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Sunday, March 11, 2007



I cannot stand sitting on the side lines on this one. Hugo Chavez is a monkey. He is a caricature of everything which has been wrong with some aspects of South American politics. He is the epitome of a buffoon.

Why and how individuals like Chavez ever get to power? Many South American countries have been held back by individuals such as Chavez. In order to overcome their inability to solve the problems within their own country, they are masters in diverting the argument to blame some one else. So what do they do? They single out the biggest and most successful country in the world and categorically proclaim to their people that this big country, this bully, this person who has a house on the top of the hill is the cause of their problems.

Charlatans have been doing this for years and they will continue as long as they have less educated (and usually also poor) people to listen. If Chavez did not have oil, he would be a no body and he knows it. He is not a diplomat nor does he have anything substantive and useful to contribute to the citizens of his country, not to speak of the world. But, this buffoon is on the world stage spewing forth his brand of hatred.

Fortunately, other South American countries are ignoring him, giving him lip service to his adolescent ranting and ravings. Other governments would do well to fumigate the places he visits in their country. Many South American countries are advancing so rapidly from their held back problems of so many years of the graft of Dictators.

I now live in Panama which, before I came, I thought to be a third world nation. I now realize how wrong I had been. I admit that I was ignorant of everything about Panama which in reality turns out to be one of the best places to live – in many respects better than my life in the United States, my native country. The benefits of relocating and living in Panama will be the subject of another blog. I could not be happier being some where else.

Other South American countries would do well to emulate Panama. Many have already done so. Some South American countries are doing great things. The trouble with many individuals from the United States, they are very US-centric. They think the US is the only country in which to live, and they are truly ignorant of other countries on the Blue Planet. I am very fortunate in having discovered Panama.

Other South American countries would o well to ignore the likes of monkeys like Chavez and carve out their own destiny. Many countries have recognized this and, barring their embarrassment, are moving on.

Within the past week the US has recognized the contribution of Brazil in their pioneering efforts in freeing themselves of petroleum dependence by being one of the world’s greatest producers of ethanol from sugar – a much better and efficient source than corn which is being used in the US. We have entered into an agreement with Brazil to purchase ethanol from them.

It is so disingenuous to hear the US President saying that our purchase of ethanol from Brazil is being done to help the Brazilian economy when, in reality, we are purchasing the ethanol because it is cheaper and we will save money. I do like the President, but he has been in Washington too long. He is beginning to sound like those Washington politicians he promised he would never become. As a Physician I can say that we must always be on guard in preventing exposure to contagious diseases! Why can they not speak the truth?

Nevertheless, congratulations to Brazil for their achievements in this area and to the United States for recognizing how Brazil’s accomplishments can help the US economy.

nicola michael Tauraso, M.D.


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