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Monday, March 26, 2007



After listening to the medical examiner, I feel that one very important point appeared to have been missed. There was evidence that she had an abscess in her buttocks. She was taking an antibiotic, in her case it was Cipro. This would explain why cultures of the blood and perhaps the abscess itself, would be negative.

But what was missed was the possibility of overwhelming endotoxic shock. Even after being on an antibiotic, a release of large numbers of dead bacteria or their breakdown products, especially so-called gram negative bacteria, would result in shock. The resulting shock would have been enough to kill a person, but aggravated by depressive drugs, whether legal prescription or illegal, would have added to the problem. The release of large numbers of dead bacterial by-products could have been aggravated by the antibiotic, a not too infrequent occurrence. An infection with gram negative bacteria might have been the case because these bacteria exist in feces. An infection in that area could have resulted from improper hygiene and the lack of proper sterilization techniques by individuals giving injections in the area.

A release of bacteria or their by products would also explain her high fever. Viral infections do not usually cause such high fevers in adults, but such fevers are characteristic of bacterial infections, especially abscesses. I know this too well for while in Medical School I developed a pelvic abscess from a ruptured appendix. The abscess resulted one day in my having a temperature of 106, almost unheard of in adults. Luckily, a surgeon at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, part of the Harvard Medical School hospital complex, operated, drained the abscess, and I survived to tell my story.

nicola michael c. Tauraso, M.D.

more tomorrow on global warming


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