bestowed upon them in the after life as a reward by Allah, their God.

Young men, hardly old enough to have achieved the so-called age of reason, are asked to believe that in heaven they will be given 70 or so virgins, virgins they are not allowed to have here on earth. A reasonable man, such as I, would ask from where are all these virgins coming? Can they not look around themselves to notice that in their hometown 70 out of 71 virgins born in their community are assumed into heaven prematurely to join the cadre of heavenly virgins, a pool of virgins from which God will select those to be given to them? Also the Koran promises to give them young boys also to attend to their sexual desires. They are not allowed these niceties on earth, but they will get them in heaven.

I do not know what the female suicide bombers are promised. If the rewards are so great, how come their teachers who strap their bodies with explosive devices not strap such devices upon themselves? I will tell you why. It is because the teachers do not believe their own myth. I once wrote a treatise on Fat Men Do Not Blow Up Planes. The usually obese Mullahs are not going to give up their earthly pleasures for heavenly promises of nothing.

It is the same reason why armies recruit young men barely old enough to wash behind their ears to fight in battle. You tell an 18 year old to storm the hill to almost certain death and he will go. You ask a mature 35 year old, and he might ask do you think I am crazy!

The Mullahs do not believe what they are preaching. They are politicians trying to achieve a goal, and they are using impressionable immature young boys to kill so they can achieve their goal for power and of domination.

Young men are taught and indoctrinated at a very early age to prepare for their destiny to achieve Gods desires. It is not until the Mullahs around the world rise up and teach the truth of Gods love. This is not happening in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Moslem countries, and I know that it is also not taught in the Mosques of Great Britain and the United States. From where I stand few Western leaders truly appreciate what is going on. George Bush, Tony Blair, and a few other leaders around the world get it; Nancy Pelosi, France, and others do not: Russia and Germany and a few others who are so busy making money selling to the terrorists cannot see beyond the money they are making.

The Jesuitical Inquisition lasted almost 600 years in Europe. The present Moslem inspired Inquisition may last a thousand years unless Iran develops nuclear weapons and ends it for the entire world.

Let us wait to see whether the moderate Mullahs step up to the plate and begin to reverse this trend of mayhem caused by suicide bombers. I really doubt that they will.

And thus is the grim prediction from where I stand today!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.



I would like to respond to two individuals (namely, Spoor and Collins) who took the time to respond to my Blog on VIOLENCE IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA.

First Spoor essentially believes that violent people tend to play violent games which in turn trigger their antisocial activities. This is a most reasonable assumption. It is probably true that well adjusted individuals would probably not be affected by such games, but the fact that some are affected bolsters my argument that such violent games can trigger violent behavior albeit in a mal-adjusted person. If we have two situations which are required to trigger antisocial behavior, namely a susceptible individual and the triggering game, one can assume that the antisocial behavior would not be manifested if we were to eliminate one of the situations. Since we cannot eliminate the susceptible individual, then what is left?

I investigated a case where a young teenager wrote a note (which turned out to be a suicide note) to his mother and friends that he was going to kill himself, but not to worry, he would be resurrected. This was in his fantasy while playing Dungeons and Dragons. His mother came home from work only to discover her son dead on the front lawn. I do not care how many double blind studies you do one would be stupid not to make a connection between the game and the child’s death.

I have been a scientist m entire life and there is a place for studies and there is a place also for common sense. An observation such as this, and there were more than one which I have personally investigated, does not require solid research such as Spoor requires.

There are times when double blind studies are important; however there are other times when it would not be appropriate. We all know that, if you give cyanide to an individual, it would kill him. Now if you wish to perform a double blind study to determine whether this is so, please I want to be in the control placebo group! Sometime things are so obvious that common sense should rule.

I have also found that individuals who like such games refuse to admit anything can be wrong with them and they can do what they might call solid research. But in my experience individuals who are funded by the milk industry never publish things negative about milk. The same holds true for those funded by other special interest groups, such as tobacco, coffee, and might I add the gaming industry. When I evaluate a research study I ALWAYS ask who funded the project.

To question my powers of observation in a particular case and my powers of reasoning is somewhat insulting. But I will give Spoor the assumption that such games tend to incite those who are susceptible. And I believe this goes to the heart of what I was trying to say.

Concerning comments made by Collins, he begins by agreeing that violence is alive and well but he adds that it is also alive and well in Panama, no doubt referring to the recent murder of a New York socialite here in Panama City. We have so few murders here in Panama City that when it does occur it becomes a world wide news event especially when it involves a US citizen. What happened to her is still under investigation.

But I can tell you from first hand experience, here in Panama we do not have the senseless school killings which are becoming so all to frequent in the US. If you travel down the street in the shady dangerous parts of town you can expect to encounter trouble, perhaps getting robbed or even killed. But to experience such danger in schools is quite another thing. There are a lot of real sick persons in the US, and unfortunately their antisocial and psychotic behavior seems to be manifested almost weekly.

But Collins is right on target and I commend him for he predicted before the general public became aware today how troubled this man was and had been for a very long time. I recommend all my readers to read his comments regarding this event.

As a closing note I will add that there is no need to want to try to avenge the death of all those students by asking for the sacrifice of the VA Tech president or chief of the campus police. As much as we try such events cannot totally be prevented. We can try but eventually someone will be creative enough to overcome what ever safety devices with which we may come up. We might be able to prevent another 911 event but the next time something so horrific occurs it will be different enough not to have been anticipated. The element of surprise is always on the side of the perpetrator.

As it turns out the shooter at VA Tech was a very troubled man but our politically correct environment precluded correcting the situation in time.

Fifty years ago when I attended college, I cannot remember that we had campus police such as we have today. But, then things were different then.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.

Monday, April 16, 2007



Most states require registration of guns. In fact, to buy a gun in most states require a waiting period to allow a persons background to be checked before a gun can be purchased. In this day and age these laws are good. I believe we should go one step further.

In addition to requiring registration of guns, I believe than gun clips should also be registered. I would wonder about a person who owns one gun and a dozen or so clips. Under what circumstances would a person want to use a gun without wanting to spend the time to reload the clip. Under what circumstances would an individual want to immediately reload clip after clip. I can venture to guess it would not be for the hunting of rabbits!

I have been a Good Republican almost my entire life and fervently believed in a persons freedom to bear arms. Recently, disenchanted by my own party and having been disenchanted by the Democratic Party my entire life, I became a Libertarian. But, I also believe many in the US are just not mature enough to own guns.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.



At the outset let me correct this. Violence is alive and well in the United States. All too frequently, we in the United States refer to ourselves as Americans. But, since I moved to Panama, I am getting a better appreciation of the word American. I am now a Panamanian and I am an American.

Today we experienced the 32 senseless and dastardly killings at the Virginia Tech College. Such a tragedy leaves us mourning innocent young men and women who are attending a college considered very safe by any means. And then all of a sudden, early in the morning someone armed to the hilt goes crazy eventually killing 32 and wounding others.

When we analyze other such massacres we find that the perpetrators were very sick individuals who were acting out fantasies which they have harbored for a long time. This conclusion can be drawn from analyses of such things as their personal computers and previous lifestyle once pieced together albeit too late to have averted the tragedy.

Within the next few days the authorities will find out more about the individual shooter today.

Several years ago I wrote a treatise on Childhood Suicide especially as it related to what was then one of the most dangerous games popular among many youths at the time. The very dangerous game was: Dungeons and Dragons. Analyzing children playing the game revealed that many children who played the game actually believed that what they were playing was real. In part of the game one could die then come back to life again. You, the reader, and I know that there is no coming back from death. But some of these impressionable young teenagers as part of the game would kill themselves thinking that, as part of the game, they would subsequently return. I personally investigated several of these suicides and appeared on a National Television program with other authorities discussing the problem.

The mind and brain is a most beautiful complex. It provides us with experiences not appreciated by any other animal. But the mind/brain complex can also be a source of aberrant thinking. This, I believe, occurs when the subconscious part of our mind believes something which can not be justified by the conscious part of the mind which is the only part of our mind which can separate fact from fantasy. Just as a young teenager cannot separate fantasy from reality in Dungeons and Dragons, individuals such as the shooter today as the shooters in the Columbine High School and several others similar incidences were unable to separate reality from fantasy.

It has been shown in previous situations, and I believe may also be shown here, that these individuals have been playing dangerous mind games available on the market today. There are games which can be played which mimic the Columbine incident. It is little wonder that these bizarre behaviors are not re-programmed in impressionable young minds only to be acted out at some later date. This is a reality of what was popularized in the movie The Manchurian Candidate. A human can be programmed by others AND by himself to act in good ways and bizarre abnormal ways. How we act in our later years depends upon how we are brought up and taught by our parents and teachers.

Another thing upon which I would like to comment today is how angry people in the US are. I do not see this behavior in Panama where I now live. Every day I take my life in my hands driving my car in Panama City. Everybody cuts each other off at every turn. But I am beginning to understand that there appears to be a rule which is established amidst what would appear to be mass confusion. I will not share with you the rule. What I want to say is that here there are people cutting everyone off with horns blowing left and right. But, nobody is getting mad at each other. Everyone is accepting what is going on without negative emotions. In the United States one has to be very careful that at the next light someone does not get out of his car and shoot you. Do you get the message?

Many individuals in the US get mad at everything and our leaders do not give us good example. The Democrats fight Republicans and vice versa. But it goes beyond that. Democrats do not want to get along with Republicans and vice versa, because it is all about turf and who might be ruler of the hill next time around. And so all our leaders are fighting, frequently over insignificant things. These leaders of ours do not realize it but they are role models and, in part, they set the tone for the nation. Is this not sad? Unfortunately, I do not expect things to change..

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.



Yesterday and this morning I saw on Fox News a brief story of a man who dressed up like an animal and who was face to face with a wild wolf. What I was watching was a promotional of a program to be aired on the National Geographic channel this evening. But since we do not get that channel here in Panama City and I am not able to view this documentary, I must rely upon what I viewed on Fox.

What I saw was very visual and appeared real of a man dressed up almost like a wolf working with a wild wolf in the woods. On one part of the program he was dragging a dead animal with the wild wolf pulling at the carcass at the other end. It all looked so real. It appeared that the wolf was interacting with the wolf in the wild and that the wolf apparently accepted the man as one of his own.

I have a serious problem. Who is videotaping this situation and how come the apparently wild wolf does not seem to be aware of the camera crew. Could it be that the entire thing is being staged? Oh, come on, not National Geographic!

This remind me of another question I have been posing for years. I used to enjoy watching, and by the way STILL do, Westerns. I am a succor for Westerns and I never saw one I did not like. This is the scene. A group of good cowboys are chasing a group of bad guys. Both groups are wildly shooting at each other and riders on both sides are being shot and fall from their horses. Now, the cowboys are much smaller in mass than their horses. My question is HOW COME THE HORSES NEVER GET SHOT?

Even though no one has ever given me a satisfactory answer to my question, I still enjoy Westerns!

Philosophically, what does all of this mean? We humans are visual creatures. Of all of the 5 major senses, sight is the most important. We process more efficiently what we see than what we smell, taste, hear, or feel. We should be careful about interpreting everything we see, especially as it relates to the movies and television. We know, or we should, that when we watch a movie, what we are seeing is a creation of Hollywood writers and producers. Most of the time we know what is real and what is fantasy.

However with television the situation may be quite different. Some programs are definitely real and others are fantasy. A problem with most news programs we do not know what is real and what is fantasy. Just this morning of Fox there was a man talking about Brazil making ethanol and he liked eating his corn the regular way. Maybe in the Unites States ethanol is made from corn, but in Brazil ethanol is made from sugar cane. There are so many BLOWHARDS on television that frequently I turn programs off rather than subject my senses to the dribble I am watching.

So I will end this Blog by reminding you about why horses do not get shot and remember when you watch a television or movie production always wonder where the camera man is!

And this is my humorous comment for today!

nicola m. Tauraso, M.D.

Saturday, April 14, 2007



It is believed that the US has the largest gold reserves in the world. But is this really the case. US gold is stored in three to four places: Ft. Knox (Kentucky) 4570 tons, the Denver 43.8 million ounces and Philadelphia Mints, the US San Francisco Assay Office, West Point (New York), and in the Federal Reserve of New York underground vault (Manhattan) where gold is kept in trust for many foreign nations and central banks.

But, exactly how much gold reserves do we have? According to John Embry, there has not been a public audit of the US gold reserves since Eisenhower was president in 1950.

Most interesting is the fact that in 2001 the nomenclature of the gold reserves was changed from Gold Bullion Reserves to Custodial Gold Bullion. Later that same year the name was again changed to Deep Gold Reserves. What does all this mean?

Knowing that the US government is controlled by a bunch of lawyers who have the greatest ability of parsing words, we must suspect all ambiguous language. Now all reasonable individuals, perhaps myself included, who are not lawyers know what the meaning of IS is or for that matter what sex is. But we must suspect when a lawyer-type asks the same question. Do you know what I mean?

I know what Gold Bullion Reserves are. It is something which is stored at a location. I am not quite sure what Custodial Gold Reserves might be. Is it the same thing? If it is why change the name? Does it mean that someone has a piece of paper stating that that person or entity has custodial rights to the gold? This is entirely a different matter.

What in the devil’s name does Deep Gold Reserves mean? To me and my suspicious mind it might mean gold which is deep within the earth, perhaps not yet mined! It would not be outside the realm of possibility of government to resort to this type of manipulation. Now I am not and never have been one who ascribes to conspiracy theories. To me John F Kennedy was killed by Harvey Lee Oswald and that Moslem terrorists took down the Twin Tower Buildings in New York. In addition I have believed in the now famous pronunciation of William of Occam (Ockham) known as Occams Razor, which states that, all things being equal, (mutatis mutandis) the simplest explanation to an event or phenomenon is usually the correct one. I am sorry, the addition of the Latin is mine and not attributable to Occam.

Think about it. Why change a description which is clear and obvious to one which is obfuscatory? Just beware. Why has there not been a public accounting of the US gold reserves? We take inventories of everything else and project into the future with such evidence. Here I specifically refer to our ever abounding projections of the Federal Surpluses and Deficits. Is this not a lark?

It has been reported that President Truman asked to have a one arm economist, because the economist-types constantly referred to on the one hand and on the other hand scenarios. Truman, to me, was not a very bright man, but this time he tuned into the Universal Genius. I am going to bring this up-to-date and ask for a one mouthed lawyer-type.

And that is all I have to say about gold, today!

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.



I have been fascinated at watching the gold market, especially as it relates to how the gold market is manipulated. The central banks around the world do not want the world to know that the paper money they print is worthless without backing it up with something tangible, such as gold, which is worth something. They certainly do not want gold to stand out as an obvious alternative to paper money.
In the end too much paper money and the illusion that it is worth less than the Central Banks would like you to believe will result in collapse of the paper money scheme perpetrated by the Central Banks.

This is the main reason why the US dollar is tanking before our eyes. Several years ago one dollar was equal to one EURO. Today, one dollar is worth .7500 EUROS even though the US economy is considered number one around the world.

In February, 2007, the central banks and their allies resorted to aggressive short selling of gold on the COMEX market to the extent that the open interest reached record high.

Then, a crackdown on speculation in China triggered a 9.6 percent decline in the Chinese stock market. This resulted in a drop of 50 dollars per ounce in the price of gold. The short sellers bought back gold at lower prices and made money. This information has been redacted from the article as it originally appeared in Investor’s Digest, March 30, 2007. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. You can find Embrys commentary, The Time for Gold to Go Ballistic Approaches, at the Sprott internet site:

Soon to come is an attempt to answer the question of has anything happened to the US so-called gold reserves?

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Friday, April 6, 2007



The Green Car is the so-called hybrid which can come in many forms. One is the car which run on regular fuel some of the time and, as it does, it charges batteries which run the car at other times. Second, it is the car which runs on batteries which are later charged by plugging the car into an electrical socket in the evening and this recharges the batteries. These cars can also run part of the time on gas. Third, the car is equipped with tanks of propane or natural gas, both of these fuels being considered cleaner than petrol. And there are several other cars with varying combinations of electrically charged batteries, natural or another gas stored in pressurized tanks so the gas is stored in a liquid state.

Although any of these combinations are better than the straight gasoline powered engine, let us not be deluded into believing all these sources of power generation are all that clean.

Take, for instance, the battery driven car. We might think that plugging the car into an electrical socket is clean. Well, in a way, it is. There are no pollutants around your home where the electrical socket outlet is. But, from where does the electricity come? It comes from the electrical generating power plant. The cleanliness of power plants vary considerably. In the United States most of the power, greater than 52%, generate electricity from te burning of coal. Other sources of energy which power plants employ are: natural gas, nuclear energy, hydroelectric plants, and fuel oil. Other clean sources of energy, such as wind energy, solar energy, fuel cell technology, and bio fuels are not sufficiently developed to be used by larger power plants.

Although there are non pollutants around your home, there are where the power plants pollutants are not as well noticed as in the urban areas with its congested traffic.

My purpose is not to disparage the use of non gasoline sources of energy for making your car run. Most of these other forms of energy are cleaner than using 100% gasoline.

It is a same with all the rivers we have in the US more hydroelectric power plants are not built. But, then we have the environmentalists who would complain that such plants would interrupt the life cycle of some insignificant worm!

Additionally, with the many complicated regulations and the numerous regulatory agencies which get into the act it takes many years to build a power plant from its conception to its completion. The cost becomes so great that few are inclined to invest the money required when the returns on such an investment are so far down the pike. We need to simplify the process, but in a country of competing political philosophies, this becomes truly an Herculean feat.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

Monday, April 2, 2007



The theme of this blog originates from my dear father who, although he never went to school, repeatedly told me: tell me who you go out with and I will tell you who you are. I will come back to this later.

Several days ago I wrote about ex-vice president Al Gore and his Carbon Credit scheme. Al Gore with his nefarious partner Maurice Strong, have concocted an elaborate scam upon the world, and I cannot how and why the public can be so gullible as to believe it.
This is how the scheme/scam works: If you are a company identified as a
polluter by utilizing fossil fuels and emitting so-called greenhouse gasses, such as CO2, into the atmosphere, you must purchase so-called Carbon Credits to offset this danger to the environment.
You buy these carbon credits from Company A started by Maurice Strong and Al Gore. This company, in turn, buys the carbon credits from Company B owned by Gore.. This latter company invests in so-called Green Companies which promotes clean energy forms, such as windmills, hydroelectric plants, etc. The profits of the investments of this Company B accrue to Gore.
It is important to note that carbon credits are paper entities, much like the paper money printed by the Feds and which is losing its value very rapidly because the government continues to print without anything to back it up. The paper carbon credits can be bought and sold among companies. If an end user company uses up the credits they have, they can purchase additional credits either from the Strong/Gore Company A or from another company which has not used up all of theirs.
It is important to note over and over again that carbon credits are nothing more than paper entities originating from Company B which is owned by Gore. Do you not see it folks? If you cannot see through this scheme/scam then you should be shipped off to Planet Pluto, who, so I have been told, did not sign the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Conference was the genius of Maurice Strong who apparently was one of the chief architects of the conference while he was an Under-Secretary General of the United Nations.

Maurice Strong has been involved in other crooked scheme/scams among which the Molten Metals scheme was one of the most celebrated. I described this in an earlier blog (27 March 2007).

You MUST read the following blogs:
http://adognamedkyoto.blogspot.com/search/label/Maurice%20Strong and
These blogs says it much better than I and gives evidence to what I am also saying.

To get back to my fathers words: tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are, Gore not only associates with Strong but he also is intimately involved in propping up the price of the scheme/scam company Molten Metals. Both were participants in this company which scammed the shareholders to their own profit.

These individuals are extremely dangerous because they are becoming worldwide crooks whose scheme will make Ponzi look like an amateur. They will get fat and rich off all of us who so desperately want to believe that we can save the world. Wake up, folks, we have arrived in the Land of Oz!

About the recent congressional hearings with Al Gore as the star, I know he won an Oscar and some fools have nominated him for a Nobel Prize, (might I remind the public a Nobel Prize was also given to Arafat one of the greatest terrorists of our tomes). But why was Gore not questioned about his nefarious association with Strong? It is because the Democrats have in Gore a shining star. It is because the weak Republicans either do not know or wished to let the Democrats have their one hour of fame and resisted from getting into the fray. I would have asked Gore questions about his associates. But, then I am not in Congress.

Parenthetically, astronomers are saying the planets Mars, Neptune, and others are also getting warmer. Should the inhabitants of these planets also be required to sign the Kyoto Protocol? Might I suggest we send Gore and Strong there to deliver the papers for them to sign?

From where I stand today,

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.