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Friday, March 16, 2007



I named this blurb simply “Hollywood,” but Hollywood’s influence upon American behavior is far from simple. We, aided by the media, have transformed Hollywood into a major force in the United States. Although we champion the fact that we do not have royalty to adore, we have something even more influential.

Watching a major TV news Network recently, the host of that program was asking why the public was paying so much attention to a particular Hollywood star who did something outrageous the day before. Well, the host began the hourly segment with the story which included the same never ending video clip being played over and over. He mentioned it again sometime during the middle of the program, and still again at the end, that is three times during the one hour program.

So I answered his question: stupid the reason why the public is paying so much attention is because of you giving the story so much air time! Not only did this host mentioned and visibly showed the same antics of this person three times, but it was shown three times again on the next 4 hourly shows on the same network.

One needs to ask: who creates all this garbage? It is the media, especially TV. What makes this situation so influential is the fact that TV is visual, and the sense of sight is the most powerful source of brain and mind input. In normal individuals, the other four senses combined do not match the power of sight.

There is only so much news being created each day and the news networks have program after program to fill up time and space, and so the few news items which develop each day must be repeated, repeated, and repeated ad nausea.

I used to watch TV news programs, but I now realize how bad an influence it is. If you want to use TV to bring yourself up-to-date with the news, all you need to do is watch one program with a varied format. The next program with a similar format does nothing more than to re-program the same images already programmed during the previous show. Why do you need that?

As discussed in my book: How to Benefit from Stress, I discuss how detrimental it is to re-hash a negative event which gave you so much grief. If you did not like the experience the first time, why would you want to repeat it?

The brain and mind function like a computer. Every experience is imprinted on to our brain (and mind) and, most importantly, the information is stored there permanently. When we re-hash an event, I do not believe that the previous images are over written. I believe another set of new images is created and stored, therefore allotting more brain space to the same negative event we wish not to have experienced in the first place. Even in a computer when something is erased, a good computer expert can find and recover the information you thought you erase. The brain/mind complex functions similarly.

As I observe the Hollywood types, I find little in their overall behavior I desire to emulate. Many are so screwed up. Their lives are disastrous examples of everything I wish not to be. But the general public eats it all up. When a Hollywood type writes a book on any subject, the public buys it. They are experts on everything under the sun. Many with no experience write diet books. They write children’s books. Can you just imagine Madonna writing a children’s book? What experience does this pitiful person have to write such a book? With no family life to offer, Madonna adopted a baby! It is all a publicity stunt. Are we to emulate this type of aberrant human behavior? Yet this type of behavior is condoned by most. The general public will believe what a Hollywood type writes just because of who they are.

I am a Pediatrician and I have advice for parents. Please monitor what your children are exposed to, especially during the early formative years. Once a child’s mind is set with a set of good wholesome values, then can that child be able to discriminate and process information and put things in perspective in a healthy way (Awaken the Genius in Your Child).

Watch the I Pods and the music they listen to, especially the lyrics. Watch the internet and some of the popular sites. Some of these may influence your children in ways you would not like. Some sites are downright dangerous to teenagers who submit their personal information for the ENTIRE world to see, thus exposing themselves to potential predators.

The internet is a good thing for its potential as a learning tool, but it can also be a very detrimental medium. It can be a great useful source of information and knowledge. But, there are places within the internet you would not want your child to experience. To be aware is to be forewarned.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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