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Tuesday, March 27, 2007



I never cease to be amazed at how muddy waters can become when politicians get into a debate. The average politician, and especially most politicians when acting in a group, can barely solve political and legislative situations, but they get themselves involved in situations about which they know little. Nothing is more appropriate than the debate about global warming.

On the one hand, we have the politicians, led by ex-vice president, Al Gore, his Hollywood-type sycophants, and a few politically motivated scientists who play the alarming note that, if we do not solve the global warming problem NOW, serious catastrophes will result. On the other hand, we have many reputable scientists who take the position that the temperatures of planet Earth undergo cyclical variations and our present situation of global temperatures is no more than what might be expected.

FIRST, the currently accepted theory is that increasing amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas in the atmosphere contributes to destruction of the ozone layer which blocks and modulates the penetration of heat from the sun reaching the planet.

There are many situations contributing to the creation of CO2. Among these are the following:

Natural Sources: volcanoes, forest fires, oceans, some volcanic lakes;
Man-made Sources: fossil fuel and wood burning, cement manufacture, gas flaring.

It is very difficult to estimated the amount of carbon produced each year from natural sources because everybody’s figures are different and it make you wonder the influence one’s political viewpoint has upon these estimates. But after evaluating many sources of information, I have concluded that the influence of natural sources, particularly from volcanoes and forest fires is extremely significant.

There is little doubt that the contribution from man-made sources is also very significant, but again difficult to ascertain from published figures, again this depending upon the political stance of whose publishing the data.

From the data I have analyzed, trying to take into consideration the overall data and the sources, it would appear that natural sources can contribute up to 40-80% and man-made sources about 50-80%. And so we have overlapping figures which would frustrate most honest mathematicians.

SECOND, let us look at what is happening to the polar ice caps. There is evidence showing that the North Pole ice caps are melting. The proponents of global warming is using this evidence to bolster their argument. But they are ignoring that the South Polar ice caps are not melting, that the South Pole is getting colder.

If you drill 200 feet into the polar caps and analyze the ice, you will see that there were periods of warming and periods of cooling. This has gone on for eons. We need to analyze what is happening today against the perspective of what has happened. Most reputable scientists have concluded that our present cycle of warming of the North Polar cap falls within a natural cyclical variation. Also the present cycle of cooling of the South Polar cap also falls within this natural cycle.

THIRD, let us try to analyze the motives of the two camps in this debate. The group who says that we should be alarmed is headed by a politician, Al Gore, whose hands are not clean on this issue. He apparently owns a company which sells so-called carbon credits, what ever that means (and I will get to this later). This company makes money selling carbon credits. With this degree of profiteering, it would be difficult for me to accept the preachings of the Al Gore camp. Selling carbon credits is a moneymaking scheme, let us make no bones about it. EVERYONE SHOULD READ what the Canada Free Press has said: www.canadafreepress.com/2007/cover031307.htm

From where I stand, this scheme involves selling worthless paper which is then sold between companies so that absolutions can be obtained. Going to a confessional would accomplish more for your soul. If you read the attached link you will see that Al Gore’s partner in this company which sells this worthless paper, Maurice Strong, was involved in a company, Molten Metals, that claimed to be able to neutralize by simple physical means radioactivity of a substance. Years ago a broker friend tried to sell me stock in this company which at the time was soaring on the stock market. I did not buy because from my knowledge of chemistry I knew this was impossible. The company soon collapsed when the fraud was discovered, but Maurice Strong profited by selling his stock just prior to the company’s collapse. He and Al Gore have thought up another worthless scheme in this carbon credits deceit. My advice is; DO NOT BUY SHARES IN THIS COMPANY IF AND WHEN IT IS OFFERED.

I believe Al Gore’s involvement in this money-making scheme tells the entire story of this group who is scaring the public to believe what they are saying about global warming. To boot, the Hollywood crowd who has joined the Al Gore camp just indicates how smart they really are.
On the other hand we have the group who says there is nothing about which to be alarmed. Although there are many good honest scientists in this group, we do need to be concerned about those scientists who are clandestinely carrying the banner of industry which would not want to see costly changes made in anti pollution control.

FOURTH, in conclusion, I believe we need to be concerned about the man-made causes of global warming to the point that we need to watch our use of hydrocarbons as a source of energy and control pollution as best we can. We have little control over the natural causes such as volcanoes and forest fires.

We need to recognize that CO2 is needed by plants to photosynthesize, the process by which plants make carbohydrates. Where we can, we need to control what we do which might abnormally add amounts of CO2 beyond what nature requires to do it job. Nature has the ability to correct some of the potential damage which we cause.

If we remember the aftermath of the Mt. St. Helens volcano eruption. It was then believed that it would take many years before nature would be able to overcome the massive devastation caused by the eruption. But it did not take that long before nature recovered, as it has done from time immemorial to devastations of volcano eruptions, floods, forest fires caused by lightening, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

We need to be aware of the natural cycles of global temperature, ignore the alarmists, and do what we need to do to contribute to a healthy planet.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.


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