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Thursday, March 1, 2007



Now what does that all mean?

We are a country obsessed with the Hollywood types. What is wrong with us? In the days when I was growing up as a child of Italian Immigrants, I wanted to meet and talk with individuals such as Dante, Cosimo DiMedici, Galileo, Pasteur, and Nicola Tesla, but they were all dead. But, I did read about them. I wanted to meet and talk with Einstein, Enrico Fermi, and Hemingway, but they all died during my lifetime. And, I read about them, also.

I am not saying that all these people led untroubled lives. Many of them knew adversity. But these individuals left behind legacies upon which those of us who followed benefitted in one way or another.

I never wanted to meet those who represented what I would call the Hollywood types, many of whom also lead troubled lives, but who leave us very little of substantive value.

Our obsession with Anna Nicole Smith is a prime example of what I learned in Freshman College biology: EMBRYOLOGY RECAPITULATED ONTOGENY. As we examine the development of the embryo, we see how the embryo develops the neural crest of primitive creatures, and the gills of aquatic animals, all of these tissues and developing organs having once been parts of earlier developing creatures. We see in the development of the embryo (embryology) the history of our development as a species (ontology).

This reminds me of what we often see that individuals die as they live. We have often heard that if one lives by the sword, one will die by the sword. The life of Anna Nicole was a mess. She was a high class whore, having a baby and at least four individuals who would eventually claim to have been the potential father. What a life!

And what gives her more power are the likes of the Media. I admit that I like to watch Fox News, but even the people at Fox News are obsessed with the likes of Anna Nicole Smith. I find myself just turning the television off because she and it are not worthy of my time. Enough is enough.

What has Anna Nicole left the world? For that matter what legacy have Britney Spears, that Hilton girl, and some of the other entertainment type trash left the world?

Let us for ourselves and, at least, teach our children to seek out to emulate the better of us who inhabit our planet. Perhaps, if we had better role models within our family and our community, we might begin to develop young minds who can aspire to a better life. Our Country is really screwed up. We have more broken homes from which ensue more disturbed individuals, more crime, more pedophiles, more socially sick people.

Tomorrow, they will bury Anna Nicole. May she rot in peace. I should not be so callous. After all, she was at one time a good person but, unfortunately, took the wrong path of drugs. Let us, at least, learn something from her life and death. From those who teach us the correct path in life, let us learn how to proceed down that path. And, let us also learn from those who chose an incorrect path the path to avoid. I once wrote a book How to Benefit from Stress (www.drtauraso.com) which describes ways to avoid those incorrect paths.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.
Director, Tauraso Medical Clinic


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